We just arrived at the hotel, I can relax~~(^_^)v




Actually, I can’t…(;∇;)/~~



The various documents put out are,
surveys I was working on for tomorrow morning (・_・;)




though I’m in quite a rush(°□°;)



My neck’s been swaying endlesslyー(┳◇┳)



Right now!
Right now!




Somehow I finished the surveys(≧∇≦)





I can finally take a breather☆



I’m not starting anything else,
There’s stuff in my head I’m not sorting out but, first I need to finish the things that are needed sooner…



For the moment, Sayumi is going to give her concentration a rest♪


Maybe I’ll go take a bath(・o・)ノ



But well, while I’m not sorting things out my body has to be somewhere…uh, what? why? I seem a bit reserved,
that’s kinda not a good feeling at all(;_;)



Right now Sayumi is really anxious…



If I go to take a bath, I’ll start sorting things out yu yu…


I’ll do my best yu yu.


(yu: hot water/bath)
2010/7/24 23:42

Sister's Friend's Portrait of Sayumi


Next to sis-chan’s colored in drawing,
was a portrait of Sayumi that sis-chan’s friend drew(lol)



It’s still not a bad likeness v(>w<)v


Sis-chan’s friend who drew the portrait know’s Sayumi too but,
Her personality and Sis-chan’s goes so well together, seriously it’s unheard of sisterly connection!(lol)


When sis-chan skips work and disappears,
if you call this friend, they’ll basically be together and you’ll soon know where she is(lol)


Similar people become quite good friends♪♪♪♪


After this, I don’t want this unprecedented condition to go too far but… make lots of friends, kay?ー(≧∇≦)



2010/7/24 22:06

Sister's Coloring Picture


When I looked at my cellphone after the concert finished, I had an email from big sis-chan(・o・)ノ



“I wanted to color, and had
lost track of time on coloring this coloring picture”



That’s like her.



She attached a picture of the coloring picture so I’m showing it to everyone too(^O^)



Despite the fact that it wasn’t meant to be colored in,
It came out much better than I thought it would↑↑↑↑



…well, sis is 23 years old this year…
what’s she doing losing track of time with this(lol)
oh my oh my(´∀`)


2010/7/24 21:44

I'm hungryー


This was the first show for the Kobe Concerts!!!!



We ended it without problemmm—–(o^∀^o)


Hot and fun, of course the end was hotttttt\(^ー^)/



The picture are lovely Sayumi right before the concert start and,
charming Sayumi without make-up after the concert ended(lol)



I’m hungryー


Right now, I’m in the car, eating my osoba and tonkatsu meal(・o・)ノ


earlier, before the car came(←A natural pun (KURUma KURU) ♪)、
I couldn’t wait anymore and Eri and I ate while standing up(lol)


No doubt, it was standing soba eating(≧∇≦)


…What bad manners, huh?(>_<)


be careful …(・_・;)



Well then!
I’ll devote my attention ot the meal!


See ya after o(`▽´)o


2010/7/24 21:18

Oil is…Slippery




I awoke to the worst situation…



Today we got to the hall in Kobe,
and so I could change into my Jersey,
I opened my bags (my trunk).




For some reason, my bag’s are all slippery?


What’s this…


It’s all warm…





There, it caught Sayumi’s attention!


The cap to my make-up removal oil is open!



…………Timidly、I tried to take it in my hands,


Oil…it’s emptーーy~(゜∀゜;ノ)ノ


Oil、dripping all over the inside of my bag…


Everythings all slippy and slidy……………


it’s the worst.


I tried to wipe it off with a tissue at first, but it’s still wetー(>_<)



Even though it hadn’t been like that till nowー!


Is it the atmospheric pressure’s fault???


It woulda been fine if it were just my imagination…




2010/7/24 17:39

My Outfit Check(Though Already in Kobe)



Oh my oh my oh my?


When we arrived in Kobe I intended to update right away but I didn’t geeetttt tooooo(;_;)
Shock v(≧□≦)v


Right now reading it, it’s off order, it might be a little strange but,
I’ll update with it(・o・)ノ




We arrived in Kobe!


The picture is of Sayumi’s outfit for today♪♪♪
The tri-level skirt is cute(*^_ ’)


And!Confirmed!It’s hot in Kobe too.


Feels nice ♪V(^-^)V



Cause today’s the Hello!Conccert in Kobe↑↑


I want to make the concert is hot, so hot it won’t lose to the heat outside(^O^)


Sayumi’s cuteness is already too cute…
it’s got sultry spirit!!!!!!(lol)
Sayumi’s Warming up?!


2010/7/24 16:22

Teach Wiseperson


Today’s Lunch!!!


It was chicken breasts~


Somehow it seemed like real high quality stuff—-!(b^ー°)



Rehearsal’s finished, right now is a calm mood☆maybe?


There’s good time till the actual show but—–


if I daze out it’ll go in the blink of an eye~you know?~~
Knowing that, I should prepare I think~(≧∇≦)


But I still want to daze, I want to I want to~


What to do?


Sayumi, what to do?


From now, what to do? (≧∇≦)


2010/7/24 16:12

Tattered Airplane


Good Morning(*^o^*)



Today in my dream――――!


S/mileage’s Wada Ayaka-chan appeared!


In my dream we were riding together in a tattered plane.
We were sitting next to each other!


The hand rail in front of me
was it there before?,
It just recently appeared,
and the two of us were troubled…


It was that kind of dream.


Ayacho was basically, tight-lipped!


It was cute(*´∀`*)



Right now we’re on the way to Kobe☆☆
In reality it’s not a tattered plane, we’re going there the right way(lol)



ahーIf Ayacho sits next to me in reality, what will we do?
Don’t be nervous(´∀`)


2010/7/24 10:26



I took a bath and got all clean―――♪


Right now I’m getting hit by the fan, cooling down(*^o^*)



Ah!Coming up,




It’s on so, if you can watch it please do!(b^ー°)


Sayumi will watch it too.
While getting hit by the fan, watching Aimaina!, it’s like a dream(≧∇≦)


Ooo. It feels like a really good plan V(^-^)V



Skillfully planned♪
I’ll follow it, so that it can turn out that way too♪♪♪♪



With that said♪




See you tomorrrrowwww☆(^_-)


2010/7/24 01:19

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