Hello!Concert in Nagoya♪


The first show is now over(≧∇≦)



It’s soo fun(o^∀^o)


Sayumi got to sing one of her favorite songs,
Shanimuni Paradise(≧∇≦)
Or I could more accurately say,
I got to dance it(≧∇≦)(lol)


*Skip Skip*


It was surely paradise\(^ー^)/ yan☆


For this concert each performance is different, so it’s fresh everytime,
The nervousness also stays around so,
it’s somehow fantastic(*^_ ’)



Just rehearsals are hard(_´Д`)ノ~~(lol)


But if the fans all enjoy it then rather than being something hard it’s something happy(o‘∀‘o)(‘∀’●)


Well, it’s off to prepare for the second show (●^ー^●) off I goー(^m^)


2010/7/19 17:36






This↑ the T-shirt Sayumi is wearing☆


is Sayumi’s 21th Birthday T-shirt(^_-)


Sayumi designed it!


On the front, I drew a cake and wrote 21 really big,


And notice on the back…
Michishige Sayumi is written biggest of all\(^ー^)/


In a glance, the people around you can tell you are a Sayumi fan♪


Of course this isn’t its only appeal!(b^ー°)


You can wear it on the streets too♪♪
It’s my stategy to sell Sayumi’s name, you know?(≧∇≦)


But, there are people out there who don’t like Sayumi, if this shows up on the streets, “That person, I’m curious~” they might think(lol)


They’ll stop, all of them!!!!!!(lol)



You can get them at the Hello!Concert Hall(●^ー^●)


2010/7/19 09:40

Veggie Juiceー♪


Good Morning♪♪


While I’m drinking vegetable juice(≧∇≦)
I’m looking forward to today’s
concert in Nagoya~~


Yesterday I slept so soundly(-.-)zzZ


So good you could say,
That I only woke up twice↑


So bad you could say,
I woke up at least twice↓



In any case,
vegetable juice first thing in the morning is great.
that I won’t waver about!


2010/7/19 08:54

Fluffy Fluffy!↑↑↑







I noticed it just now when I went to take a bath…


On my calves curiously, are strange bruises!
More on both my feet!
More so they’re blue!



Kyaー… When did it…?I didn’t notice it at all(-_-メ)


Shock o( ̄ ^  ̄ o)


Oh well!As long as I’m alive it’ll regenerate↑(^_^)v



I was so nervous for today’s Hello!Concert~FanKora~Opening Day but,
It was fun ◎^∇^◎


“that Song♪”(It’s still a secret), had all the audience joining the most!


Everyone was so adorable.


It felt like everyone was good friends with Sayumi too!


But, Sayumi had fun too, Sayumi did her best too, everyone was jumping and going around together but…


There were parts where I didn’t understand the cheers…


In that moment I felt like, “Sayumi’s still naive huh?…”
How lonely (ToT)
but but but♪
getting excited with everyone was funnnnnn O(≧∇≦)o


That’s what they call banding together, huh?(^_-)



Thank you \(^ー^)/



Tomorrow’s Concert is in Nagoya too♪
Let’s get excited (≧∇≦)



♪So sleepy(ρд-)zZZ♪♪♪♪


2010/7/19 01:09

▽Love Triangle△


These are pictures from the shoot for the Hello!Concert~FanKora!~ goods which started today(^_-)


This time, these outfits are only worn for a little while in the actual performance(≧∇≦)


Or I’d rather say, at that time, Sayumi still had loooonnngg hair↑


When I see my hair like that, I want to grow it out again(¬з¬)



The second shot is with Ai-chan☆
Getting a kiss from Ai-chan(*^o^*)
Aren’t you jealous?
I wonder.
Sayumi win.
with Linlin.
Feels like she’s been taken.
Such a boring way to go.



