The snacks I got from Kokushou Sayuri-san,
they also came with a Bear-san strap \(^ー^)/♪♪♪♪






Bears are sly aren’t they~


Even though real bears are scary,


if they are plushies then they are just absolutely adorable, that’s why (^_-)



This strap also feels nice, it makes me feel better ヽ(´▽`)/


I’m attaching it to my phone, right this instant☆ヽ(▽⌒*)


Sayumi’s phone strap has gotten busy b(・∇・●)


Ah, that’s right I forgot to mention something, I did‥
Today, what we were recording,


“The World’s Scar~y Women③
They Really Exist!Amazing Case Records SP”


It broadcasts on 9/15↑


Please remember it♪(人´∀`)



It’s the day after Morning Musume。 Leader, Takahashi Ai-chan’s brithday \(^ー^)/
That’s easy to remember, right? (^_-)♪



Ah, my phone strap, still has the bear-san I got from Ai-chan on it too of course so,


Going together with the one I got from Kokushou-san, my cellphone, has two bear-san(^_^)v



They’ll be good friends, huh?♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪


2010/9/2 00:48

From Kokushou-san…


Today during,
“The World’s Scar~y Women③
They Really Exist!Amazing Case Records SP”



I was there with Kokushou Sayuri-san and,



She ended up giving me some snacks \(^ー^)/



I’m very happy O(≧∇≦)o


I was so moved (;_;)


Kokushou-san, who I’m indebted to a lot for all the LonHearts rankings and stuff,
at first I was honestly scared of you but…


Now, you’re really really really~kind, I really like you♪


“Ah, Michishige!”
she talked to me with a smile on her face,
I was so happy I almost started tearing (*^o^*)


The snacks are more delicious!


These cute bear shaped cookies are cute, it’s hard to eat them…
even thinking about it like that, they taste delicious (lol)\(^ー^)/


I think human kindness is really amazing!


Today I thought Kokushou-san’s smile was like an angel!


I hope there’s nothing behind that smile!(lol)




…That’s not restricted to Kokushou-san…



Well the same as Sayumi, we’re “Sayu”‘s that’s why♪(lol)


IT’s a SayuSayu Combo (*^o^*)←I’m going too far on my own…………(lol)



I’m sorry m(_ _)m


2010/9/2 00:16

That's Too Bad, It Is...


at work,
we had Sayumi’s favorite green tea,
“O~i Tea”
And I bought a pack back home with me(≧∇≦)



And when I decided to drink it…









eh wha?


eh eh eh――――――!



There’s no straw ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


Who’s pestering Sayumi cause of her cuteness?


nah, this kind of pestering is too small to be that right? ( ̄∀ ̄)


Or I should say, it probably had fallen off somewhere (;_;)


Pack tea is so good when you drink it by sucking through a straw though”(≧ε≦))ノ



Too bad (;∇;)/~~



For the straw that fell off too, for a moment Sayumi would have used you for a bit...(lol)


For the straw that’s surely too bad too huh? (lol)



It can’t be helped,
I’ll have to drink this tea from a cup…



That’s really too bad, this O~~~i、Tea(-.-)


2010/9/1 23:48

I'm Home☆


I’ve arrived at home~♪♪♪


Actually today, for once it was a day full, full of things for me(lol)



Just now, when I got home, I thought about it again, there are a lot of aspects that are so embarassing (lol)(゜∇゜)(lol)





That is… It’s not good when you rush…


Even though it’s no one’s fault, you want to blame someone, having to do it, you can’t keep going,
You have to tell someone your feelings you want to talk about, you want to find a resolution to it, but in the end the you only have yourself to blame,
Think about all that kind of stuff I got really depressed (lol)



This afternoon I cried from my own foolishness but…


Now, the me from this afternoon seems pitiful…


myself from this afternoon is even irritating to me (lol)





Sheesh、in the end I have to not recklessly be troublesome o(`▽´)o


I’ll become stronger (lol)(^_^)v


In order to be able to plan things alone, I’ll do my best (lol)




Thanks for listening to my story~♪


2010/9/1 23:23



Recordings overrrrr↑↑



Just now it was,


“The World’s Scar~y Women③
They Really Exist!Amazing Case Records SP”


I got to do recording for that show\(^ー^)/


I was nervous (;_;)


But with Black Mayonnaise-san as chairman, Sayumi’s nervousness somehow went elsewhere,
and she was really excited (≧∇≦)


Bla-Mayo-san, you’re the best↑↑
You’re so very fun~~ny(*^o^*)


I love Bla-Mayo-san’s comedy routine so I end up watching it a lot on my computer too!


