Jetlag's fault

Rehearsal’s tired me out(lol)
When it’s Sayumi… tiring out really comes easy 〓〓
After just 3 songs I’m down。。。
This is bad↓

This summer☆ I just can’t get over it (>_<)

I need to get more physical strength!

From today I’m doing sit-ups!
Well. The box meals from break were like this(o^∀^o)

Japanese rice is especially delicious, it goes straight into you. It just spreads through you. Totally…(*^o^*)

I feel like I want to drink shijimi clam miso soup and stuff too.

I don’t really know why.

Why are you so tired?…Sayumi…

It’s probably, the jetlag!
Not being able to make consistent sentences on the blog is also cause of the jetlag!
One thing I’d like taken care of.
Jetlag, quickly get fixed~~

But when the jetlag gets fixed,
I won’t have an excuse for the inconsistent sentences, huh ( ̄∀ ̄)

2010/7/6 17:53