While preparing various things this morning, at my wash basin,
I did a final check on the parts fo today’s concert!!!(≧∇≦)





Continuing to do this from last night, I can finally relax←I feel like I can(>_<)



I’ll do my best——♪



Well, right now, I’m outside and,
It’s Ho――――――t!


Keep hydrated, keep your body in solid condition, k?(^_-)
Summer is a test of strengthhhhh↑


2010/7/31 12:14



Good Morning(^-^*)/


I woke up before my alarm clock went off↑↑


…well, Sayumi doesn’t have anything like an alarm clock ”(ノ><)ノ


That’s wrong!
My cellphone alarm!!
I woke up before the alarm rang♪♪♪



So, this morning I have some extra time~



I ate breakfast with a kind of elegance (≧∇≦)
What do you think I ate?












Gyoza in the morning☆
It’s exciting huh? Sayumi is too↑↑
I’ll do my best with the concert with the power of garlic♪


And after this…when Morning Musume。 is in a circle before the concert,
I won’t breath~(lol)


2010/7/31 10:41

Live For the Moment


Eve’body Eve’body, Eve’boooooddddy♪♪♪♪












Sayumi-chan, is really weird in the middle of the nighttt!
This kind of thing happens now and again (≧∇≦)


The next day, the pattern is usually that she’d be embarassed after reading it(//△//)


Even knowing that, I can’t stooopnyaaaaAI♪♪♪♪


I’m not considering the consequences!
Cause right now, that’s how I feel☆


Live for the moment!


Live fore the moment!Michishige Sayumi!



So cool~~~


I’ve fallen in love, with myself(≧∇≦)


Though I was already in love with myself(゜∇゜)


Sayumin is the best\(^ー^)/


Michishige Banzai\(^ー^)/





2010/7/31 01:54









Watch it♪♪♪♪




By the way, while I did my best focusing on checking on things for tomorrows concert,
It didn’t get rather unclear (Aimai) (≧∇≦)


Sayumi didn’t get Aimai but, everyone can see “Aimaina!”♪



Tomorrow, I have to do it well \(^ー^)/


Sayumin looking forward to the concert is cute!




Thank you♪^ー^)人(^ー^


2010/7/31 01:09






Meowhy, in such a purr-mood♪(lol)



Checking on things for tomorrow’s concert, midway through and my brain’s gotten stuffed so, I went to take a bath(≧∇≦)


Going into a piping hot bath,
My pulse quickened――――――――――――(゜∀゜;ノ)ノ


Well, in order to calm down, it’s blog time(^_-)



Calming down, my brain is refreshed, and then its checking time again☆ヽ(▽⌒*)



Sayumi, really, I’m pretty confident that she takes more time than other members to check on things!!!!!(〇>_<) You don't need that kind of self-confidence(´ω`)


I probably will run out of focus soon (οдО;)


Achaー w(°O°)w


But, I’ve seriously will do my best with all the focus I got↑↑ just you watch b(・∇・●)


eh, you can’t watch, huh?(lol)


Well, over where you are I leave it to everyone’s imagination!


Please meowmeow care of the imaginary Sayumi that is focusing in your heads♪


2010/7/31 00:44

*Shock* v(≧□≦)v


I came home and did what I alwasy do, go to the the place where Sayumi can see herself to take the cutest pictures☆Wash basin peace(^_^)v


Today I’m also unbeatably cute♪♪♪♪♪





a wha?oh night?



Sayumi’s outfit tonight…


on the chest part, it’s stained……………………(>_<)


*shock* Σ(|||▽|||)


I decided to do this cute peace! and was so cheerful, what an idiot I am.


My clothes, stained!(lol)
How embarassing!(->_<-)


It was probably before I got home, when I ate part of the peach we got from Youngtown★(It was really good(o^~^o)↑↑↑↑↑)


At the time, I think some of the fruit’s juices must have splattered on me(゜∇゜)


Too bad Sayumin↓Don’t mind☆!


