Unclear, Isn't It?~


I’m on “Aimaina!”‘s set together with Satoda Mai-san(≧∇≦)


On the last moments on set the staff wished me a happy birthday~(≧∇≦)


ahh~I’m so Happy!


I had been given me flowers and cake \(^ー^)/


The cake was realllly good,
and the flowers were reallly pretty,


I was overjoyed~


Everyone from “Aimaina!”!Thank you.


On set at the end,
at that really delicate time when the cake was about to come out, it really was unclear (Aimai)(lol)(^o^)/


2010/7/13 16:48










On Set!

Just now,
I was on set for “Aimaina!”~♪♪♪♪♪



The other Aimaina! regulars had been on this set while Sayumi had gone to France so,
today was filming for me and Satoda Mai-san☆



Seeing how the other Aimainai people looked while they were on this set from Yaguchi-san’s and the other’s blogs, it looked so fun, and their outfits were adorable too, I was so jealous(*^o^*)


So, being able to be there today, I was sooo happyyyy~y~(≧∇≦)♪♪♪♪


Isn’t the outfit cute☆


It’s like Alice in Wonderland♪(^_-)


I took pictures of Satoda-san too so I’ll be posting those later (≧∇≦)


2010/7/13 15:00

My Outfit Check


A one piece☆


This actually is a birthday present from C-ute’s Nakajima Saki-chan (seen in the second picture♪)(≧∇≦)



It’s a present from Saki-chan for an occasion like this so I was really happyo(^-^)o


“Though we’re together just for the stage show, it’s because you helped me out with a lot…”


That’s what she said,
Saki-chan is so pure, so cute, I was impressed!!!!! she’s such a good girl~~~(;_;)


With this present I got from Saki-chan, right away I’m wearing it on my actual birthday(^_^)v



Saki-chan, you got a good grasp on what Sayumi likes, amazing!
That girls pretty good, huh?( ̄∀ ̄)



What I mean is, my birthday’s been really fortunate, huh?


I feel way more loved than I thought I would…


2010/7/13 11:46

I'll Do My Best


Good morning…




I’m nervous!!!!!(;_;)



What’s up with this feeling?~。。。



Off I go (≧∇≦)


2010/7/13 11:27

Feelings of Gratitude

Father. Thank you for raising Sayumi.


Mother. Thank you for giving birth and raising Sayumi. I’m sorry for my selfishness(>_<)


Big brother. Sorry for calling you gross all the time. But I really do love you… most of the time(lol)


Big sister. Thank you. I really love you! Sayumi’s birthday… it’s today? Do you remember?…no way?(lol)


Grandpa. I love you! I really love you! I’m sorry we can’t meet much. Keep cheerful till next we meet, definitely we will.


Grandma. I want to eat Grandma’s potato salad and black beans and steak(o^∀^o)


We haven’t met but, my ancestors. Thank you for connecting all the way up to Sayumi.


Everyone who’s connected to Sayumi. Thank you, there are a lot of you who are connected to Sayumi right now, and I’m connected to each and every one of you as well.


And everyone who read my blog and comment my blog. Thank you. It wouldn’t be possible with Sayumi alone. It’s because of you that this blog got started. Thank you so much♪


Right now, I’m on my bed looking at comments~(*^o^*)
Thank you so very very much!



Michishige Sayumi will try her best as a 21 year old too(≧∇≦)


And…Looking at the time, Sayumi will,
go take a bath, then go to sleep.




2010/7/13 01:27

First Blog Being 21



7/13 is, Michishige Sayumi’s, 21st Birthday(≧∇≦)






I got more comments than I expected…(;_;)
running through it like that isn’t normal right?(lol)
Oh wow… Sayumi’s moved.



I’m so happy~y~



So many people like this, knew Sayumi’s birthday (It’s the result of my stringing it into my blogs, huh?(lol)Yes♪ Just as calculated(lol))、
Getting well wishes for being born,
I’m overjoyed (∋_∈)


Like the comments too, my family, the other members, company employees, friends, I’ve gotten a lot of happy birthday mails form them too.


