On the bullet train,
I ate some of the “Ai” snacks I got from Takahashi Ai-chan yesterday(≧∇≦)


I gave some to sis-chan,
She said(^~^) it was delicious!


Of course it is!(b^ー°)



Eating snacks on a train, that’s exciting((o(^-^)o)) I’m pumped~♪



It’s kinda like a fieldtrip (≧∇≦)
Right now Sayumi is having fyun~♪♪♪♪♪


2010/8/15 16:36

Current Status Report with Sister


Right now we just rode the bullet trainnnnn~\(^ー^)/



I hadn’t met with sis-chan in a long time and in any case on the bullet train,
we gave each other a recent status report on our lives, talking it up a lot(≧∇≦)



Recent status reports are quite exciting, the moment we calmed down, sis-chan said,




“We held back so the people next to us could sleep. Chatting like this is hard, huh?”



No way no way no way no way no way no way!



Just now, we were talking horribly loud(@゜▽゜@)


It’s often like that, she’ll end up saying things like “we’re holding back” and “chatting like this is hard”(-ω-)


2010/8/15 14:57

Day Having Fun♪


I’ll pppresent you my ppplans★



Sayumi’s already more than and hour and a half late for the plans she made before w(°O°)w


Oh well b(・∇・●)
Well at this point it restful break↑



Today, for a long time was meant to be a day having fun♪♪♪♪



Well, even though I was beaten by sleepiness(lol)


I’m about to head out with mom and sis-chan☆
I’m very looking forward to it―(≧∇≦)



I’m off!


At random intervals, I’ll report what’s going on, k?☆☆


2010/8/15 14:18



Actually Sayumi—–



Right now it’s 1 in the afternoon☆



And since this morning I still haven’t movedfrom the bed ( ̄∀ ̄)



I’m really lazing~right now!(b^ー°)



Of course I’m gonna start moving right now o(`▽´)o



Ah, but Sayumi, even though you’ve rested so much you’re still sleepy…
For Sayumi’s activities today, she can’t hope for things to go that way(lol)



Just why am I so sleepy?―(ρд-)zZZ


2010/8/15 13:15

Pork Bowl☆(Dream!)


Good Morning☆☆



In today’s dream, I had this dream where won a game and go to eat 3 pork bowls(lol)


Even though I won the game splendidly,
I woke up just before I ate the pork bowls (;∇;)/~~


Though, being able to eat 3 bowls
Even 1 bowl…or even, just one bite, I didn’t get to eat any(ToT)


That’s just too bad (-_-#)


How those pork bowls taste…I’ve been wondering about it…



aaaand, just now, when I looked in the mirror, I thought I saw a piggy there!
It was just me(lol)


I got really fat so, I’m a piggymin(∋_∈)


I need to be careful!!!!!!!!!



Today I’m off~♪to have fun☆


2010/8/15 10:50

Closing Shop, For Real?






Nooo waaayyy~、


My eyes are…




Sayumi eyelid shutters are closing.


Closing shop~~~



No good★


Earlier, before I noticed it, I had crashed (∋_∈)


But I gotta wake up soon!
Bah! aww!!



Closing shop~~~!



But, today’s already closing shop right?


The first dinner show of my life today was fun ◎^∇^◎






2010/8/15 04:02



I’ll introduce you to the meal we at before the 2nd dinner show!(b^ー°)














It was there! (´∀`)


It was delicious——–ッ(*^□^*)


This meat, had eggs, slow boiled eggs that I ate with it!!♪


With all this, my chest was clamoring o(^∇^o)(o^∇^)o


There was abalone.


So sof~tヽ(´▽`)/ah~so~good(*´∀`*)So delicious yay^ー^)人(^ー^


Abalobeam!←I just shouted that (^人^)
Such a unamusing acknowledgement it is (.. ;)
The sauce for the abalone was the most delicious so I ate that up with bread★


It was a greatly satisfying dinner(≧▼≦)



Shinagawa Prince Hotel, Thank you so much(≧∇≦)
The food was delicious,
the room was comfortable,
the equipment was reliable,
I want to do another dinner show in the Shinagawa Prince(≧∇≦)
I’ll do my best for it♪



The second photo is the 3 6th gen members(^_^)v


This shot, even though we’re not all in camera well, the three of us are beautifully in frame!


When sayumi was taking it herself she felt like, for sure knew it was right, it just told her(*/ω\*)


Guhu (●´mn`)


2010/8/15 02:01

Super Super Super Super Happiness


★Dinner Show★
After learning the meal we got before the first show, of course we had dessert(≧∇≦)



It was a cheesecake with mango sorbet in it or something?


Sweet tooth Sayumi, ate it up!(b^ー°)
Simple as that(^∀^)ノ



The picture is of Kamei Eri-rin.
This is Eririn, eating dessert.(^_-)



Our dressing room was a hotel room, that was fine(・∀・) ya know?


After she finished eating, Sayumi soon, rolled around on the big! bed (lol)


Even normally, delicous things make me happy though, and I’d end up lying down soon after, so I’ll say it’s more than happiness, it’s super happiness!


If I did more than that, and I got a nap like that then it would’ve been super super happiness though o(`▽´)o



Sayumi will say something that was better than that↑
That is…


The Dinner show performance!


The Dinner show performance was very fun,


It super super super super happiness doing it(*^o^*)



It’s probably cause the 3 6th gen members appearing have a lot of feeling (*^_ ’)


Through and through Sayumi is, a happy one☆ヽ(▽⌒*)


2010/8/15 01:26



★Dinner Show★
Let me introduce you to the food (≧∇≦)


First, before first show I ate food…ahh、the meal!


You know, my manager told me for the MC talk about food,
“Rather than saying food, please call it a meal.”


Well, during the actual performance, as usual,


I ended up calling it
“Food!” (┳◇┳)


In that moment I said it (>_<) and thinking, instinctively, I ended up crouching down… "It's not food!Meal!!" I frantically corrected myself…(lol)


Before the show, I kept telling myself to say it like that, meal meal(;_;)
that experience, was scary(;∇;)/~~



More over, just for saying Food! crouching down, that kind of over reaction…
People who came to see us, it didn’t make sense, huh?…
I’m sorry(ノ△T)



Well anyway!


The me al ♪


was deliiicious(^_^)v


The meal I ate before the first show was…
whether it was the salmon hors d’oeuvres~, or the soft meat~、it was just happiness (*^o^*)☆


Shinagawa Prince-san,、you really get it done, huh?!(o^∀^o)





2010/8/15 01:03



Ban★Ban★ it’s all of the band!V(^-^)V



This time, the 6th gen member’s dinner show,


had a live band(≧∇≦)


Oh wow☆


Very cool!


The band’s sound is amazing↑
It felt like they were making the music up from scratch↑↑


I took a picture together with all the people who play such wonderful music \(^ー^)/



Of course everyone helps pump us up but as a band,


Their personalitys helped too, they are the most wonderful people!


They are so fun~~ny ε=(>ε<*)


Sayumi and the others randomly gave it a nickname, they made us pour out laughter(?)(≧∇≦)



During the rehearsal and the real thing,
“Good good!relax and sing”



They told us that, it was very reassuring it was(^_^)v★


Please take help us out in Osaka too 八(´∀`*)


2010/8/15 00:57

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