For this reason!!!

Today Tokyo!!is HOT ☆(ι´О`ゞ)


It’s because it’s so hot☆
I’ve got a long sleeve jacket ☆



But, it’s because when its hot outside, there’s a trend for people to put their air-conditioning to good use in their rooms !!!!!!!!!


So、the body follows the difference in temperature… and I feel like that’s related to things like summer heat exhaustion (;´д`)



With that, long sleeves♪♪♪♪


Off I go \(^ー^)/


2010/7/7 09:58

From the Morning!!!!

Good Morning (^-^*)/

Today, from morning till night, is Hello!Concert Rehearsalllll o(`▽´)o

Lots of songs,
Lots of people,
My eyes are spinning ~~~(◎o◎)
*Deep breath*~~~(・_・) e~~~eh..?
I wonder if it’ll be ok (;∇;)/~~

All right!
Today has that fighting spirit throughout it–!
I’ll do my best!!

You do your best too ☆(lol)

To those who are above me, sorry that was rude m(_ _)m
Let’s do our best together, ok?♪♪♪♪♪♪♪

2010/7/7 09:51

I Want to Eat Grape Jelly!

Oh crud!
I unintentionally ended up falling asleep (ρд-)zZZ

It’s no good you know.
I’m really not getting over the jetlag!!(>_<)

Now, I just ate a fighting spirited mandarin orange jellyヽ(´▽`)/

What fighting spirit?

Well, whatever!

Jellies are delicious (*´∀`*)

Right now I’m gonna take a bath!

Has everyone already taken one???
It was a good job for everyone today as well ッ(-人-)

After Sayumi takes a bath, she’ll probably sleep!!

aahh. I want to eat a grape jelly too.

Today is 7/7, it’s the Star Festival, you know.
I wonder if I should write, “I want to eat grape jelly!” on my Star Festival strip of paper (≧∇≦)

Nah, end of that.

But if I were to arbitrarily get to eat one?(;¬_¬)
I imagine everyone’s unamused expression there!(lol)

But… if that’s the case… what should I wish for ?

What about everyone else?

If you wre writing on a strip of paper、what would you wish for?

Everyone’s wishes, wouldn’t it be great if they came true?♪

Oyasayumin ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪

2010/7/7 02:15

No Choice But to Post Momoko?♪(lol)

Today, there are still have more people I met♪

There’s one person left that I took a picture of!

It’s Berryz Koubou’s Tsugunaga Momoko-chan (-.-;)

Yup… when it comes to this girl…

it’s bad!

I mean that in a good way (^_-)♪♪♪♪

fundamentally, or as a character,

I really don’t get what it is but, Momoko-chan’s does it (lol)

“Ah-It’s Michishige-san~~,”

when she says it, I’m happy but、

please stop raising your pinky finger up (_´Д`)ノ~~

Her pinky finger is always standing up!(;^_^)

So I’d dare to guess she wants to be picked on for it♪(lol)

So、When it came time to take the picture、Sayumi tried to hide Momoko’s face with Sayumi’s peace signs (lol)

And when I did, Momoko-chan was in an uproar,

“Ahh-Momo’s cute face is ahhh!”

Yeah yeah. I took another one, kay? (゜U。)

When I didn’t it properly she was annoying so I also took a proper 2-shot (^_^)v

“Thank youu♪”

Momoko said while she was leaving with her butt in a huff (lol)

2010/7/7 00:40

Gentle feeling

Following Morning Musume。’s Hello!Rehearsal was C-ute’s Hello!Rehearsal \(^ー^)/

At that time, I took a picture with C-ute’s Suzuki Airi-chan (*^o^*)

Airi-chan’s cute♪(*^o^*)

You know, Airi-chan…
Each and every one of her actions are really feminine and cute!
More so、Airi-chan’s drawings are really good!!!!
Some time before, at home while looking at clips of C-ute, Airi-chan’s drawing appeared, It was as good as

a pro’s, I was surprised (◎o◎)

I felt like it’s got a gentle feel to it ~you know~ !

Today、Sayumi met with so many Hello!Pro members but…

The only one who noticed Sayumi’s haircut was Airi-chan \(^ー^)/(lol)
“You cut your hair, right?”
was all she said,
though I’m worried I didn’t get any compliments like it’s cute or it matches you…(lol)
No way no way.