↑(lol) that’s a Joke。
Well mostly, The jealousy isn’t a joke(・_・;)



Ai-chan and Linlin are really really really close friends♪
I think that’s for real↑
Friendship is lovely o(^∇^o)(o^∇^)o


Anyway, the third shot is a two shot with Linlin and Sayumi(≧▼≦)


There isn’t a two shot of good friends Ai-chan and Linlin(lol)


One day, when Sayumi’s heart gets bigger and she isn’t jealous she’ll take a two shot of the two close friends, kay?♪(lol)



Maybe one day, maybe, my, my.


2010/7/19 00:45

So Much Chatting


I was with C-ute’s Okai Chisato-chan for↑↑↑ a two shot♪



Okai-chan loves chatting(^_-)quite a bit☆


Today, when I was getting a massage, Okai-chan was beside me getting a massage too but…


Sayumi, was super tired and felt like dozing off but, Okai-chan kept talking to her lots(lol)


No no, talking with Okai-chan is fun, and I’m happy I could talk with her but…


I thought…Honestly this is bad timing ( ̄∀ ̄)(lol)


Sayumi, maybe you’re good at sounding in a conversation? I’m uneasy about it(>_<)(lol)


Well it’s probably fine since Okai-chan talks with such a fun like atmosphere↑(lol)


Okai-chan’s an amazingly energetic interesting girl so, I want to try talking with her a lot more now♪



When we’re not getting massages(lol)


During a massage, please let me sleep…(lol)


2010/7/19 00:24



Today’s Dinner☆
At the hotel I ate with Kamei Eri-chan\(^ー^)/


And Eri gave me some nattou(^_^)v


Teriyaki chicken was so DELICIOUS♪(o^∀^o)



Usually, from the concert hall to the hotel we’d drop by a convenience store but…


Today Eri in the middle of the day said,
“When we go to the convenience store, I want to buy nattou, so when we’re there remind, k?” and
“say tofu too, k?” and
“say vitamins too, k?” and
“say vegetable juice too, k?”
She kept telling me sooo much.



Well, Sayumi is excellent so she remembered it all (with Great Pride)


So, when we actually were at the convenience store I told Eri all that.


And yet, Kamei Eri, herself!


Nattou and tofu she remembered herself but
When Sayumi said,
“Vegetable juice!”
She went,
back at me…
I thought, wow, she completely forgot about vegetable juice, how sad, and Sayumi bought some too(lol)


Today, thanks to older Eri, Sayumi was quite busy too(_´Д`)ノ~~


2010/7/18 23:33

Copy Lisa


I was with Ai-chan at the end today’s concert↑↑ Two shot!(^_^)v



The first shot is the usual cute buddy concept(*^o^*)♪



The second shot…


During today’s Concert MC,
We end up flowing out stories about going to france,
Ai-chan did an immitation of the Mona Lisa.


So, for this pictures too, a commemorative immitation of the Mona Lisa( ̄∀ ̄)



We weren’t Mona Lisa,


Ai Lisa and,


Shige Lisa(lol)


These Ai Lisa and Shige Lisa、
Have their value as part of the World’s heritage(lol)


2010/7/18 23:06

Picture Explanation☆


This picture…After the concert was over, pardon us, it’s make-up-less SayuEri
m(_ _)m


Earlier, in the entry “Ethica-” those pictures were also
two shots with Kamei Eri-chan!☆ヽ(▽⌒*)


Earlier I threw out my feelings about wanting to watch Ethica’s Mirror a bit too much,
Anyway, I wanted to blog quickly and so I ended up choosing random pictures(>_<)(lol) that was too impatient Sayumi(οдО;) I'm sorry。


Those pictures need an explanation thoughー.
Acha, I did it again, huh w(°O°)w


Well then☆Let me explain b(・∇・●)



Earlier, SayuEri…
passed the mirror!


do you guys get it?…(lol)






、、、Eh?、、、Surprisingly, I don’t have anything to explainー!!


That’s the reality of it!!(lol)(≧∇≦)


2010/7/18 22:21



Hello! First day is over!


I’ll touch on my thoughts after~



Now, right now★


“Ethica’s Mirror” has Michishige Sayumi appearing!
People who can watch it,
Please watch!












2010/7/18 21:08

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