PonPonPonPonPonPonPonPonPonPon PonPonPonPonPonPonPonPonPonPonPonPonPonPon




Today, right now, with leader Ai-chan,
we’re appearing on


♪♪Once again I’m on a live broadcast with Ai-channnn(*^o^*)♪♪


Everyone, please watch, kay? ヽ(´▽`)/


This morning, I ate a sandwich.


The picture…It’s already half eaten though (^_-)



My stomach is also PonPon.


2010/9/16 09:50

Anyone Wanting to Get a Feel For It





oh no,




Amaz――――――…ing, right?。。。


It’s impossible to get a feel huh? for this rain…



People doing blogs and Twitters,
Today if you’re updating
Most of you are
seem to be writing “rainー”………


It’s like it’s coming down(∋_∈)



I wonder if it’ll stop soon.


I want it to stop soon.


For now, I’m off to wor♪k (^_^)v♪♪♪


2010/9/16 07:40

Keeping Myself Awake…




While I’m memorizing the song, of course I’m blogging…♪♪♪♪



When I came home I slept immediately so I haven’t gone to take a bath yet either…


When I’ve memorized the song to some extent, I’ll go take a bath☆↑♪



Is everyone already asleep?



Sayumi, lately, is so sleepy, she’s pinched herself all over, has gotten bruises all over(lol)(lol)(lol)


Can’t you laugh about it? (lol)


No, rather, please laugh(lol)


I was relaxing taking a bath,
I’ll comfort my bruised areas (-.-;)



Ah, the bruising I’m talking about are small one’s.


When I’m sleeping and I need to keep myself away, I pinch myself,
Since practice for elementary school graduation, it’s been a habit of mine..(・_・;)



Good kids don’t copy this please, kay?(^_-)


Bad kids…reform(lol)


Well, good kids and bad kids…
Everyone, sleep well, kay.




2010/9/16 01:54

Liked Lyrics


Now, I’m listening to the song properly.


Song memorizing.


No, trying to memorize.



For now, I’m making the effort to memorize it.



At this point writing the blog, you can’t help but be suspicious too huh?(lol)


But you know.


I like this song (*^o^*)♪


Uhh you know.


I found, amazing lyrics I like☆


Somehow, right now, I feel them strongly (*´∀`*)



Soon, I want everyone to hear it~


This strong feeling, I want to share it ^ー^)人(^ー^


That said~…
I’ll do my best to memorize it (-人-)


When there’s lyrics I like and stuff, I can have fun memorizing♪



Somehow, right now, right now, Sayumi memorizing the song,
a song having lyrics she likes, is something I super wanted to tell everyone.


2010/9/16 01:18

Today's Stuff


Early, 1 hour early?
Mornin’., though I updated the blog with that,
I slept for about 30minutes again just now (>_<)


Actually today…
I felt limited during the day(;_;)
in regards to waking up.


Today, I woke up in the morning, then went to work, came home…
Somehow or another, I don’t know how I flowed through it but
I don’t have any memories of several places (ノ△T)(lol)


After recording, I was wobbling on the stairway to the dressing room, it was bad (lol)


On the taxi home…I crashed asleep.
Crashed asleep so much, I had worried the guy driving the taxi(lol)


When we got close to home, he said, “You can up soon, kay?” he was nice♪♪♪


People’s kindness warms my heart(;_;)


Sayumi’s probably the kind of person who needs more sleep than others… it feels like~♪
But I don’t know(lol)



The picture is, this is, today’s lunch it is…




It was delicious it was…


The second shot is, not of lunch…
you get it?(lol)


I-t’s Sayumi(^_^)v



All right↑ I’m not sleeping yet.
I need to memorize songs perfectly↑↑


Saying that…


Can I do it?…Sayumi (lol)



before working on the CD,
I need at least 30 minutes…o(`▽´)o


Fight Please.


2010/9/16 00:58



Arriving home, I ate a meal too.



So sleepy it was almost like I might have vomited……………………



Saying that, just now, I slept intensely!




I woke up☆


Good Morning.



The vomiting feeling, is gone \(^ー^)/




From now, I’m memorizing songs..ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛



I’ll do my bestー!


2010/9/15 23:47




Right now,


“The World’s Scar~y Women They Really Exist!Amazing Case Records SP3”


I’m on it.


Everyone at home,
Everyone with a TV nearby
If it’s ok please watch it (≧∇≦)




Sayumi, your personality is poor~~(>_<)



Well, that’s not something that just started now is it? (lol)o(`▽´)o


2010/9/15 19:13



recording is finished☆


Today’s wardrobe is…


the blouse…MANOUSH
the necklace…Rojita


that’s it↑↑↑↑



I’m saying it about myself but…
I was cute~(^_^)v



But aren’t I always saying that about myself (lol)



The broadcast is on 10/7☆
It’s a 4 and a half hour Special\(^ー^)/


Unbelievable clips and,
Unbelievable Sayumi Cuteness,
look forward to it♪(lol)(*^o^*)


2010/9/15 18:26

Nee Nee


Today it’s recording for “Unbelievable”



I’m off to it right now (≧∇≦)


I’m enjoooying myself♪↑↑↑↑



Now, I only took a 30 minute nap.



Without ruining my make-up I slept skillfully.



See ya later~s


2010/9/15 11:51



Good Morniiiing (‘-‘*)



This morning, I ate classic Normal Pocky.


One box in an instant (lol)((o(^-^)o))



Eating the second one, I realized it was the most delicious one!↑↑(^_^)v



Well, today I have work like I usually do (≧∇≦)



The middle of September…everyone have a fantastic day too♪♪


2010/9/15 09:06

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