Sayumi's Also an Idol


Earlier I wrote my impression but,
I went to the “Idol Unit Summer Festival 2010″!






S/mileage introduced themselves to Sayumi who they saw in the guest seatinggggggggg↑


I was startled!


It’s super surprising(◎o◎)


Before the performance, when I went to S/mileage’s dressing room, Yuuka-rin(Maeda Yuuka-chan) said,
“Michishige-san, we have a surprise!”
Sayumi remembered she talked to her with this marvelously cute voice!


Next to her, DAWA(Wada Ayaka-chan), Kanyon(Fukuda Kanon-chan), and Sakichii (Ogawa Saki-chan) were grinning (Smiling?) cause they knew what was coming↑(lol)



Aah…I just remembered though…what do I do?(lol)
The 4 of them were cuteee (≧∇≦)



And you know,
On the screen on stage, they showed Sayumi!
It was a little rushed (lol)


Guests noticing Sayumi, DAWA said,
“Now everyone please look hereー!”
I once again crushed on her brave frantic stance(_´Д`)ノ~~



Or I should say, even if it was only for a little bit, Sayumi was happy to have appeared in the Idol festival(≧∇≦)


S/mileage, thanks to all of you八(´∀`*)



We did Usa-chan Peace V(^-^)V


I’m deeply moved!



…………if I have to say anything,



Make-up…………thank goodness I put one some moreeeee”(ノ><)ノ



Cause then I was more cute(lol)


2010/8/31 23:43

Sayumi's Idols


Yesterday and Today at C.C. Lemon Hall they have,
“Idol Unit Summer Festival 2010”
and today I went (≧∇≦)


For a month back I wanted to go no matter what, I asked my manager, and my manager granted my desire, and I got to go♪


Ah~Ooo~ It was cuter cute(o>ω 


Once again I thought, idols are fantastic ( ̄∀ ̄) today!
Seeing cute girls, Sayumi of course, had ended up thinking “what do I do, what do I do?”(lol)


Really what should be done?Sayumi..(lol)


Even the halls were very exciting, it had that sense of unity↑ This lively feeling you can feel unless you are there↑↑It was fantastic(//∀//)


More than anything everyone is cute―(*/ω\*)


Their faces!Cute!Really!


Staring, ahh so baddddヽ(´▽`)/
Their smiles making my hand shake, sooo badddddddd ヽ(´▽`)/



It’s beyond pictures though (-人-)


ah~it was fun ☆(●´mn`)


After the final performance I went to meet S/mileage☆



They were dazzling!




With their smiles,
they told me,
“Thank you,” (^_^)v


No no, thank you.


Like this country’s treasure, like the country’s ultimate weapon,
Your smiles are like that, and showing them only to Sayumi,


Thank you m(_ _)m


ahーI’m seriously revived↑↑


I’m addicted to it. I understand why people want to repeat around at handshake events and suchhhhhh.


Saying “Thank you so much” with those cute faces, that’s no good, It’s a knockout.





Really, what to do?




2010/8/31 22:53

London Hearts!


Just now, I went to the “Idol Unit Summer Festival 2010” at C.C. Lemon Hall♪~θ(^0^ )



S/mileage and other idols, it’s like I’m sooo in a dream,


London Hearts, today it came on but I forgot to tell everyone(┳◇┳)



I’m sorry↓



Now!Right now!London Hearts is on. The athletic meet!


Those who can see it, watch kay? (^_-)


The picture is from the London Hearts athletic meet. I’m sweating(・_・;)――――‥。



I’ll put up my impressions of Idol Unit Summer Festival 2010 later (o^∀^o)


2010/8/31 21:40



Recording is overrrrrr♪



I really sang a lot♪~θ(^0^ )


ah~it was fun(≧∇≦)


Of course my main job is great~(lol)





Morning Musume。 solo fall concert setlist……




It’s hard…I wonder if I got the strength for rehearsal(lol)


But, I want to meet all the fan at the concert quick (●^▽^●)/”


So, I’ll do my best with rehearsal↑↑


From now~、I’m on my way in a rush ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛



I’m looking forward to it sooo much~~~so good (@゜▽゜@)



Ah, today, for the recording… I sat for just one song, and I tried singing.
They told me it’s the first time someone’s sung sitting down(lol)


The director said,
“Sitting and singing, if can sing well like that it’d be amazing”
Going with the flow we just tried it(lol)





“Stand or sitting, didn’t change anything”
He told me‥‥‥(lol)



So after that, I stood and sung♪


Standing or sitting, Sayumi’s singing skill doesn’t change it se-ems!


Well, if I roll around with it, maybe I could sing skillfully o(^∇^o)(o^∇^)o


2010/8/31 17:47

ε=ε= ┏( ・_ ・)┛I rushed


Since I slept in, I’ve been very noisyyyy ( ̄∀ ̄)



Fu‥‥‥Now I have to calm down and head twoards work…


hurrying, conversely, ends up making the actions less effective right? (゜∇゜)


feeling like I need to rush, my body can’t keep up!
That’s what it’s like?


I felt like my feelings and my body aren’t working together.


