Gentle feeling

Following Morning Musume。’s Hello!Rehearsal was C-ute’s Hello!Rehearsal \(^ー^)/

At that time, I took a picture with C-ute’s Suzuki Airi-chan (*^o^*)

Airi-chan’s cute♪(*^o^*)

You know, Airi-chan…
Each and every one of her actions are really feminine and cute!
More so、Airi-chan’s drawings are really good!!!!
Some time before, at home while looking at clips of C-ute, Airi-chan’s drawing appeared, It was as good as

a pro’s, I was surprised (◎o◎)

I felt like it’s got a gentle feel to it ~you know~ !

Today、Sayumi met with so many Hello!Pro members but…

The only one who noticed Sayumi’s haircut was Airi-chan \(^ー^)/(lol)
“You cut your hair, right?”
was all she said,
though I’m worried I didn’t get any compliments like it’s cute or it matches you…(lol)
No way no way.

I’m not calling for that kind of extravagence !

I’m happy that someone just noticed Sayumi’s change o(^-^)o

Airi-chan, Thanks!!!

2010/7/6 23:38

Sleeping In Alliance

Takahashi Ai-chan!
Why are you hiding your face?

Everyone wants to see your cute face????
I got it!
It’s cause of that, right? o(^-^)o

It’s because today, you slept in and came in late…(lol)
It’s embarassing, huh? (//△//)
But it’s ok ☆
Messy haired Ai-chan who came rushing to rehearsal late, if you’re like that, it’s something to see(≧∇≦)


Or I should say, everyone, jetlag is horrible (>_<)

Sayumi has also at the last moment came in late, barely making it, having slept in and stuff…

with that said,
Ai-chan and Sayumi…
Are in aaaa sleep in alliance (^_^)v

But already the sleep in alliance should break up today o(`▽´)o

Tomorrrow we’ll wake up right!

2010/7/6 23:09

〓Risako-rin 〓

Just before going to get a massage!

Sayumi met up with Berryz Koubou’s Sugaya Risako-rin〓 who she really likes (≧∇≦)
Actually, Risako-chan could be reading this now but (≧∇≦)

I really like Risako-chan(lol)

Probably if I didn’t add the (lol), It’d be a more ambigious like 〓〓(lol)

Cause she’s cute↑

Her face of course.

The writing in the mails I get from Risako-chan are soo cute, they make me giddy(lol)

Really, I want to keep it to myself but, I’ll give you just a little bit of it〓

“I like Michishige Sayumi, from 〓Risako〓”

like that.

Isn’t it cute?
Or rather, getting mail like this, makes me happy, it’s cool you know (*^o^*)

That actually came to Sayumi yo~n (^o^)/

That’s why, it makes me happy and it was cool (lol)

But Risako-chan…

You put cute 〓ribbon marks before and after your own name but,
You didn’t give Sayumi anything before or after her name!(lol)

2010/7/6 22:52・コメント(313)

Continuing Health Needs

The massage was terrific!!!!
It felt greeeat(*^o^*)

The one giving the massage told me, “your back and stomach are bad, huh?”

That’s exactly where Sayumi hurts! I was thinking it was those two places!!

Sayumi totally understands herself ~~↑o(`▽´)o Haha~~~↑
Having gotten the massage, I really do feel better…
Thank you.
Well, just like that, Sayumi’s body pains are mostly gone.

The next thing my body and health needs is………
Potato salad!!!
I want to eat it!
That being said, I went to the convenience store and bought potato salad ~(^_^)v

Now I’m going to eat it ~

You have to give the body what it needs first, right? ( ̄∀ ̄)
Ittadakimaasu \(^ー^)/

2010/7/6 22:14


We finished work ahead of time but…Sayumi is still at work filling out surveys, waiting ♪♪♪♪♪♪
What am I waiting for you ask?
I’m waiting for a massage!!!!
Today, my back has been hurting since morning …(;_;)
Wonder if it’s because of the 12 hour return trip from france on a plane (・_・;)

More so, in the middle of rehearsal my stomach started hurting too↓↓

There’s a way to fix a sore stomach! Strangely it’s in the back area!!

So, I’m going to get a massage in the areas where it’s important V(^-^)V

Little by little the people before me will be finished so, I think I’ll be able to get in (^_^)v

off I goooo (^_^)v
For now 、until I get called in for the massage, I’ll finish up these surveys.
You’re somehow making use of your the waiting time huh? Sayumi♪

Feels good, feels good♪

Like a hard working woman o(`▽´)o
Hurry hurry hurry (=゜-゜)(=。_。)

2010/7/6 20:33

We Did It!

Pained with jetlag, Sayumi and company are,

Quickly finish the event researsal alliance! (Though Sayumi just arbitrarily formed it(lol))

6th Gen’s 3 members,

Kamei Eri-chan
Tanaka Reina-chan
Michishige Sayumi-chan

Our unity is firmly…!


Earlier than scheduled, we finished about 1 and a half hours earrrllllyyy↑↑↑↑
Victory for the finish early alliance!! ♪(^_^)v
It’s cause we all completely focused that we did it (≧∇≦)
It’s because Morning Musume。can do it when we need to, ya know (≧∇≦)↑

Look forward to the event ☆

2010/7/6 19:29


Sorry ☆ This is a picture from this morning!!
Right now, we’re on the move~~
Vroom ”(ノ><)ノ

After we get there,
We’ll be rehearsing for the single event that’s this weekend (≧∇≦)♪♪♪♪♪
Right now, inside the car,
Kamei Eri, Tanaka Reina, and Michishige Sayumi, the 3 6th Gen members,

“I wonder if we’ll finish earlier than scheduled~”
we were talking…
So! EriReinaSayu, the three of us formed,
the finish earlier than scheduled,
event rehearsal alliance↑↑

…Sayumi decided that just now on her own (lol)

It’s cause we’re all tired from jetlag…

Focusing, we’ll do our best o(`▽´)o

2010/7/6 18:33

Jetlag's fault

Rehearsal’s tired me out(lol)
When it’s Sayumi… tiring out really comes easy 〓〓
After just 3 songs I’m down。。。
This is bad↓

This summer☆ I just can’t get over it (>_<)

I need to get more physical strength!

From today I’m doing sit-ups!
Well. The box meals from break were like this(o^∀^o)

Japanese rice is especially delicious, it goes straight into you. It just spreads through you. Totally…(*^o^*)

I feel like I want to drink shijimi clam miso soup and stuff too.

I don’t really know why.

Why are you so tired?…Sayumi…

It’s probably, the jetlag!
Not being able to make consistent sentences on the blog is also cause of the jetlag!
One thing I’d like taken care of.
Jetlag, quickly get fixed~~

But when the jetlag gets fixed,
I won’t have an excuse for the inconsistent sentences, huh ( ̄∀ ̄)

2010/7/6 17:53

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