Good Work


We finiiiiissshhhed(≧∇≦)



Sayumi’s the last member to finish, after that all the staff was clapping \(^ー^)/



Staff-san, you all worked so hard without taking a meal break…
Really really good work everyone m(_ _)m☆☆☆



Sayumi too, right now she’s almost sleeping but, she thinks she should prepare for tomorrow and take a bath!!!!!


2010/7/22 00:40



When I’m tired the thing I rely on is↑↑↑↑







That’s it(≧∇≦)



When my body is tired the boost from a soda is the best!!!!I get pretty re-energized( ̄∀ ̄)



This is Coca-Cola ZERO☆☆


Sayumi’s strength is nearing ZERO too(lol)



I have to muster up what power I have left,
and do my best till the end(*^o^*)


2010/7/21 22:49

Pushing It


Photoshoots are…




we are really…




pushing it p(´⌒`q)



“pushing it” is…
what it’s called when we have to extend time.



When I entered Morning Musume。, a Manager-san, I can’t remember which, taught it to me\(^ー^)/



I’m already…
at my limit…
I’m tired―――――!



And so, I’ll have to rely on that from here on in I think(≧∇≦)



What is it?What is it?


2010/7/21 21:55



I just ate dinnerrrrr\(^ー^)/



It’s mackerel↑↑↑↑


I really like mackerel!


When I had lunch in school and it was mackerel, I’d secretly be happyO(≧∇≦)o



Today, we’re still shooting, it seem pretty pretty long—–doesn’t it?☆


Right now, I’m changing outfit and fixing my make-up——-!
I’m dozing, I’m heads going this way and that way(;_;)
Endure, Sayumi…


After this, I’ll be doing my best too(‘o‘)ノ




2010/7/21 19:36

Takaradzuka Present


It’s a baumkuchen present from Takahashi Ai-chan~♪♪♪♪


Yesterday it seem she went to go watch the Takaradzuka(≧∇≦)


It’s cause Ai-chan really likes the theater, huh?~ッV(^-^)V


But, I think she’s an “Go especially to Takaradzuka, that’s really↑ it” type↑↑


Thanks to that, we have this delicious baumkuchen to eat, I’m happy o(^-^)o!(lol)



Ai-chan, thank youuuu♪♪


Ai-chan eating baumkuchen, is rather sexy(*^o^*)


2010/7/21 18:12

Ice Cream!!!!!


Today we are doing photoshoots for Morning Musume。 Autumn Tour goods but,


We are just about done with the image photography―――――――――!


It was hot(;´д`)


I still can’t tell the details but It was fun o(^-^)o


But, cause its hot I’m completely exhausted (ノ△T)


Now we’re moving to do photoshoots for stills↑


Manager-san bought us ice cream~~\(^ー^)/



I feeling like I’m being revived☆ヽ(▽⌒*)


slowly bit by bit


2010/7/21 16:25

Hairdo Crush


Make U—–up(≧ε≦)♪



photoshoots are now☆


Photoshoots are starting\(^ー^)/


Off to photoshoots↑


Off I go!


Though I haven’t changed into the outfit for today yet(;_;)


It’s time time…


I’ll post it up on the blog someday too, kay?



I mean, today, my hairdo is cute(*^o^*)


I’m crushing on my own hairヽ(´▽`)/


It’s safeguarded by pro. make-up artists―――――――(*´∀`*)


Pro. make-up artist’s hairdo and,
Pro Sayumi cuteness collaboration ^ー^)人(^ー^



This here is the strongest (lol)



Well then photoshoots!!!!!!!


Off I go(o^∀^o)



Pyon Pyo-n =^・ω・^=


2010/7/21 11:14

My Outfit Check


It’s a T-shirt I bought at some point in Hawaii(≧∇≦)
It’s a Juicy brand♪


The whole look seems unmotivated right?




Yup, exactly!
An unmotivated feel(lol)


Today’s filming all day so,
My outfit has that random “nooo wayyy” kinda easy-going feel to it \(^ー^)/



Well, it’s an unmotivated day but,
Being perfectly cute is Sayumi’s forte♪(lol)


2010/7/21 09:53



Good Morning..(‘-‘*)


ONLY I’m still sleepy(ρд-)zZZ


But the reality is that I have to get up now↑


I have to face it ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


Today, from morning till night it’s shoots for Morning Musume。’s Autumn Tour Goods and DVDs (≧∇≦)


Off I go♪


While I put on my make-up, I’ll cheer up too↑(*^o^*)


2010/7/21 09:23



I’m glad I got meet up with and hang out with big sis today after a long time o(^-^)o
I’ve gotten a lot of effort powr for tomorrow too \(^ー^)/




I’m already at my limit, so sleepy sleepy sleepy sleepy.
Before I knew it I slept for 10 minutes…


like that, I could go to sleep at any moment so, I’m going to sleep already!


I guess I’ll go to sleep while watching the Idol DVDs I borrowed from sis-chan(*^o^*)


Idols in my dreams, that’ll wake me up(lol)


It’s because the influence of idols is AMAZING, huh?(^_-)


But of course for Sayumin right now, sleep will win in the end…


So then!
Oyasayumin (ρд-)zZZ♪♪♪


2010/7/21 01:43

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