And, I’m sweating…it seems (^_^;)



Well, I got plenty done in time for work so, I’m grateful~V(^-^)V



Well if I didn’t do enough in time I woulda woken up my mom though (≧∇≦)(lol)


If you had seen yesterday’s blogs, somehow or another I think you know it but,
we have singing work♪♪♪♪





Our main job, it’s been awhile, ww


2010/8/31 15:31

Eh…2 o'clock…



Good Morning!


Or I should say, good afternoon!





Sayumi couldn’t sleep yesterday, and was up till early morning so,
She ended up sleeping 2 o’clockkkkk (゜∀゜;ノ)ノ



I ended up doing that!



Being up until morning, I intended to practice singing lots too but…I could only do it a bit↓



And so while writing the blog I’m singing too (lol)



Haa~but, 、I don’t know how long I slept so, not knowing when I knocked out, I ended up sleeping on my face (>_<)



My face is


My face is


My face is



Swo Swo Swollenmin (┳◇┳)


No waーy.



Well today, at least there isn’t any photoshoots!


Or I should say, the picture is from yesterday’s Gokigenyou~♪


Everyone, Gokigenyou (How do you do?)~♪♪


Sheesh, it’s already the middle of the afternoon but… to a fun day V(^-^)V


2010/8/31 14:41

I'll Cure Tone-Deafness!



Today we shot two Gokigenyou‘sV(^-^)V



This outfit is from the second one (^_-)♪


I’m wore a casquette(≧∇≦)



You know right now‥‥


Sayumi, is practicing singing really loud……………。



I wonder if I’m bothering the neighborhood?


Loudy at this time of night…


And with my tone-deafness…(;_;)







“I’ll cure tone-deafness”


I told myself. Believing that, I’ll do my best continuing to practice☆♪♪♪



I HAVE to remember this song too☆



Somehow you know, this song,
Sayumi expects the next part to go in one way,
then it tricks her and goes a different way…





I wonder if I can face this song I’m not hitting it off with.. Tonight it seems like I’m going to have a long long discussion with it(lol)



Well Sayumi just has to match it’s view though huh (lol)


Musically, Morning Musume。 all of us are together♪


It’s no good if one person alone is on a different step, right?♪♪♪♪



Well, am I always on a different step? (lol)



Feeling like I need to match this view is a big deal though huh?


No matter what Sayumi’s voice has to be come out at the same part as everyone else


How selfish my voice is being!(lol)




2010/8/30 23:42



1 pic tbu




Oh oh oh oh?~~~



Just now, I was checking over the blogs I did yesterday on my computer…



Sayumi forgot to put up the two shot pictures with Junjun from 24hr TV!??



I’m sorry~(>_<)



Even though I had it taken, I really missed on this one!


Thank goodness I checked.


Well, yetserday, I was nervous with Lon-Hearts so I couldn’t calm down, that’s why(lol)



That said, this Junjun, her expression somehow looks a bit like Kumada Youkou doesn’t she?



Is it my imagination?♪~θ(^0^ )



I’m glad I put it up V(^-^)V


WIth anything, one last check is important huh!


well, since i didn’t check it yesterday whe nI was at home, it’s a bit late huh?(lol)


Sorry ”(ノ><)ノ


oh well, that’s ok☆


As long as in the end, everyone gets to properly see the two shot of JunSayu↑↑



Just right!←that’s so old…( ̄∀ ̄)


2010/8/30 23:16




Not Takahashi Ai-chan yo~n (lol)



Just now, I was watching Haruna Ai-chan’s live broadcast documentary!←somehow that doesn’t have the right order in japanese…(゜∀゜;ノ)ノ


Well, The nuance gets the idea across just fine, yup.


Anyway, Haruna Ai-san, staying on course, congratulations. You did a good job.



24hr TV’s run with Haruna-san,
It’s the only kind of TV that Sayumi watches often herself,
so it seems easy to say good job but…


But, I really feel it in my heart (;_;)



Even though you’re troubled,
No matter the harshness,
feeling you can’t give up, you can reach your goal! that’s what it taught me.



Haruna-san gets to appear on a lot of TV shows but,
She always comes in contact with me kindly, going “Sayumi-cha~n” (≧∇≦)


Somehow right now, I want to meet with Haruna-san the most right now( ̄∀ ̄)(lol)



From Haruna-san that kind of annoyance is fine (lol)


Sayumi well somehow somehow some~how、、、


do her best too↑♪♪♪


2010/8/30 22:34

The Cute Girls Smile



Today, right before coming home from the good photoshoot,
I took this picture with Mitsui Aika-chan yo-n♪


Aika, being the case that her main feature is her Mitsui-smile, has a cute smile!



Really, look much,


It’s got me~( ̄∀ ̄)


That’s how she get’s when you see her☆



Sayumi’s especially favorite one is,


during dance lessons, when we’re physically worn out,
and our eyes meet in the middle of a song,
Aika’s smile then!


It’s unrivaled it is(*^o^*)


Out of physical energy, it’s tough but, instantly Sayumi’s drawn into that smile too(^O^) that’s what it’s like!


Well Sayumi’s smile, dare I say it, doesn’t have the refreshing healing of Aika’s smile,
It’s a sweaty mess of a smile I think ッ(゜∀゜;ノ)ノ





Even during a song, I have to have the strength to keep a cute smile↑




2010/8/30 21:31

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