Linlin←Ai-chan←Sayumi's Photo Meeting


Linlin is getting taken by Takahashi Ai-chan♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪



Linlin taken by Ai-chan


Please go look at Ai-chan’s blog for it!!!!!!!!!



Now, I looked at Ai-chan’s blog but,





Seriously smiling (≧∇≦)


It doesn’t match~。



Today it’s our concert in Chiba so,
If you read Chiba backwards, it’s bachi………






And, Linlin who showed that to everyone happily in today’s concert MC,
was all really NoriNoRinLin!♪♪♪
(tl: NoriNori = in high spirits)


To a charming extenLin(lol)


2010/9/25 23:30

Members and Instructor Eating Pears!


Today “B.L.T” Staff had given us ☆pears☆ as refreshments ヽ(´▽`)/



The members, all of us, love fruits, we especially like pears so, we were super pleased to get them (≧∇≦)


The flavor was also fantastic (*´∀`*)


It was delicious (*^o^*)♪


Thank you.


Ai-chan and Linlin were eating up the tasty looking pear, huh?(//∀//)
Behind these two is Kamei-san…she’s taking pears,
I see all yo(lol)


Well, that said,
Kamei Eri-rin eating pears, I got picture picture of that too (*/ω\*)


Next to her, our dance instructor (●´mn`)


It’s a shot of our instructors back but, they participated in a picture!
Today, our dance instructor has perfectly cute bangs!!


Instructors said: “It’s like a 17 year olds♪”



Sayumi: “…………………”



my reaction was unfortunate (;´Д`)(lol)



Well, she thought she felt young again but…
17 years old…
That might be saying a bit much… I thought(lol)



The Instructors and members are good friends☆
We get a lot of judgments too but(lol)ooo...
But, there’s an amazing amount of trust!


Linlin for some reason, you and sensei seem to agree to be like sisters?You do!!!



To meet with our great instructor by chance,
Morning Musume。 is happy♪♪♪♪♪♪♪


2010/9/25 23:24

Usachan Hair


Today’s second show of the concert,


unexpectedly I had my hair done in a style I’ve been neglecting \(^ー^)/


Sayumi’s fair hairdo since long ago…ヽ(´▽`)/


Twin Tails☆(*´∀`*)☆


The bottom is only half going down but, so for now I think I should call it Usa-chan hair V(^-^)V


I’m 21 years old but, I’m still at the age where I want my hair put up in two………(・_・;)



Sayumi you know, as a character too,
you think she did this hairdo in full self-confidence?


Actually, I was verrrrry anxious (;_;)


What to do…is this ok I wonder…
it doesn’t seem like it would hurt…I was worrying like that.


But, thoughts of wanting to tie my hair in two, extremely uplifted, I forced my anxiety until,
I have Usa-chan hair (lol)( ̄∀ ̄)



Worrying about everyone’s opinions and looks,
in the end, I’ll do what I want to do!!!↑


But you know.
Real―ly, if there’s a point where usachan hair hurts, seriously please let me know m(_ _)m


Cuase I won’t know about that kind of stuff myself (┳◇┳)



…………… saying that stuff, it’s this point right now! If that’s the case I’m shocked Σ(|||▽|||)


It’s ok right?







Right?(lol)←forcing it(lol)


2010/9/25 22:46





Our concerts in Chiba’s Icchi-place, Ichikawa finished without problems V(^-^)V


Y・o・u who came☆




Y・o・u who supported us from home☆ thanks too!


Y・o・u who didn’t know we were even doing a concert☆…


Well today, with a little motivation, please end up with some interest in Morning Musume。↑


Even then you know.


Morning Musume。 concerts are the best (^_-)♪


Everyone can become one.



The sense of unity isn’t half done!!


That sensation, is lost if you don’t savor it!!!!


