First in 2 Weeks!!☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-04-07 22:34:42
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This is last night’s blog.




Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji



Today was concerts in Hiroshima〜♪


It was fun



With Maria who was next to me in the dressing room〜Emoji



Our first solo in 2 weeks, it’s got DokiDoki heart-poundingEmoji parts too but
It felt like our OG senpai were watching us so
we put our spirit into the solo!
I felt like we hit it big with everyone in Hiroshima didn’t we?ー☆


As much as everyone’s cheers got in the second half that’s how much I got that we were fired up, that made me happyEmoji
Thank you so muchEmoji



Today’s concerted was more fired up than usualEmoji hot…Emoji
For sure after the performance, the Uchiwa got lots of use didn’t they??Emoji
Mizuki too, during the performance she ended up wanting to go PataPatap flapping them thoughーEmoji


Conversely outside was really very cold, I feel the temperature differenceあせる
I should’ve properly brought a jacketーEmoji





For tonight’s Moーjo!?




It’ll be radio that’ll make you want to say that?!


……it should?!Emoji


Hashtag poseEmoji


By all means please listen to it kay♪




Tomorrow is concerts in Eripon’s home area Fukuokaラブラブ
Let’s get fired up♪





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An Announcement from the Staff.

2018-04-07 14:00:07




A correction announcement from the staff.


4/7 (Sat) 22:54〜23:00 broadcasts
NipponTV (Kantou Local)
『Kagayaki YELL!』 but,



1 blog earlier there was an error in the broadcast time,
it was written as that.



The correction is,
that is the change.



We apologize for the incident.



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Maji De Suka〜☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-04-06 21:56:45
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Today the wind is so strongー
So much that it’ll stop you from going that’s really surprised me (>_<)Emoji



For today’s 「Fukumura no Heya」 recording〜♪
the guest was Kobushi Factory’s Hamaura Ayano-chanEmojiEmoji


Radio with Hama-chan! I was looking forward to it〜Emoji


Speaking of Mizuki with Hamachan… the talks
HinaFes and the new corner’s letters, we gave our fill〜


This distribution will have requests too so by all means please listen kayEmojiEmoji




Speaking of strong winds…
Mizuki is no good with sugi and hinoki bothEmojiEmoji


This year is really so harsh…
But today with the wind maybe cause it blows around so much, my eyes were itchyーー


When will this peak of pollen allergies be overrr… that in mind I miss itEmojiEmoji


Me doing my best!
Continuing into May but keep it up just a little more! *cry*泣



I’ve grown more than I thoughtEmojiEmoji


♪Anata wo Shiritaーi♪




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Time Changesー!

2018-04-06 13:59:28




It’s Friday yah!!!!


It’s HaroDora yah!!!!





 Radio NEO「HELLO! DRIVE! -HaroDora-」




From April
The broadcast time is changing to 24:00〜24:40キラキラキラキラキラキラキラキラ








For today’s broadcast


It’s with Funaki Musubu-chan and Kawamura Ayano-chan, the two of them音符音符音符





It seems it’s the first time with this 3 person combination since the first recordingキラキラキラキラキラキラキラキラ




It’s been about 4 months
Everyone was quite open huh(≧∇≦) 


(I think so♡)





Well, the more you know, the more we hit it off…ハート






And and
today’s broadcast was the first
They put in one song from the Soundtrack CD爆笑音譜音譜音譜





and from here one
please by all means listen to the HaroDora broadcasts kay!!!!!!






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To Everyone supporting HELLO! PROJECT☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-04-05 21:46:44
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An announcement from HELLO! PROJECT to everyone


Just now it was announced


Angerme Wada Ayaka-san
With the 2019 spring tour next year it has been decided she’ll graduate from Angerme and Hello!Project


Angerme, Hello!Project
Wada-san who treasured her life as an idol


When in Hello!Pro Eggs, the moment they formed S/mileage, I was there too.


That time, Fukumura had just joined but, soon it’ll be 10 years since then


At that critical juncture she announced her graduation huh


Among the current Hello!Pro units Wada-san is my only senpai.


In those days of 「Hello!Pro Eggs」 the 2 of us are now like this the Hello!Project leader and sub-leader huh


When she contacted me about the graduation we talked about it and I feel the support we have for each other.


Getting to be together with Wada-san is something I’m really glad for, it was reassuring.


From here on too please continue to support us
With the blog I’m writing Wada-san but
Usually I go Ayaka-chan♡ she’s let me call her that without change from long ago


From here on too, firmly linking our love for Hello!Pro with everyone firmly to our kouhai is precious.


From here on too, doing activities with the force that can’t lose to Angerme
I have to put it out there as Hello!Project and Morning Musume。! That’s how I feel.


Lots of support form everyone
from here one too please continue to give it to us


Morning Musume。’18 Fukumura Mizuki






「tiny tiny #23」
RegularーMC: Makoto, Katou Noriko
Guest: Wada Ayaka (Angerme


「Hello!Ste #264」
MC: Inaba Manaka
・Memory Dictionary (Abe Natsumi)
・LIVE (HinaFes 2018 Digest Part1)
・Hello!Ste Styling Lesson (Morning Musume。’18 Fukumura Mizuki





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#Picnic #Ayacho Iikubo Haruna

2018-04-05 21:30:47
Theme:Iikubo Haruna









Today I went out with Angerme’s Wada Ayaka-chan.









A picnic in Yoyogi Park♪




Yoyogi Park, I’ve never gotten to go before yahー!



