There is still another photo of our memories of France─────!


That is to say, yesterday Manager-san sent it to me.\(^ー^)/


At first this photo, was put up as a cellphone wallpaper!(b^ー°)






But、I stopped using it already…



The reason——-



In Hello Kitty’s cellphone set, I came across this cute wallpaper(*^o^*)


Hello Kitty is so cute, I like her!
Kiki and Rara too. After that, I like Marron Cream too!And、I like Sayumi-chan most of all!



Yup. It came out .


The narcissist (lol)
2010/7/8 16:17

Bday Cake

This Morning recording of、”CBC Konya mo Usachan Peace” is finished (^_^)v



It-was-there ——☆♪☆♪



I got a birthday cake (≧∇≦)


YAY! Yay yay! (≧∇≦)♪☆


I’m 激嬉歓喜 O(≧∇≦)o


↑It’s a 4 character idiom for such a really happy occasion!I just thought it up!!


It’s read, “Hageurekanki”☆


It means, feeling intensely happiness, it’s a delight. ☆



I’m happy for getting a cake.
I’m happy to get a celebration.


Thank you (o^∀^o)



It looks delicious~


Right now we have rehearsal so、I want to eat it with all the other members (≧∇≦)♪Yayyayyay↑

2010/7/8 12:55


I’m mamboing off to my first job of the day☆☆☆☆





I’m infatuated with my own nailsヽ(´▽`)/



As planned, they are cuter than if I just did them randomly っっ(*´∀`*)



I wonder if I have a sense for it♪



It might be Sayumi’s immeasurable talent, huh?!( ̄∀ ̄)(lol)

2010/7/8 10:13


Good Morning (‘-‘*)♪


Last night, I had a really hard time sleeping, it was troubling (;´Д`)


Sayumi not being able to sleep…
wasting time、
I gave my nails a manicure and repainted them~~~(≧∇≦)


Lately I’ve really been using dark pink?light red?I’ve really been into those color monochromatics but,


Dark Red!!!!!!! I decided to try it↑


At first、I planned to do it in just dark red! but,
Sayumi not being able to sleep,
just kept adding on and on(lol)


The completed nails~~
are something like this。
I put a ribbon on the middle finger, and gave them all sparkles↑
It’s been kind of a long time since they’ve been flashy ~(o^∀^o)♪♪♪♪
They’ve got a happy mood to them O(≧∇≦)o


Even though I couldn’t sleep, it feels like I made good use of my time!(b^ー°)


Naturally Sayumi!


Somewhat different from a normal hardworking woman (´∀`)


Well a really hardworking woman、
Doesn’t get jetlag, and probably goes to sleep reliably at night, ya know?……………………



Shame !!!!!!!(lol)

2010/7/8 09:35

Sense of Rhythm

I just got out of the bath\(^ー^)/



I thought about if it’d be ok to do half body bathing too but…


I stopped ☆(lol)



But, it’s cause it’s hot(lol)



When I got in the bath、I woke up──────!


*suprised blinks*!(゜∇゜) *suprised blinks*!!(」゜□゜)」



with that said~~~


I’ll do my best to go to sleep…(lol)


But、tomorrow I have to get up early in the morning too~(≧∇≦)


As it is, having woken up, my life rhythm crumbled~(┳◇┳)


Even in normal conditions I have no musical sense of rhythm,
for something like my life rhythm to be like that…


ya know?♪(lol)(^_-)




With that reasoning,


Oyyasuminmin, Oyyasayumi~n!←I wanted to add a rhythm to saying it(lol)

2010/7/8 02:30


Mornin’ hahahahaha (≧∇≦)



I was sleeping ~♪nicely (^_^)v


I was really quite tired so, sleeping felt supremely good↑↑\(^ー^)/
But once again, staying awake until morning, it seems I’m still jetlagged…



well, not really worried about the minor details,
I’m probably going to go take a bath right now !(b^ー°)☆☆☆



Off I bath~♪♪♪♪



The picture is of Eiffel Tower chocolate (^_^)v


It’s sweet!
I want to say that but、
It’s bitter!
it really is…


Sayumi likes black chocolate so it’s fine for me to eat but, for people who are weak or bitter to that kind of thing, it might be too bitter, you know? !(b^ー°)


Even if its 99% cocao chocolate, if you tough it out it’s delicious to eat↑(lol)
2010/7/8 01:19

I Ate This-!