Well…I’ll regain some energy, and then I’m checking on things for the concert tomorrow♪


2010/7/30 23:24

Huge Bread


Today after we finished the radio show and before going to the play,
we went to a bakery \(^ー^)/


Bakeries are fun ◎^∇^◎ I love them~


I ended up buying more than I should (・_・;)


The play was about 2 and a half hours I heard, and it’d be horrible if I got hungry in the middle! Having considered that, I bought thig big sesame seed bread \(^ー^)/


Huge, Huge, Humongousssss ☆ヽ(▽⌒*)


Of course, I couldn’t eat it all at once (〇>_<)



Well…I also bought other kinds of bread too(・ω・)(lol)



Beside the sesame seed bread, I bought a basil bread and a french bread.
I divided it before and after the play and ate it up!quite a bit of eatingー(οдО;)



So bad w(°O°)w


But it was delllicious b(・∇・●)



Now, my stomach all round (lol)


Tonight’s a fullmoon!


2010/7/30 22:54




Just now,
We went to see the play,
“NatsuUtaNikki” (Diary of Summer poetry)
featuring Morning Musume。 OG Senior, Ishikawa Rika-san(*^o^*)


I went together with Morning Musume。’s Takahashi Ai-chan and Mitsui Aika-chan\(^ー^)/


The play,
takes place in Hiroshima and it’s a war story.


For Sayumi, in elementary school she went on a field trip to the Hiroshima Atomic bomb dome so she remembered that time.


A lot of the time it was heartwrenching.


Even though for Sayumi, she gets to live everyday in peace,
It’s just so natural that peaceful days are the norm.


But even then I have to appreciate what brought that about, I thought to myself.


Living in a time when we aren’t in major discomfort like it occurs naturally…
I need to be thankful for everything around me…that’s how I thought of it.




When the play was over, we went to Ishikaa-san’s dressing room to greet her (^_^)v


I’d glad to have been able to take a picture together too (*^o^*)


“Do you best for your Hello!Concerts, k?”
she told all of us.



Sayumi responded
“Yessss ma’am!”
with a lot of spirit V(^-^)V



Hello!Concert, huh?…



It’s tomorrow!!In Shi・bu・ya!



This time, each time, the songs we sing are different…


Oo-when I get home I need to immediately check everythingggg aahhh!!


Thanks for the NICE ADVICE♪(lol)



Ishikaa-san too, until the final show, take care of your health,


Do your besttttt!


I’m expecting it from you!


Why am I acting superior again?(lol)




2010/7/30 22:12





At the Youngtown studio we got fruit!♪


I’m so happy O(≧∇≦)o♪


Fruit is something to be happy about, right?♪




those, 3 kinds of fruit♪♪♪


I haven’t been able to eat mangoes before, but lately I love it(≧∇≦)


What made me like it, well it’s cause I ate a good mango.(lol)


Coming across a good mango,
My whole view on mangoes have changed(*^o^*)


This kind of delicious stuff is WONDERFUL (o^~^o)


I was fool to have rejected them!I can’t believe it!←I’m kinda exaggerating



Takahashi Ai-chan even now, can’t really stand mangoes…


All of Ai-chan’s life, she probably hasn’t come across a really good mango yet(lol)



Uーuu too bad↓


Uーuu Mango↑


2010/7/30 18:45



We finished the radio show―(≧∇≦)
Youngtown Saturday!


The members were Takahashi Ai-chan and,
Mikitty―――――――!show regular, Fujimoto Miki-sama.


Today was the most fun show we’ve done too \(^ー^)/


Fujimoto-san said
“You cut your hair, huh?”
to me.









You’re late!!!!


I cut my hair a month ago!(lol)


Even though we’ve met countless times since I cut it(-.-;)


Fujimoto-san, somehow…
Fujimoto-san somehow?!!


I reallly!……………








like you♪♪♪♪♪♪♪





2010/7/30 18:01

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