Today’s stuff was also super funny( ̄∀ ̄)
I laughed a lot(≧∇≦)


Sayumi herself… appeared as a dread~ful girl ”(ノ><)ノ


I’m so cute it’s scar~y! that said, for this one thing please treat me well 八(´∀`*)(lol)




Ah Sheesh↑Saying that↑Are you tired of the cute jokes?You tired of it?


That’s right, huh?~


Somehow lately, we’ve gotten tired of the cute jokes already! Occasionally I’ve been told things like that (;_;)


But you know, I’m sorry, it’s bad but…
It’s not cute jokes♪
It’s cute fact♪



Ha…saying it like that so easily, I find myself amazing (lol)


2010/9/1 22:23

Watermelon Sorbet


We’re on the move,


I want want want to eat ice cream!


Saying it on a whim,


My manager-san bought me ice cream(≧∇≦)


I’m happy O(≧∇≦)o


Thank you ( ̄∀ ̄)


It’s watermelon sorbet!



It’s very delicious(o^~^o)!!


I was moved!


We got my make-up artist and stylist the same one too but,


Just then!
With the three bought for us, they ran out of ice sorbet(^∀^)ノ



So, manager-san got a different one (lol)


Faa~it was delicious☆☆♪♪



What’s up next has Sayumi feeling quite nervous but, she’ll relax as much as possible and do her best(*^o^*)♪


2010/9/1 16:48



We just did recording for Gokigenyou V(^-^)V


It was fun (≧∇≦)


I laughed a lot,
I got in high spirits Gokigen☆


Just Gokigenyou…ヽ(´▽`)/



Ah, that’s right!
During recording, Kosakai Kazuki-san said,
“Girls look at your blog, and fathers have things they want to write to you too,”
That’s what he told me (;_;)


I got soo happy(;_;)



Thank you m(_ _)m



Somehow, I’m reallly, reallllly,
Everyone’s been so kind to me so,
I feel bad I haven’t given anything back myself (ρ_;)



All right, I’ll do my best at my next job↑↑↑↑



Ah, Including the recordings for Gokigenyou from two day’s ago, Sayumi’s appearances are on,




They are☆


It’s midday so, Sayumi’s cuteness Pleーase be~proficient (^∀^)ノ


This day will have a joyous afternoon♪♪♪lol


2010/9/1 14:09



We’re doneeeeee↑





I was nervous(lol)



Now, make-up!
There’s a rush to a recording(∋_∈)





Hurrying before a recording, I hate it the mostttt (;_;)



I wonder if it’ll be ok...



I’ll do my best☆


2010/9/1 11:49

Sleepy Day


Good Morning(^-^*)/




I’m sleep―――――♪y (^∀^)ノ



It’s September (・∀・)


The first job of September it…
Not just with the current Morning Musume。,
It’s together with the OG Morning Musume。 too(*^□^*)



Even so, I’m tired (ρд-)zZZ




Yesterday, I slept so much too…


Even with a lot of sleep, it’s a sleepy day
Even when I don’t sleep much, it’s a can’t sleep day,



Sayumi’s whole body, Some~how~ needs to get it togetherrrr~~~(≧▼≦)


2010/9/1 08:25



(Itadol = itai + idol = hurt and idol)


Today August is over huh――――?


How fast…


The last day of Summer vacation…did you finish all your summer homework?


People who still have research projects, It’s fine if you want to research Sayumi’s cuteness♪(lol)



Though well, Sayumi’s cuteness knows no end, it’s still getting greater so, at this point, it’s impossible to pin down I think(lol)



From tomorrow it’s September☆


Well the days already changed so, it’s already September today☆


Entering September this year seems hot。。
Not getting beaten by the lingering summer heat, let’s do our best in September as well~(o>ω 


Tomorrow…is coming fast~~~(@゜▽゜@)


There’s a couple things I need to think about and examine so, I’m going to take a bath, and go to sleep in a haste for today↑(-ω-)


Today, I feel like I can sleep~


That’s cause right now, I’m pretty sleepy (>_<) I got too excited at the Idol festival, huh?…( ̄∀ ̄)


Today I saw lots of idols, it made today a day that felt hot↑↑↑


Seeing them on TV and DVDs are fine but, of coures it’s different in person(^∀^)ノ


It’s fine for them to appear in dreams too, Sayumi’s idols☆(lol)☆



Sayumi…is quite sore………………





2010/9/1 01:15

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