Right now,
It’s hot so,
I ate ice cream (≧∇≦)


I wonder if you know this kind of ice cream?


It’s got soda pop in it!!


It’s Sayumi’s first time eating this ice cream but…
It’s refreshing and deeeelicious ♪(o^~^o)♪♪



Today I’ve been reeaaallly tired throughout the day, it was bad!
I still seem tired right now…
Even though I was awake eating ice cream~(lol)


Sayumi’s 3 desires for right now are…


Food Desire>Blogging Desire>>>Sleep Desire


It feels just like that!(b^ー°)♪♪♪


Now,、I’m so tired my hands are shaking (;∇;)/~~



My Star Festival wish.


I want to sleep soon!!!

2010/7/7 22:05

Bad Sayu Enters

☆Dinner Time☆
Today it’s a boxed meal from “Kyouka”.
Sayumi’s choice was pork!!(b^ー°)


Rehearsal is going all right. Even the songs that aren’t in the program it seems♪♪♪♪(≧∇≦)


We even got a break ahead of schedule,
Still being able to rest a lot~~(o^∀^o) saying that, lying down is the perfect relaxing position!


Or so I thought…
Then I had been seen by Manager-san with a “you should be doing writing” look (┳◇┳)



But, Sayumi is so full she can’t do anything so she’ll do it after↑(lol)


Even though I’m saying I can’t do anything, I’m blogging…♪


Well if its just my fingers I can do it, something-like-that —(・o・)ノ



If that’s the case isn’t writing just with your fingers too?!!



Well it’s not something that can be done while lying down so it doesn’t work, something-like-that —–(・o・)ノ


Right now I’m not accepting anything except blogging~(lol)


Aah if I say it in that way…
Right now, I’m currently quite the bad Sayu o(`▽´)o

2010/7/7 18:31

Dragging Out France

Well ☆
I still have pictures from France that I haven’t put up on the blog yet so, I’m putting them up V(^-^)V



It’s in front of France’s Arc de Triomphe!!!!


Morning Musume。gathering~\(^ー^)/


This “Morning Musume。Landing” is, actually, written in our own handwriting♪♪♪♪


It might be hard to see in these pictures…
Linlin’s very last “陸” kanji, for some reason is messy with the details, it’s funny ε=(>ε<*)



That’s just like Linlin.
An appropriate punchline(lol)



Even now I’m drawn back to what remains of France,
the fun memories and,






Sayumi’s insides are, weird.
Somehow or another!o(`▽´)o


Some time ago, during a 5 minute break from rehearsal, for a moment I felt faint.


Even though I’m out of it like this, rehearsal is going all right.
Somehow or another!o(`▽´)o
2010/7/7 17:09

A Sprain

Uwahn …


My foot, I sprained it (┳◇┳)


Super shocked v(≧□≦)v


During rehearsal while I was dancing、my right foot, wobbled and it happened。


It hurts───(≧ヘ≦)


Today it seems like I’m unlucky with a lot of things…


While tidying up the sesame sauce from lunch I accidentally spilled too,
I’m strangely sleepy, (;∇;)/~~


Today is 7/7 …
Even though there are two lucky sevens, there’s this kind of unlucky Sayumi ……


what in the world………





Altair-sama…help Sayumi…


I’d say but, is Altair-sama’s hands are full with Vega-sama …………



Some-sama、help Sayumi…
2010/7/7 15:55

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