Right now, with my mom, we’re going to the dermatologist!!


It’s cause for the past two days or so my face and body have been itchy, and I haven’t stopped sneezing, and I’ve ended up scrapping my skin (>_<)



This morning though, Kayumin and Kushamin have separated from the original, Sayumi…←Byebye!


But just to be sure…we went…


For everyone else too, I’ve caused you all to worry m(_ _)m


When I explained the exact situation,
I got medicine and ointment so,
I think from here on we won’t be hearing much from Kayumin o(`▽´)o


In Sayumi, Kayumin in exchange, has calmed down!


All right☆!!


Everyone, thanks go to you too.


2010/8/5 17:45

Hydrating Girl


Ooh o(`▽´)o


…Drying Girl………‥


At last








Right now I’m goooing out with my mother.
Where are we going?



Well, we don’t want to do so much that it’ll be a problem so, only people who have lots of spare time and can’t do anything else but answer should do it (^O^)


well, if I said that, and then the comments dropped drastically, it’d be shocking…Σ(|||▽|||)


Of course, everyone can answer(lol)


2010/8/5 16:50

Room Peek


Today, we’ll take a peek at Sayumi’s room (^_-)



On the bookshelf, the Rika-chan doll has a crepe shop open (≧∇≦)






When I bought this Crepery Parlor☆Rika-chan I would often change her clothes too but…
With this and that, I haven’t changed her outfit in 1 or 2 years (>_<)!



The Rika-chan doll is cute, right?


Somehow Sayumi…








Wants to eat crepes now♪


…eh, there!?(lol)


2010/8/5 15:35

○○ Girl


I got out of the bath ―\(^ー^)



Actually today―――――





Kamei Eri-chan and I, the two of us didn’t have the dinner show rehearsals we should have had so,
I’m being a drying girl(lol)



Right now, I’m being really really lazy at home♪


I’m so happy, I seem to be changing into something!(≧∇≦)


Ah. I’m already changing!


Into a drying girl o(`▽´)o(lol)


2010/8/5 14:49

Mornin' Forehead


Good MornING…



I really slept a lot★
Lately, I haven’t been able to sleep cause my face is itchy but,
Today I really sleptttt o(`▽´)o
happii \(^ー^)/ぃ~♪



Yesterday I went out to eat with Eri,
I ate so much my stomach was unbelievably bulgy,
I don’t even want to see food! I was that against it before but,
When I woke up, I was hungry…(・_・) EH..? Sayumi’s stomach is terrible☆
I only ate two bowls of rice(lol)



Well. with my stomach satisfied now, I’m off to take a bath and freshen up♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪


2010/8/5 11:22



Today, rehearsal ended early so,
I went to eat with Kamei Eri-chan as I promised (≧∇≦)



Eri, Seriously……………




you’re Soooooooo









I mean it in a good way\(^ー^)/



I let out a sudden groan,
“ah~Eri, this time let’s dub it like this!”
I’d say things like that…



She’d was totally clueless (┳◇┳)(lol)



♪Well, it was fun so that made it the best♪



I laughed sooo much!!!


Just being separated from her now is lonely (ρ_;)



Are we a couple or what?(lol)!



Or well, Eri, I’m really… into her!
“Sayu’s outfits are boring with all the one pieces,”
She’d tell me things like that (lol)
↑More over, she tried copying Yamaguchi dialect.←More over her Yamaguchi dialect is horrible.


More over, while we were eating,
“Eri, lately, you’ve been buying too much so this time, let’s not go shopping!”
inspite saying this,
When we were leaving the restaurant,
Let’s go look at clothes!she kept saying things like that, she felt full up for shopping…



Oh well, the whole thing was fun O(≧∇≦)o




Right now with a full stomach, patankyu *flop squish* (lol) squi~sh。


2010/8/5 00:26



It’s Kamei Eri-chan who ate Osenbei rice crackers during today’s rehearsal break (≧∇≦)



Seems she ate too much and her tongue started to hurt!


What a way to eat(>_<)(lol)



the back of Kamei-san who I can’t easily be managed by myself…



has a bad case of bed head(lol)



It’s her hair too naturally. Kamei-san couldn’t be easily managed~



I feel like Sayumi that this Eri likes a lot, can be easily managed by her though…(lol)


2010/8/4 23:59



At dinner show rehearsals…I took a picture of the 6th gen members♪♪♪♪♪



Today’s rehersal also went very favorably(≧∇≦)



I thought, the 6th gen members aren’t calming down at all↑(*^o^*)



During break time, the three of us ate candy, that kind of stuff alone makes it happy times!



After that, seeing two of us singing and, being able to sing together with the others,
that kind of stuff made me really happy O(≧∇≦)o






Rehearsals being fun are rare(lol)


2010/8/4 20:59


(DECO = forehead)


My face is so itchy, I can’t stand it, so I put my bangs up(;_;)



Sayumi, reaaally, has a funny face(┳◇┳)(lol)
I scratched so much, it got swollen,
I scratched so much, I’ve gotten scrapes p(´⌒`q)


This morning, I decided to be kind to others but, I need to be kind to myself too (>_<) Though I'm itchy, I'll scratch gently...


though now, it’s a bit late to think like that↓
Oh well, my face has gotten bad already(lol)(lol)



oh no, seriously―――
Today, all the staff together here for rehearsal…
Sorry for this unattractive Sayumi(;_;)Normally she’s a bit cuter(lol)




After that, I was sneezing so much I wounded my nose too!(lol)
Somehow even though it’s come to this, I’m smiling, you know?
I’m smiling cause,
it seems like wounds of my heart are shallow so I can be relax―――――――…♪




chychychychy itchy.chy chy. i…tch……………hold on, hold on.


2010/8/4 14:42

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