Sayumi’s recently been listening to this album a lot♪♪♪♪


It’s Ogawa Mana-chan’s first album, “Teenage Blues” which just went on sale yesterday☆


While I was on location for Downtown DX today and while we were in transport, I was listening to OgaMana-chan a lot♪~θ(^0^ )


OgaMana-chan’s voice, I just love it\(^ー^)/
Listening to it puts me in a really good mood ヽ(´▽`)/


For Sayumi personally, she likes OgaMana-chan’s Ballads the most♪♪



The second picture,
is immitating OgaMana-chan’s face on the jacket picture(lol)


Does it look like it?(lol)


OgaMana-chan’s expression is cute~~(´∀`)



OgaMana-chan, I want to meet you!↑


We are in the same company so, I happen to see OgaMana’s posters at work(lol)


But I want to see RealMana~( ̄∀ ̄)


2010/7/22 22:39



Well I’d arrive home,
while I’m resting,
I’m under attack by cruel sleepiness(┳◇┳)




Today, though out the day I’ve been hit with it so, right now my body feels somewhat heavy—–!!


It’s summer, huh?(≧∇≦)


It’s already summer vacation☆
All you students, you’re going to have funnnnnnnnn huhhhhh?。


I wanna go to the beach!
I wanna play with fireworks!
I wanna eat watermelon!
I wanna go camping!
I wanna sleee——–eeep!



While I grasp all the things I wanna do in the summer in my dreams, maybe I can get some sleep…



Please enjoy Summer vacaton to the fullest-↑↑↑↑


2010/7/22 22:12

With Mikitty↑


We’re done at this location♪



The location for “Downtown DX”(≧∇≦)


I was with Fujimoto Miki-san↑


She has the same small face as ever, sooo cute(*^o^*)
good nya=^・ω・^=


small face…………(.. )



For Sayumi, that’s impossible in this life―――――――――quickly(゜_゜)(。_。)



Gotta do my best and massage it↑



From the I met with Fujimoto-san this morning,
Her first remark,
She said, “Today, your face looks off”!
Sh, sharp eye…


The swelling at work, she noticed it right away(゜∇゜)


Fujimoto-san always has the best eye for noticing changes in appearance…


Even when we were in Morning Musume。 together,
“You got fat, huh” or “You got skinner, huh?” or “You cut your bangs”, basically whether its good or bad she’d tell you♪



So today,
when she said, “you’re face looks off,”
it felt nostalgic☆
Miki-sama, thank you m(_ _)m


L.O.V.E. Lovely Mikitty———♪♪♪♪♪♪♪


2010/7/22 20:57


(Title: Swelling + Sneezing)


We are now finished with our first location~.


Today’s hot, huh?(ι´О`ゞ)


But for Sayumi, whose consitution changed with her sensativity to the cold and her sweating (When I finally started sweating),
it’s all go~~od☆


Rather, I like the warmth(*^o^*)


While we’re in transport, I have a blanket on♪♪♪


Even now I’m, sneezing…


And In addition to sneezing today…









I’m swelling so much it’s the worst…


My right eye, my right eye isss






On location I was worried abut it but, everyone around me was very kind,
Sayumi did her best in her own way o(^-^)o


aah, I sneezed again.





It’s hot but, try to have a fun day please \(^ー^)/


2010/7/22 17:11

Mornin' (Second Time)


I’m putting on make up, until a little while ago I was in the waiting room sleeping!!!!



Right now we’re on location♪


I suddenly got nervousε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛(lol)



I’ll do my best ”(ノ><)ノ


When I finish I’ll come here right away!


Off I go(≧∇≦)


2010/7/22 16:01



Good Morning♪



Or maybe not, since it’s already afternoon(゜∇゜)(゜∇゜)



ahhーtoday is a sneezy runny nose day!!(>Σ<)


My throat hurtssss↓


But, the weather is nice so I’m still happy O(≧∇≦)o


This kind of day~~~


It’s an on location kinda day\(^ー^)/


Off I go♪


2010/7/22 12:08



aaahーNot good!
I closed my eyes(>_<)



I probably ended up sleeping for 3 seconds




So that I can have fun times tomorrow too(^∀^)ノ








flop m(_ _)m






2010/7/22 02:28

From Reina—- ♪


I finished preparing for tomorrow~\(^ー^)/


After this, just have to take a bath(^_-)



and before that——-♪


Today as the photoshoots were getting later and later into the evening, Sayumi’s belly was grumbling, and she ate some rice crackers.


Then, something happy happened, Tanaka Reina-chan who was next to me, gave me some of her Haribo cola gummiesO(≧∇≦)o


I’m so happy o(^-^)o
I like Haribo candy(≧∇≦)



I ate them right there(o‘∀‘o)Mmhmm♪no tricks, they are absolutely delicious(‘∀’●)


Reina, Thanks(●^ー^●)



Well then.



I’m off to take a bath~♪


2010/7/22 01:03

Good Work


We finiiiiissshhhed(≧∇≦)



Sayumi’s the last member to finish, after that all the staff was clapping \(^ー^)/



Staff-san, you all worked so hard without taking a meal break…
Really really good work everyone m(_ _)m☆☆☆



Sayumi too, right now she’s almost sleeping but, she thinks she should prepare for tomorrow and take a bath!!!!!


2010/7/22 00:40



When I’m tired the thing I rely on is↑↑↑↑







That’s it(≧∇≦)



When my body is tired the boost from a soda is the best!!!!I get pretty re-energized( ̄∀ ̄)



This is Coca-Cola ZERO☆☆


Sayumi’s strength is nearing ZERO too(lol)



I have to muster up what power I have left,
and do my best till the end(*^o^*)


2010/7/21 22:49

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