I replied to countless messages but I haven’t gotten through them all, I want to reply to everyone slowly and carefully as I take in all the love I’ve gotten.


Comments too; right now I’m taking it all in as I’m reading them.(*^o^*)


Everyone, Thank you so very much.


Everyone really likes Sayumi, huh?
I get it, I totally get it!
It can’t be helped. You should like me from here on too!(lol)
Just kidding(^_-)Why at a time like this would I look down on everyone?(lol)
From here on as well, please like me!!



For 21 year old Sayumi as well, I’ll believe in myself… and believe in everyone… and do my best↑



The picture is the real, first, 21 year old me, picture(≧∇≦)


2010/7/13 01:05

Last Blog Being 20



It’s coming right up!
21 years old☆



There’s just a little time left being 20 now…!


Seriously, it’s just crawling along!(lol)



Even though I wanted to put up something perfectly cute as Sayumi’s last photos being 20,
Right now I’m at home liike this with my bangs up, totally in comfortable relaxing mode( ̄∀ ̄)



I feel like I’ll probably welcome 21 like this while crawling along↑↑



Well if its most like me then its like me, you know?(≧∇≦)


Today when we got cake, I said my aspirations as a 21 year old was to “do it as myself” but,


Being 20 right now, Sayumi can already fulfill that aspiration(≧∇≦)(lol)



Isn’t it great, being ahead of a set plan?


2010/7/12 23:34


At the end of rehearsal today…


While they were checking Ai-chan’s position for her song,
The studio lights went Bzzt!Out,
I couldn’t see Ai-chan’s cute face(┳◇┳)



There was HAPPY BIRTHDAY music~


It’s a day early but the other members and all the staff wished me a happy birthday!


I’m sooo sooooo soooo happpyyy(*^o^*)!!


But it’s also kinda really embarassing (->_<-)



They told me to state one aspiration!…


“To do my best as myself”



that’s what I said.



Yup! That’s Sayumi’s honest feelings right now(^o^)/
It’s not impossible, I am myself, I want to go forward my way(^_^)v



We ate the cake with everyone scrambling for it♪
It was really good♪♪♪


I’m really blessed.


Thank you!


2010/7/12 22:54

Things I like

One of Sayumi’s favorite Berryz Koubou CDs “Maji Bomber!!”♪♪♪♪♪♪



Sayumi was given it by Berryz Koubou’s Manager-san who knows Sayumi likes Berryz V(^-^)V




Thank you(o^∀^o)♪


I’m soooo happy♪



On a paper accompanying the CD…


“Please advertise it on your blog”
was written(lol)


Eh, of course I’ll do it↑↑↑↑


Even if you didn’t tell me, of course I would~(≧∇≦)


Or rather, in Sayumi’s case it’s not so much advertising a Berryz CD,
It’s just Sayumi introducing things she likes( ̄∀ ̄)



I like “Maji Bomber” quite a bit too! it’s a hot song♪
Perfect for Summer!
I can imagine it pumping everyone up at concerts as well~\(^ー^)/



Berryz Koubou’s “Maji Bomber”… On sale 7/14☆
Incidentally, the day after Sayumi’s birthday(≧∇≦)



Advertising the CD and
at the same time, being able to string in Sayumi’s birthday☆ヽ(▽⌒*)



Ain’t she something?… me that is wb(・∇・●)


2010/7/12 22:41


There was another thing I got from the employee who gave me the Hi-chew as a birthday present☆


I got a Lipovitan(^_^)v



The combination of Hi-chew and Lipovitan…



is weird!(lol)



But, I’m happy with it O(≧∇≦)o


Thank you(^人^)


The time left for being 20 is…
less than 2 hours left, right?





is really,



going slowly(lol)



Isn’t it fine ending it like this?! My 20 year old self!


Well that is Sayumi being life-sized ー!(≧∇≦)



well, was the timing right, get it “life-sized”??



The precious time I have left being 20…
it’s continuing, going slowly(lol)


2010/7/12 22:34