The weather was still good so we went we should do a picnic but, today was a little cold huh (´-`).。oO lol




The two of us don’t cook so, let’s make bento and go wasn’t in our heads…



We secured food and then went♡









We only brought this little picnic mat so there was only space for 2 people to sit… lol




Ca〜refree eating food and talking, watching the flowers, walking the park, ti was comforting (*´◒`*)



The sakura have scattered but, now the tulips and the pansies are blooming♪




After that we stretched out legs out going to Shibuya
and went around various second-hand shops〜(*´-`)



It was fun!



With Aya-chan the talk never ends, we were laughing in full!



As a senpai, as a close friend, she’s a person I respect.




And from that Aya-chan, just recently, there was the announcement of her graduation.


On the homepage and her blog, and on tonight’s release of tiny tiny there’s comments too.



tiny tiny is here



It seems she’s graduating with next year’s fall tour.



1 year is a ways away so, the graduation announcement is early huh〜 while thinking that, I’m feeling like there’s 1 year huh.




I think she’s gonna do work solo after graduation.
From her time in S/mileage to now she’s an alーーーーーway kept together strong person.



And so for sure, after going solo she’ll charm with that strong too yah(*´-`)!



Watching her performance at HinaFes, I now want to see Aya-chan doing solo performances!



But I love Angerme’s Ayacho so, in 1 year, when we’re together for Hello!Con and stuff, I want to burn the image into my eyes!





For today’s WEAR it’s ap icture Aya-chan took for me(*´◒`*)
I’ll put up a other cut two shot too kay♪
Look at it KAYーーー☆




Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji














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#GirlHangout #Members #7SEEDS Iikubo Haruna

2018-04-04 20:02:01
Theme:Iikubo Haruna









Today work finished early so


I went to go eat with Nonaka Miki-chan and Morito Chisaki-chan (*´◒`*)



Continuing from the other day, it’s a members girl hangout ♡









Before the meal place opened we ate crepes (*´꒳`*)huhu



It was the first time having a meal with this combination and, getting to talk a lot was fun☆


Nonaka is supremely funny, it was cute〜〜(*´◒`*)!






Even coming home early I don’t have a TV so, I can’t watch marvel but…


I have manga that I started reading lately that I’m into!











7SEEDS( Seven Seeds )







Well it’s from the Top Yell editorial departmet that lets me be in charge of the manga serial, I got it on the interview page for the last serial page.


It’s a worl that’s always recommended to me.


I finally got to start reading it!




Oh my… it’s endless interesting parts!!!!


This is something I wanted to introduce in Top Yell too…( ; ; )





Long ago, meteorites struck the earth changing the environment severely,
I often hear sotries about how that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs yah.




For this manga,


With another meteorite fain not forecast but predicted, to maintain mankind to the future, with the 7SEEDS project the people chosen in absolute secrecy are cryo-frozen, and when the world can once again maintain life, a computer will wake them up but,


Japan is completely changed, the ecosystem, everyone has changed, and the people being thrown into that world are forced into a survival lifestyle, that’s the story.






I’ve read though to vol. 16 but, everytime I shiver, I’m scared, I get happy, I cry.


It doesn’t seem like a manga from more than 10 years ago, that’s how fresh the subject feels.





Really, it’s a masterpiece!!




I manga drawn 17 years ago but, these 17 years, or rather, there are parts that link to the story,it’s shaking so, thoes of you with interest I want you to read it right away (*´◒`*)!!




For! Sure!




Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji
















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2018-04-04 13:50:41





Yesterday, it was put UP on the Odyssey publication home page.







As announced on the homepage,



「Itoshi no Parineko 2 ~Neko to Seーra to Watashi~」’s release day has changed.



The original release day: 4/6 release


The postponed release day: 4/16 release






For troubling everyone who is looking forward to it, we’re really sorry.
I’m sorry.







4/16 release, please look forward to it even more kay!









I’ll put up one offshot猫


Well then, later kayあしあと






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Speaking Of☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-04-03 21:58:00
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Lately when I have time I’ve been watching moviesEmoji


I joined U-NEXT that’s why yahEmojiEmoji


Zombie stuff kinda is scary but I end up watching it…Emoji


I’m watching Marvel tooEmojiEmoji



Today it’s already the 3rd huhEmoji


Every year, when HinaFes ends it feels like it’s April but, with the days after being BataBata bustling
today once again felt like the start of AprilEmojiEmoji


Aaaa this year for April Fool’s no one did any lies〜EmojiEmoji




Hello!Radio 「Tonari no Yajimanchi」
From today it’s started distributedEmoji


Talking together with Yajima-sanEmoji
Yajima-san’s onomatopoeia was cute huh〜Emoji


Trying to think up new corners together, praccticing it was funEmoji


I think all kinds of things ended up in the staff-san’s journal for sure so please look forward to it kayEmoji


Everyon by all means please listen to it kay〜EmojiEmoji



And, the same Hello!Radio
「Fukumura no Heya」
The episode distributing Satou Masaki-chan is distributing!
She likes salt candy so next recording she requested bring some lol


This isn’t a candy shopー!Emoji


But it’s unfortunate. The one I gave Masaki-chan was the last of the salt candy.EmojiEmoji


Please listen to this here too kayEmoji



And for the next guest
Kobushi Factory’s Hamaura Ayano-chan is appearingEmoji


I usually talk a lot with Hama-chan but
I wonder what kin dof talk we’ll get to do at the recordingEmoji
I’m looking forward to itEmoji
The deadline is 4/5Emoji


I’ll be waiting for lots of lettersEmoji




That said〜


In a blog about 2 months ago
I said, “Today’s shoot, the skirt was cute〜” do you remember that?Emoji


It was the skirt from the outfit for the HinaFes goodsEmoji
I want to wear this kind of stuff for my own clothes too yahEmoji





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