Today (Today again?), until I have to leave, I’m using my computer.


Today, I read everyone’s comments, and after that was looking at clips of idols a lot\(^ー^)/


Kyukyukyukyu kyuuute――――(・∀・)――――!!!!


Idols, are a dream, huh?(≧∇≦)


Sayumi is too for now?…no. She’s a fullfledged idol, right?♪♪♪


Well, I’m riding this feeling―!


Idol Sayumi,
is off(^_^)v☆






2010/7/30 13:49



Good Morning(^-^*)/


Yesterday in the very end, I didn’t go to sleep till early morning―――――!


Well, the day before I slept a lot so, that’s natural, isn’t it?(lol)


So, I slept until the afternoon♪♪♪


Today is ricording for the radio!←ahーah.I hit the wrong key…





That’s it↑ We’ll go for recording\(^ー^)/


I’m absorpting lots of things.←ehehe. I made mistake on purpose…






That’s ittt. I’m absorbing lots \(^ー^)/


2010/7/30 13:32



I took a bath and got all clean☆☆



I slept into the afternoon~,
watched a movie~,
went out to eat~,
Slept even more~,
Joyfully passed time at ease(*^o^*)


Before I went into the bath, I ate this sherbet like thing, and had spent some time quite elegantly (o^∀^o)


Now, I’m watching TV♪



Probably going to watch a lot of TV like this♪♪♪



And, sleep when the timings right♪(-.-)zzZ♪♪♪♪



Everyone else too, be at ease(≧∇≦)



Well then.


See you tomorroooooooow↑↑↑↑


2010/7/30 00:18



Today when I went out to eat,


Of course,
I also ordered dessert(≧∇≦)


It’s tiramisu♪♪♪♪


What a nostalgic flavor(^_^)v


For a long time now, whenever I eat tiramisu I sneeze.


I think, it’s probably cause the dust on top makes my nose itch.


While I was sneezing, I enjoyed the deliciousness today as well(≧∇≦)



Gochisousama deshita(*^o^*)♪


2010/7/29 22:38

Unbelievable Report


Right now,
Since I got home,
for 1 hour,
I was sleepingggggg(lol)
Even though yesterday,
I had slept like I did!



More over,
when I woke up
I ate what was left of the Jagarico and fried dough cake(lol)
Even though earlier,
my stomach was as full as it was!



I couldn’t believe it myself(´∀`)


It was that kind of report(*^□^*)―――――――(≧▼≦)


2010/7/29 22:32



Continuing on, I ate…


☆Scallop cream spagetti
☆4 Cheese Pizza




So taaaasssty♪♪♪♪


The cheese pizza even had blue cheese(^_-)


Since I was little, I loved cheese(*^o^*)
But, when I was little, I couldn’t eat blue cheese(>_<)


I loved food with cheese but, I really didn’t like food with blue cheese(-.-;)


Now, I realllllly love blue cheese too(^_^)v♪


Taste is something that changes, huh?
Everyday it grows, right?



oh- I’m full V(^-^)V


My stomach’s completely full(≧∇≦)


By the way, the scallop cream spagetti had lots of seaweed in it, the seaweed smell adds good flavor(o‘∀‘o)



…well, that’s what my mother was saying(‘∀’●)


Sayumi fine with anything that tastes good so, whether or not it had seaweed smell isn’t something I thought about. Mmm. Only that it was delicious(●^ー^●)


2010/7/29 20:46

Fickle Salad☆


Today’s Dinner♪♪
First thing I ordered is
the chef’s Kimagure(fickle) Salad☆



Today’s chef had that kind of fickleness (lol)(≧∇≦)


It was delicious though,


It had so much dressing,


The last bit was spicy (>_<)



Today’s chef
To put it nicely☆the chef was full steam for service?
To put it badly☆the chef was malicious?



Either way, after this,
the “Fickle Salad”
though it really is Aimaina!(unclear) be aware of it’s existence.


2010/7/29 20:27



I just saw the movie “Kokuhaku”☆



I read the novel “Kokuhaku” and now I watched the movie too, I’m so glad I got to see it o(^-^)o



My heart was poundingo(`▽´)o


It’s little scary… or rather,
It was exciting but,
now that the movie is over,
how would you put it,
it really makes you think…


Moving on, role of the baby that came out of the Mother,
was cute(*^o^*)


Well, having just seen the movie, Sayumi is
Going to go eat with her mom~♪


See you laters, maybe~
See you laters, maybe~♪♪♪


2010/7/29 19:55

My Outfit Check


It’s a Milk one piece☆★☆★



Cute ヽ(´▽`)/
I really like Milk(*´∀`*)
It’s really cute, right?♪♪♪


The pattern on the chest of the one piece is lovely too(*^_ ’)


It’s a heart made up of candies (_´Д`)ノ~~


Candy x Hearts somehow…



There’s no way that could not turn out cute!


One of the candies from the heart loop fell out, and is away from its friends, that’s also cute(≧▼≦)



Matching these cute kind of one piece dresses, Sayumi is,
of course the most cute♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪(lol)


You may be preoccupied by the cuteness of the one piece but,
don’t forget about Sayumi’s extreme cuteness!(lol)


2010/7/29 17:38

This Sayumi issss!


Sayumi moved(lol)



I changed my clothes,
I still have no make-up on but,
I completely straightened my hair,


does it look different???(o‘∀‘o)(‘∀’●)



mmmhmmmm. That’s how it is usually (●^ー^●)←Everyone says.



I heard everyone’s voices, so much so they’re cutting through my body(^m^)(lol)



For your sound opinion, thank you♪



That’s usually how it is, I change my clothes, and just set my hair but,
I just realized its 5 in the evening!!(lol)


I’m really doing things now, huh?☆ヽ(▽⌒*)


2010/7/29 17:12

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