First dinner show is finished☆


It was very funnnn!


Well I should say, the guests…



Were right there ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛



Somehow, it makes it kinda embarassing ( ̄∀ ̄)




☆Don’t be so shy☆*fawning*☆(〃д〃)



Of course, nervousness is part of the package but,
Being able to see everyone’s faces also made me happyyyyy(*^o^*)



And, of course, the 6th gen members are great!(・∀・)


2010/8/21 15:47




I’ve done it before.


It’s a advertisement blog!






This is it――――――。



This is from the goods shoot for today’s 6th gen member dinner show taking place in Osaka♪♪♪♪


For the 3 6th gen members, we were all in completely matching & different color outfits (o^∀^o)


For Sayumi, it’s her project color ☆ pink V(^-^)V


Each and every member has a project color so…


Eririn is Orange!
Reina is Blue!


and that’s what they were wearing.


These outfits feel like summer, I like it(*^o^*)


More over, even with the colors being different, the three were matching so it was cute(´∀`)


I didn’t get a phone picture of the three of us though (;_;)
People who are coming to the dinner show,
People who have it in their hearts and wallets by all means,☆lol☆
Please check check out the goods(*^□^*)






Now, Sayumi’s getting make-up♪(≧▼≦)


2010/8/21 12:16

Rihga Royal


Dinner show rehearsal finished earlier than scheduled (^_^)v


We did it~.



Now, just a little while ago, I ate just dessert☆



I should say, the hotel, is pretty☆



The room and the wash counter and everything!


It has that completely clean feel!(b^ー°)



By the way, it’s the Rihga Royal Hotel♪


2010/8/21 11:28

☆Katsu Sandwich☆


We’ve arrived in Osaka~


On the plane I was next to Kamei Eririn so,


We didn’t sleep, we were talking alot(^_^)v


It’s the first time we met up since summer vacation so, we were talking up each other’s breaks(≧∇≦)


You could see Fuji-san from the plane↑


Even though we’ve ridden on planes a lot since becoming Morning Musume。, it’s first time I saw it from a plane!!


It’s cause usually I’m always sleeping☆


Fuji-san, how moving!


Tallest one in Japan~


It had this mystique to it(o‘∀‘o)


And, before we got on the plane Eririn was eating a katsu sandwich, she had one left so she gave it to Sayumi (●^ー^●)


I just ate it (^m^)


It’s deliiicious!!!!



I’m full (just from eating the katsu sandwich)


2010/8/21 09:15

Good Morning








Today’s the Osaka dinner show (o‘∀‘o)(‘∀’●)


Look forward to it, the dinner, eating till you’re full (●^ー^●)(lol)


…well… That’s not the important part (lol)
The show, let’s fill up on that ヽ(´▽`)/



I want to hurry up and meet everyone in Osaka, you know?!(*´∀`*)



First, we’re on the move!




Ha. The cicidas are chirping………


It’s summer, huh?


2010/8/21 06:42




Coming out of the bath I got water♪♪♪♪



It is soooo gooood \(^ー^)/


Water water water V(^-^)V






I drank it with a straw☆


My sister’s influences right here(lol)



People are already going to sleep, that includes Sayumi(^o^)/





2010/8/21 00:55



Somehow right now is amazing…




Amazing right now…




I don’t want to do anything (lol)




Actually I’m not doing anything though…



More than that, not wanting to really do anything, what should Sayumi―do?―――――




People who can watch it, please watch.




※This picture, The wrinkle in my forehead isn’t caused by any sort of major displeasure. Kuse…(∋_∈)


Ah I said “Kuse”…but


I didn’t mean anything stinks.


Bad habit, you know, I meant a bad habit.



You got it?



No explanations needed right?


Sayumi is just, a bit prone to worrying(゜∇゜)


2010/8/20 23:49



Sayumi’s cute cute juniors,
Sayumi’s juniors she loves loves,


Sayumi’s juniors she secretly secretly is attracted attracted to,


The 4 S/mileage girls right now are doing a stage show but…



Today’s their last show,


Well when they took pictures on stage,


It seems they gave a Usa-chan pe~ace! V(^-^)V


Just now, their manager-san emailed me to let me know(o^∀^o)



I’m seriously super excited!


Wiggle (//∀//)



Well taling bout it~,Right now Middle and high school students are calling it, the Kumikki pose and doing it Σ(|||▽|||)(lol)



No no, That’s Usa-chan Pe~ace, don’t you belieeeevvve me? (*/ω\*)


Thanks, S/mileage(●´mn`)



Everyone in S/mileage, always has a happy smile☆
They really are adorable girls(*^o^*)



Their manager-san’s reasoning,
Doing Usa-chan Peace seems to get the assembly hall into it!



Those smiles, please treat them well with Sayumi’s move (lol)


2010/8/20 23:13

Sleepy sleepy sle~epy, you know?



Hey, Sayumi!



You’re seriouly Slee~~eepy(lol)



Earlier, you slept for three minutes.


No, was it 5 minutes?


Perhaps you slept for longer maybe?


bit by bit, I can’t measure the time passed(┳◇┳)





Right now, they have highschool baseball, huh?


What, ★Youth★ huh?



Player Hifumin (written 1,2,3)


Your sirname is amazing↑↑↑↑


Michishige is rate too but,
Hifumin is quite rare too, huh?


Do your best Hifumin!!



Sayumi’s highlight for highschool baseball would be…



Searching for cute girls Sayumi likes who are on the cheersquad as cheer girls (^o^)/



High school baseball is somehow~


Cheer girls are somehow~


like Youth~!


2010/8/20 22:15



I took this picture with Takahashi Ai-chan at today’s Youngtown Saturday radio(^_-)♪



Well with my vacation, it’s been awhile since I meet up with another member☆


The first one I met was, Takahashi Ai-chan.


Though like always, I’m getting emails from Kamei-san人(^ー^)


But… the subject of the emails, seriously there ISN’T a subject(lol)


We just using the phone signal pointlessly…(lol)






Just now I ate a pear~


After, I had Manjuu too. Yamaguchi’s Rikyuu Manjuu. It’s famous. Yamaguchi’s Sayumi Manjuu is kinda famous.



Seriously Sayumi’s cheeks, add up to being like Manjuu(lol)






Quick, turn to steamー☆


2010/8/20 21:55

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