The single launch celebration event、third show is also overrr♪↑↑↑


I’m super happy o(^-^)o


As a surprise the fans wished me a happy birthday (≧∇≦)


Well, I figured in some waaayyy or another I’d get some celebration, ya know?(lol)


I never thought!
Right from the beginning!
The fans, allll of them\(^ー^)/\(^ー^)/
Were holding out pink cyalume glowsticks for me \(^ー^)/\(^ー^)/\(^ー^)/
I was realllly realllly surprised, I got goosebumps, I was really kinda embarassed…


Standing in the center by myself, and when we were saying comments too, though I’m happy for some reason I was really embarassed (〃д〃)


ahh well I’m really happy↑ Doing things like that for Sayumi, really thank you so much (;_;)


I thought, surely for today’s Sayumi birthday celebration to be a success a lot of fans
must have spent their own time and money on it.
Surely lots of people cooperated together too (>_<) Bearing such hardships to celebrate Sayumi's birthday with her,thank you so much!



Sayumi, really likes you all!



I’ve firmly taken in everyone’s kindness and warmth!
So that I won’t betray your warm and kindness,
21 year old Sayumi will keep on doing her best too (*^o^*)


How like myself♪
How like Sayumi♪


Thank you so much。
And, from here on as well please support me!



With all that said, my birthday is 3 days away!
What’s left of being 20…. I’ll be using it with care \(^ー^)/

2010/7/10 20:36


The Osaka event☆
The second show is overrr~(^_^)v


So fun (≧∇≦)♪♪
At the handshake event,
People were telling me, “Your birthday is soon, right? Happy birthday,” and after that
they’d tell me, “Your haircut is cute”,
I was so so happy ────♪~θ(^0^ )


Sayumi isn’t regretting her haircut but, I I was actually really really worried about it so…
being told its cute face to face, I’m so relieved (*^o^*)


Everyone, Thank you \(^ー^)/



At the handshake event, fans were saying,
“Put up Ai-chan on your blog”
“Put up Eri”
there’s a crowd of people saying that so…
I shall grant your request…


Takahashi Ai-chan and Sayumi,
Kamei Eri-chan and Sayumi,
Two shots (≧∇≦)


Is that satisifactory?o(`▽´)o(lol)



Sayumi’s in the way!
Ai-chan and Eri One shots are fine!Don’t say thing like that, okay?(;_;)


Sayumi isn’t sad in reality~(lol)
2010/7/10 17:40


Single launch celebration event↑↑↑↑


First show is overrrrr (≧∇≦)


The first show was girls only ☆


It was really fun (o^∀^o)


Girl power is amazing too, you know?♪


When I saw everyone closely at the handshake event,
Everyone’s outfits were stylish, they were cute, somehow I felt moved♪


The people who were wearing our T-shirts and copying our outifts were also quite moving♪♪


Everyone, thanks (*^o^*)



I’m looking forward to the second show too ー(≧∇≦)


For the second show, men or women… and people who are not men or women as well♪
can participateー\(^ー^)/


Lookin’ forward to it ☆
2010/7/10 15:22

My Outfit Check

Well my one piece dress has this kind of feeling to it♪
Flower patterns♪♪♪



I should say, Manager-san…


You took the shot from too low eh(≧∇≦)
I look like I have really long legs \(^ー^)/



That said, just in case we took another shot (^_^)v


Once again the magic of photos is amazing!!
That is, the cute pictures mails I take myself normally are too right…?


aHaha☆Sayumi’s blog is totally magic~(lol)


No、I already had the cuteness originally that’s why we could do this technique(lol)!!

2010/7/10 13:34

Box meal

I aaaaate breakfast (and) lunch↑↑↑



The fried eggs were delicious (o^~^o)


I’m so full (≧∇≦) Gochisousama☆


Today, the dressing room is…the dressing is…


cold {{(>_<;)}}



I’m doing my best to keep putting on my make up~~
After that!
It’s offish-sushi to rehearsal♪♪♪♪♪♪♪(lol)


Today Sayumi,
feels like her body needs some citric acid!


I’ll Suck-out Citric Acid ~~(Send some over~~)!!!


I’ m bored, you know?
Cit~~ris (Need~~this (hungry))(;_;)

2010/7/10 11:34




eh it’s morning already!?
So fast♪~θ(^0^ )


I totally want to sleep more…


Buut, today’s the single launch celebration eventッ(≧∇≦) in Osaka☆
Banzai !!!\(^ー^)/


Right now we’re on the move!
ah~the anticipation!!
I can sleep (⌒~⌒)
I’m jealous of the me that’s going to be sleeping so many minutes from now (o>ω 



Well then☆
People who are coming to the event!
People who unfortunately loss the lottery and can’t come (;_;)
People who aren’t even thinking about coming anywhere close(lol)



Today, let’s have fun(*/ω\*)

2010/7/10 07:13

Able to sleepー!

Oh no Oh no Of course Oh~~



I’m seriously so tired!
In the bath, my head wobbled this way and that way(-_-メ)






Tomorrow ‘s the sIngle launch event in Osaka♪
Look forward to it♪~θ(^0^ )



ahh I can go to sleep!In 15 seconds I’ll be in my dreams♪♪


Oyasayumin ヾ(´~`)ゞ


All right. With this it’ll be 10 seconds till I’m in my dreams…………………………



2010/7/10 02:26

Can't Get Up

It feels so nice on this futon mattress my mom dragged out for me in the living room, I caaaan’t get up (>_<)


But I need to go take a bath (ノ△T)


What should I do?



I have no idea what to do so In an e-mail I consulted with Kamei Eri-chan, “I’m so sleepy, I can’t move,”


“It’ll be fine, you can crawl around,”
her response came.



Ohhh nice advice!



… as if, no way that would work!



If I had the strength to crawl around I’d be able to stand up!!(lol)



Ahh. Coming up is “Aimaina!” 25:40~26:10
Watch it, kay~?

2010/7/10 01:11


From the moment I got home!!!!!!!!!



This is bad…


So Sleepy…



Really bad…





But I have to prepare for tomorrow in Osaka. That said, it’s been spinning in my head, worrying me a lot so,
at a time like this I can’t be sunk that easily. \(^ー^)/


Sinking Sayumi!


(My antonym of sinking is shoot-up. The reading is, Gekiuwa. Occasionally, Gekiu.)




I’ll do my best~(^_^)v Going to take a bath~~V(^-^)V

2010/7/10 00:25


ooWow ッw(°O°)w


We continued practicing till around this time (○>_<)


Sheesh~I’m already confused in the head (οдО;)


Even now I’m mentally disoriented。。。



Uwha Uwhaha b(・∇・●)


First off tomorrow we’ll be in Osaka, so I have to hurry home and prepare!(b^ー°)


The picture is with Berryz Koubou Risako-chan.
Today we had rehearsal together ☆★☆


Risako-chan is also in the same state of confusion as Sayumi…(lol)
The two of us were encouraging each other↑^ー^)人(^ー^



At that time I gave Risako-chan a souvenior from France, you can’t imagine how happy she was ↑↑↑↑


Why are you so happy, is this what happens when you give things?…I thought about it(-人-)
I’m so glad I bought lots of things to give to people っ(^人^)


That’s the kind of thing that makes people happy (.. ;)


The strap I gave her, immediately went on to her cell phone,
Risako-chan is so straight forward, it’s cute (´∀`)


I like today even more (*^□^*)



She said a line from a song just for Sayumi o(^∇^o)(o^∇^)o← in my wild imaginationWW

2010/7/10 00:02

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