Momo-group Invitation


This is Berryz Koubou, Tsugunaga Momoko-chan♪♪♪♪



with all the Hello!Members gathered
seemed like she was trying to form a “Momo-group” or something, but…(^。^;)


In front of the dressing rooms, she’d go to all the members,
“Won’t you join Momo-group?(^_-)♪”
she’d ask them all,
and everyone would reject her(lol)


To Sayumi she goes,
“Won’t you join Momo-group?”
with lots of emphasis on won’t,
“Ok, I won’t”
I immediately sent back(lol)


Sayumi asked Momoko-chan,
“Right now, how many members are there in Momo-group?”
“There’s 0. That’s why Misshige-san join, pleassseeeeee,” she begged.
Solitary Momoko-chan(lol)
It’s fun to mess with people V(^-^)V


Though after that, Berryz Koubou’s manager came,
“Michishige… about Momo-group, join it”
the manager requested it (lol)



I thought, “To come to the point where a manager would request it, that’s surprisingly serious…”(lol)
I don’t know if anything good will come out of joining but, if you’d go this far to request it,
maybe I should join… I was secretly thinking to myself \(^ー^)/(lol)


2010/7/27 16:55

1 Per Person


Something happened the day before yesterday at the Kobe Hello!concert★That Morning’s Lunch…
was Soumen(≧∇≦)
Sayumi also enjoyed some of its deliciousness and wrote about it in the blog that day too o(^-^)o
Of course, all the Hello!Members also ate it,
Including Sayumi’s close friend Kamei Eririn↑↑
Her eating Soumen♪♪♪
Eri said,
“Soumen is so good~I’m going for seconds”


eh, wait a second.


If I remember right…at the Soumen serving area,
“Soumen is 1 per person”
was written next to it…



Eri came back
“Eri, pushed~.
I was saying soumen seconds♪ seconds♪, but they had 1 per person written down. Well, I kept pushing so, the staff let me have it”
She said something like that★


And while she was saying “Soumen is yummy~”, She scarfed down her second helping(≧∇≦)


Good, good(lol)


2010/7/27 16:06

Half Body Bathing!


I’m out of the bath o(^-^)o



Does everybody take half body bathesー?


Sayumi does it often(≧∇≦)
But, doing it too much doesn’t seem good either so…balancing it is hard (>_<)


But, half body bathing is what I do in my free timeー。


Sayumi often brings with her,


manga or novels,
bath safe DVD player,


any of those!


Today, I only did it for 30 minutes but, I had my cellphone with me (^_^)v


In the bath I’d read everyone’s comments, write blog entries (the earlier “Happy Story” was made while I was half bathing), time goes in a flash, huh? ( ̄∀ ̄)♪♪♪♪



What does everyone else do while half bathing?
If you have any suggestions please tell me★


If you haven’t tried half bathing before, pleast try it(*^o^*)it feels~great~


2010/7/27 14:28

Happy Story


This picture I took two days ago at the Kobe Hello!Concert—
well, there it is, I wanted to introduce it to everyone(^_^)v


First off, Berryz Koubou’s Captain☆Shimizu Saki-chan(*^o^*)


Saki-chan is seriously cool when she dances!


Unintentionally I went wide eyed, you know?(≧∇≦)


After, Sayumi was really so happy,
You see, Morning Musume。’s play “Fashionable” back in June, Captain had gone to see it (o^∀^o)
And at the time,
“Michishige-san, thank you for refreshements you gave at the last Berryz concert”
she thanked me, so honest, so reliable, especially if Sayumi doesnt’ really remember it (lol), to give me thanks, I was really really happy o(^-^)o



For Sayumi too, those feelings of gratitude, I really really need to be more mindful of things like that, that’s what I ended up thinking from it(*^o^*)



I want to go see another Berryz concert o(`▽´)o♪♪


2010/7/27 13:40



ahaha~?I really slept a lot!!!!!!!!!


Thank you~!


I’m happy(*^o^*)


Though it’s already afternoon…everyone…Good Morning o(^-^)o



My face—-or I should say, my eyes are
still puffy so, I can’t show them(lol)


Well first, off to take a bath( ̄∀ ̄)


2010/7/27 12:32



Right now, I pulled out the futon mattress to the living room, and am watching tv while idling about but…








ne… after that, what do you think are the next characters?



The answer…






that’s it!


When you put it togetherー!


Ne Mu I (Sleepy)



That’s right. Sayumi’s sleepy(∋_∈)


So bad.


I’m going sleep (>_<)


2010/7/27 01:15

Fairy-tale Sayumi


I had this in my hair during today’s 1-8♪




A little birdy-san was staying in it(^_-)♪




Is Sayumi’s head that comfy~????(*^o^*)♪



If you like, you can come over again, little birdy-san♪









2010/7/27 00:40



Today during “1-8”, I got a picture taken with Kumada Youko-san~~♪


Happy O(≧∇≦)o


Happy O(≧∇≦)o


Super happy O(≧∇≦)o


Kumada-san and I have been working together a lot and she’s extremely nice!


Even considering that when, Sayumi got to talk to her…


well, Sayumi was nervous, she couldn’t speak well (;_;)



Her face and voice is so cute, she’s all charm, and even inside she’s so kind, it’s just wonderful♪


Sayumi will do her best so she can become a person who can be considerate to those around her beautifully like Kumada Youko-san o(`▽´)o




※The “Youko-rin” title, is just something Sayumi wishes she could call Kumada Youko-san one day!


2010/7/26 23:25

Good Work!


Today’s work, is all finished—–♪


During the second half I was so hungry, my stomach hurt(lol)
But when we finished, I ate and it calmed down♪
Or rather, I ate so much I’m worried about not getting a stomach ache(lol)




Today, turned into a Sayumi-style exciting day(≧∇≦)


it was totally fulfilling o(^-^)o


At least, It was rewarding for me, since I did my best☆That means, I’m lying down(≧∇≦)


It’s really great on the bed!
really happy~~~~(lol)


2010/7/26 22:43



finished without a problemmmmm (≧∇≦)


I was really nervous!


But, it was really fun \(^ー^)/


By all means please watch it★☆
As soon as they decide the broadcast date, I’ll let you know, kay? ( ̄∀ ̄)↑↑



The picture is with MC Fujimoto Miki-san♪


Today she helped out a lot too, I’m in debted to her o(^-^)o


Thank you so much!



Of course, working together with people you are close to is really reassuring (∋_∈)


For what’s up next, I’ll do my best too!!!!!


2010/7/26 19:14

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