I haven’t gone to take a bath yet!!



Feeling like this、I’m going to go to sleep quite late so,
before that Oyasayumin♪♪♪♪



Everyone, please sleep well, ok?!



Sayumi is looking forward to her first bath since getting her hair cut(≧∇≦)


My hair will probably dry fast ~~\(^ー^)/



Oyasayumin (-.-)zzZ

2010/7/9 02:52

Good Reaction!

While I said I’d go take a bath its a feint update !!!!!!!!!(lol)




Sayumi eating Subway♪
A series☆↑↑



Or I shooouuuld saaayyy


The blog comments earlier about my image-changie are amazing!\(^ー^)/



Counting up the clicks somehow 1500 came in (≧∇≦)


Everyone’s interesting in Sayumi’s Image-changie, huh *peep peep*♪


Thank you!


Though I haven’t read through them all…
I’m steadily catching up (^_^)v



I’m happy to get this kind of reaction to my haircut o(^-^)o♪♪♪♪♪



I’ll give everyone the title of reaction king!(lol)
2010/7/9 02:12


Good Morning!!!!


Yes yes, Once again at a like this I ended up falling asleep (;_;)


It’s just hopeless. It’s totally become a habit now (-.-;)


I have to fix it somehow (┳◇┳)




Sayumi is an Avocado Veggie kinda person!


Subway All the way Banzai-yay \(^ー^)/



I’m going to take a bath !!!!!!( ̄∀ ̄)

2010/7/9 01:55

Again…Image changie☆

Having been afflicted with a case of the want to cut my hair sickness, I Michishige Sayumi have…‥



Just now、once again gone to the beauty parlor──────!



This wanting to cut my hair sickness is a serious illness!


But, Sayumi doesn’t really like going to the beauty parlor (>_<) In spite of that, having just recently gone to the beauty parlor, in such a short time I one again walked my way there…
It’s the day the history of the life of Sayumi changed o(`▽´)o



Looking at the comments from the earlier “Wanting to Cut Sickness”, there were a lot of people who didn’t really want Sayumi to get her hair cut p(´⌒`q)
I’m sorry (;_;)
Well but, since I’m living, my hair will grow !♪
Once and awhile isn’t it ok to have times like these‥‥?
Well in short, that’s that!
Until it becomes long again, follow Sayumi along!is what I’ll say(lol)♪♪
I’m not just my hair.
Watching over Sayumi growing and changing makes her happy O(≧∇≦)o



At any rate…


It’s cut quite a bit huh?!( ̄∀ ̄)


Wasn’t this kind of decision good for Sayumi !??


Do I really got the guts?(lol)



…………or should I say, Sayumi with her hair cut in the end……………



What do you think‥???


Even though I got the guts、I’m afraid of everyone’s opinions……(-.-;)


In the end. I’m still a incompetent-girl (>Σ<)(lol)

2010/7/8 21:17

Wanting to Cut Hair Sickness

It’s the time of the year my hair gets long!!!!!!!!




It’s nostalgic huh~







Right now you know, Sayumi,
has really wants to cut her hair sickness (┳◇┳)


Looking in the mirror, it feels like, ahh I want to cut my hair!(ToT)



Up until now I’ve really kept with having it grow below my chest level、As of late it’s been awhile since I’ve cut it above that;
might it be the sense of fun you know when you get your hair cut?☆ヽ(▽⌒*)



ahhh I want to cut it I want to cut it I want to cut it I want to cut dance~~(〇>_<)



What does everyone else think???w(°O°)w



ahhh I feel like I want to cut i~~~~~t b(・∇・●)

2010/7/8 19:30

Sayumi First!!!

Rehearsal is done.


Today rehearsal was—-



the worst (ρ_;)



The place I sprained my leg yesterday hurt (∋_∈)


When I do things normally it doesn’t hurt so, this morning during the radio show I didn’t notice it at all but…
As soon as started dancing it hurt──────────(≧ヘ≦)


That’s why, today’s rehearsal…
was a Compress-hop dance lesson~~~(笑)


It’s frustrating not being able to move like you think you can v(>w<)v


But when there’s nothing to do, there no way about it so, I think it’ll heal eventually (^_^)v



Heal faster ──o(`▽´)o



Take care not to injury yourselfs everyone。
Cause if you’re injured it’ll hurt!
Properly take care, k?!


You don’t want to be told this from someone who’s already injured like Sayumi, huh?…(゜∇゜)


First off take care of yourself, you’re telling me huh~


Sayumi’s own foolishness (゜∀゜;ノ)ノ(lol)



Health First ☆
Please take care of it.
Michishige Sayumi too☆
Please take care of her.



Riding along with Health↑(lol)


Health First!
Sayumi Second!


Aa, it’s fine if you want to make an exception and make Sayumi First(lol)♪♪

2010/7/8 18:30


There is still another photo of our memories of France─────!


That is to say, yesterday Manager-san sent it to me.\(^ー^)/


At first this photo, was put up as a cellphone wallpaper!(b^ー°)






But、I stopped using it already…



The reason——-



In Hello Kitty’s cellphone set, I came across this cute wallpaper(*^o^*)


Hello Kitty is so cute, I like her!
Kiki and Rara too. After that, I like Marron Cream too!And、I like Sayumi-chan most of all!



Yup. It came out .


The narcissist (lol)
2010/7/8 16:17

Bday Cake

This Morning recording of、”CBC Konya mo Usachan Peace” is finished (^_^)v



It-was-there ——☆♪☆♪



I got a birthday cake (≧∇≦)


YAY! Yay yay! (≧∇≦)♪☆


I’m 激嬉歓喜 O(≧∇≦)o


↑It’s a 4 character idiom for such a really happy occasion!I just thought it up!!


It’s read, “Hageurekanki”☆


It means, feeling intensely happiness, it’s a delight. ☆



I’m happy for getting a cake.
I’m happy to get a celebration.


Thank you (o^∀^o)



It looks delicious~


Right now we have rehearsal so、I want to eat it with all the other members (≧∇≦)♪Yayyayyay↑

2010/7/8 12:55


I’m mamboing off to my first job of the day☆☆☆☆





I’m infatuated with my own nailsヽ(´▽`)/



As planned, they are cuter than if I just did them randomly っっ(*´∀`*)



I wonder if I have a sense for it♪



It might be Sayumi’s immeasurable talent, huh?!( ̄∀ ̄)(lol)

2010/7/8 10:13


Good Morning (‘-‘*)♪


Last night, I had a really hard time sleeping, it was troubling (;´Д`)


Sayumi not being able to sleep…
wasting time、
I gave my nails a manicure and repainted them~~~(≧∇≦)


Lately I’ve really been using dark pink?light red?I’ve really been into those color monochromatics but,


Dark Red!!!!!!! I decided to try it↑


At first、I planned to do it in just dark red! but,
Sayumi not being able to sleep,
just kept adding on and on(lol)


The completed nails~~
are something like this。
I put a ribbon on the middle finger, and gave them all sparkles↑
It’s been kind of a long time since they’ve been flashy ~(o^∀^o)♪♪♪♪
They’ve got a happy mood to them O(≧∇≦)o


Even though I couldn’t sleep, it feels like I made good use of my time!(b^ー°)


Naturally Sayumi!


Somewhat different from a normal hardworking woman (´∀`)


Well a really hardworking woman、
Doesn’t get jetlag, and probably goes to sleep reliably at night, ya know?……………………



Shame !!!!!!!(lol)

2010/7/8 09:35

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