I’m not calling for that kind of extravagence !

I’m happy that someone just noticed Sayumi’s change o(^-^)o

Airi-chan, Thanks!!!

2010/7/6 23:38

Sleeping In Alliance

Takahashi Ai-chan!
Why are you hiding your face?

Everyone wants to see your cute face????
I got it!
It’s cause of that, right? o(^-^)o

It’s because today, you slept in and came in late…(lol)
It’s embarassing, huh? (//△//)
But it’s ok ☆
Messy haired Ai-chan who came rushing to rehearsal late, if you’re like that, it’s something to see(≧∇≦)


Or I should say, everyone, jetlag is horrible (>_<)

Sayumi has also at the last moment came in late, barely making it, having slept in and stuff…

with that said,
Ai-chan and Sayumi…
Are in aaaa sleep in alliance (^_^)v

But already the sleep in alliance should break up today o(`▽´)o

Tomorrrow we’ll wake up right!

2010/7/6 23:09

〓Risako-rin 〓

Just before going to get a massage!

Sayumi met up with Berryz Koubou’s Sugaya Risako-rin〓 who she really likes (≧∇≦)
Actually, Risako-chan could be reading this now but (≧∇≦)

I really like Risako-chan(lol)

Probably if I didn’t add the (lol), It’d be a more ambigious like 〓〓(lol)

Cause she’s cute↑

Her face of course.

The writing in the mails I get from Risako-chan are soo cute, they make me giddy(lol)

Really, I want to keep it to myself but, I’ll give you just a little bit of it〓

“I like Michishige Sayumi, from 〓Risako〓”

like that.

Isn’t it cute?
Or rather, getting mail like this, makes me happy, it’s cool you know (*^o^*)

That actually came to Sayumi yo~n (^o^)/

That’s why, it makes me happy and it was cool (lol)

But Risako-chan…

You put cute 〓ribbon marks before and after your own name but,
You didn’t give Sayumi anything before or after her name!(lol)

2010/7/6 22:52・コメント(313)

Continuing Health Needs

The massage was terrific!!!!
It felt greeeat(*^o^*)

The one giving the massage told me, “your back and stomach are bad, huh?”

That’s exactly where Sayumi hurts! I was thinking it was those two places!!

Sayumi totally understands herself ~~↑o(`▽´)o Haha~~~↑
Having gotten the massage, I really do feel better…
Thank you.
Well, just like that, Sayumi’s body pains are mostly gone.

The next thing my body and health needs is………
Potato salad!!!
I want to eat it!
That being said, I went to the convenience store and bought potato salad ~(^_^)v

Now I’m going to eat it ~

You have to give the body what it needs first, right? ( ̄∀ ̄)
Ittadakimaasu \(^ー^)/

2010/7/6 22:14


We finished work ahead of time but…Sayumi is still at work filling out surveys, waiting ♪♪♪♪♪♪
What am I waiting for you ask?
I’m waiting for a massage!!!!
Today, my back has been hurting since morning …(;_;)
Wonder if it’s because of the 12 hour return trip from france on a plane (・_・;)

More so, in the middle of rehearsal my stomach started hurting too↓↓

There’s a way to fix a sore stomach! Strangely it’s in the back area!!

So, I’m going to get a massage in the areas where it’s important V(^-^)V

Little by little the people before me will be finished so, I think I’ll be able to get in (^_^)v

off I goooo (^_^)v
For now 、until I get called in for the massage, I’ll finish up these surveys.
You’re somehow making use of your the waiting time huh? Sayumi♪

Feels good, feels good♪

Like a hard working woman o(`▽´)o
Hurry hurry hurry (=゜-゜)(=。_。)

2010/7/6 20:33

We Did It!

Pained with jetlag, Sayumi and company are,

Quickly finish the event researsal alliance! (Though Sayumi just arbitrarily formed it(lol))

6th Gen’s 3 members,

Kamei Eri-chan
Tanaka Reina-chan
Michishige Sayumi-chan

Our unity is firmly…!


Earlier than scheduled, we finished about 1 and a half hours earrrllllyyy↑↑↑↑
Victory for the finish early alliance!! ♪(^_^)v
It’s cause we all completely focused that we did it (≧∇≦)
It’s because Morning Musume。can do it when we need to, ya know (≧∇≦)↑

Look forward to the event ☆

2010/7/6 19:29

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