Today’s live too, the sense of unity for the concert hall was felt great (o^∀^o)♪



The climax was amazing, and ho――――――t(-.-;)


Ai-chan’s forehead was also totally exposed~


I couldn’t take a picture but, Niigaki Risa-chan also had her forehead exposed from beginning to end (≧∇≦)


It’s hot huh? Foreheads show huh? Cause bangs get in the way, that’s why huh? Even though normally bangs are life(lol)



Or I should say, Ai-chan…


I want to try being born like her! kyuutttee (*´∀`*)


During the performance, I planed to kiss Ai-chan’s forehead but, I missed my change(-人-)


I’ll attempt the challenge again on another day (^人^)


I’m resolute for it ー(`∀´#)


2010/9/25 22:14

Between Time


We’re between the concert’s first and second shows V(^-^)V



Just now, I got lots of notes on what’s wasn’t good (≧∇≦)


Based on that, I have to do my best for the second show!!!


The dressing room right now, the scene… as it is…


why is there this silence (>_<)


The sound of me taking this phone pic as I do echoing, isn’t that embarassing? (->_<-)


Saying that, until I got one I agreed with, I retake shots (lol)



Now, I boxed up the food I’m going to eat after the second show finishes in my own style♪♪♪♪


After that~


Fix my make-up☆


It’s cause I was sweating a lot (・_・;)


From here, again fresh, I’ll come back cutely↑


Wait up for it(o‘∀‘o)(‘∀’●)


2010/9/25 18:00

Excited Sayumi


We ate lunch―――♪



Bad↑ I’m verrrrrrry pumped up (≧∇≦)


They had my favorite soymilk dressingーヽ(´▽`)/


Fiercely happy(*´∀`*)


To say I was living till today for this would be a big exaggeration huh?(^人^)


Yupp, Sayumi’s bad habit saying things overexaggerated has-come- (lol)(`∀´#)



No, but, really, it was delicious \(^ー^)/♪♪♪♪


With tomato sauce pork that seemed like chicken too, it was delicious V(^-^)V


I had mistaken if it was chicken, after I finished eating I noticed it was pork!


Why didn’t I notice the existence of my good friend…………(lol)



The picture is, the appearance of Kamei-san after she finished eating her meal☆



Some reason she’s Sabishige (alone)?


I’m Michishige!




2010/9/25 14:34

Two Shot


Just now I was talking two shots with fans (≧∇≦)


Everyone, thank you this morning ☆


Everyone having a sense for each other, it was fun ◎^∇^◎


Getting happy words, I’ve been excited since this morning ↑↑



From here it’s stretching and vocals.


I’ll do my best seriously(lol)



The picture is,
with Junjun…


Today, we’re look a little similar too…(lol)


See ya later☆☆


2010/9/25 11:59

Going Out!


I’m done putting on make-upppp♪



Yesterday, big bro-chan came and stayed at our house,
This morning I had to deal with his preparation time so,
with the washbasin less crowded now,
it was quite a pain then(lol)



Without problems, bro-chan and Sayumi,
mutually, were in time with our timing(≧∇≦)



And now, going out…
It’s cold {{(>_<;)}}






…, that’s how it feels to me.
I had thought (┳◇┳)


That’s just how cold it is 彡(-_-;)彡


Everyone still in their homes, today you’ll need thick clothes (^o^)/



Everyone who’s already left your home, Fight!(^o^)/(lol)


2010/9/25 09:43

Kayumi's Moving On Ceremony


Good Morning(^-^*)/



Everyone, did you sleep well!?


Last night, I was complaining, itchy itchy, and made you worried, I’m sorry(>_<)


In one night, Kayumi is cured\(^ー^)/




I saw the comments, everyone being worried, while thinking how thankful I am…
I once again truly felt everyone’s love V(^-^)V



Haa? You eren’t worried about Sayumi?! You were itchy? We don’t care about those kinds of thingsー!No one was thinking everyone was worried about Sayumi?Don’t be conceitedー!
Those people too, thank you for looking at the blog now (lol)



I love everyone!


Today’s our live concerts♪
Though out the day, let’s go have fun (≧∇≦)



Make-up Start!o(`▽´)o


2010/9/25 08:56

Covered in Scratches





Are you seriousssss?(∋_∈)


No way, no way(>_<)


I can’t endure this…


I scratch with my nails, and I scratch up my skin so,
Now, I’m thinking frantically,
scratching my acne………
I’m ashamed……………
(tl: acne and ashamed have the same start up in japanese)


eh, the pun was seriously unfunny?


Haa, everyone’s glares hurt (lol)


Not just my skin,
my heart is scratched up too(lol)


2010/9/25 00:49

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