Celebrate 16 Celebrate 21☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-01-07 22:58:10
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From the land of fairies Oba(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


1/6 Birthday
Nanagawa Nanami-chanEmoji


1/7 Birthday
Ishida Ayumi-chanEmoji


With that feeling I greeted the 2 of themEmojiEmoji



Yesterday and today at Nakano Sunplaza we had 5 performances of the Hello!Project concertsEmoji


Everyone who attended
thank you so much for the lots of support♡



Yesterday, today, both of the days, for the 2 of their birthdays, we got to celebrate both during the concert and in the dressing rooms〜Emoji


All the Hello!Mem basically call her 「Yanamin」 but
All of Juice=Juice go with 「Yanachan」 yah. You know, I like thatEmoji


Clever YanaminEmoji
Cute YanaminEmoji
Sexy YanaminEmoji


Getting to see lots of Yanamin doing her best at Hello!Con is fun♪♪
I’m supporting you on your goals for 16 year old tooヾ(*´-`*)o尸







Today you turned 21〜Emoji
Morning Musume。’18 Ishida Ayumi-chan


AyuMizuki are once again the same ageEmoji


During the concert everyone did lots of 「Sharp turn backs」!!!Emoji


I love Ayumi-chan’s KoroKoro rolling changing facial expressionEmoji
Tomorrow is Coming of Age Day!
Since then it’s been 1 year huhEmoji


From here on let’s support each other kayパー Same Age Buddyビックリマーク




I ended up enjoying my eye so I had an eyepatch during performances, I ended up having to be careful of stairs and moving around during performances.


I’m sorry for worrying everyone.


It’s healing okay so please don’t worry kay!!!




Today, preparing for their Nakano Sunplaza performance the day after tomorrow
All of Ciao Bella Cinquetti came to see us♪
We got to see each other for the first time in a while〜Emoji


There’s a day 1 space but it’s a baton-pass huhEmoji



Morning Musume。’18
Tomorrow has various meets our first handing out meet tooEmoji
We’ll be waiting at Belle Salle Shibuya First





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Sayumi Salad☆

2018-01-07 21:45:05



For the first time in a while, I made Sayumi Salad





The best〜!!!!!!








what’s the best you say….










『Today I made Sayumi Salad yah〜』










saying that









well when I made it













I already had the ingredients cut for me (lol)









Big sis-chan is the best口笛口笛口笛









For me, I’m the type who just puts mayonnaise and salt and pepper then mix itピンクハート


Well, seasoning is the most important yah爆笑爆笑爆笑







Making Sayumi Salad is easy!!




☆ Cabbage
☆ Cucumber
☆ Celery
☆ Cooked Wiener
☆ Chikuwa



cute, and just mixed with mayonnaise and salt and pepper




Vegetables, you can put in whatever you like other than that too what you feel is yummy




Under the salad spreading out red-leaf lettuce is great too照れ




This time, I made it without the red-leaf lettuceてへぺろ







From that, recent I,





just wanted to eat eat ichigo daifuku




that feeling is constantly going sタラー











Finally I got to eat someーーーー!!!!!!ハートハートハート









I’m a koshian typeラブラブラブ




Getting to eat what you wanted to eat is a joy huhラブハート









At the bus tour,
me putting mayonnaise on Sayumi Salad










Flamingo apron,
The pattern and shake was cute〜ガーベラ








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2018-01-07 21:45:40


do you have memories of shoes?





Soko no Koto】

Today, all at once we went through every scene
did it all.

In my head

「Shoes shoes SHOES shoes shoes shoes SHOES..」

it’s funny.

Very much so.

Words colliding with other words

Conveying that with our bodies.





I don’t want you to miss even 1 milli of it

that’s the kind of production it seems to be.







My beloved Yukkiーsan





Todday too your smile ^^*

It always helps me, thank you so much

I’m hungry yah. Pekopeko completely famished


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#AniNana Iikubo Haruna

2018-01-06 17:20:39


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Last night, I bided my time and with the 3rd daughter (the Otaku)


We watched the anime 「Idolish Seven」.



Idolish Seven, Nickname AiNana.



I’m a big fan of the smartphone app Idolish Seven but, the AiNana anime, it’s being called AniNana huh. By all the fans.





After I finished doing everything to do at home,




「「It’s an AniNana Appreciation Meetingーーーーっ!!」」




saying that I brought my AiNana goods from my room and in front of the TV I stood my Oshimen’s figure stand and appreciated it!




Sheesh, I was impressed, impressed.



Not able to watch in silence, with the third daughter I watched it while being excited!



The voices and scenarios just like the app, the BGM is kinda like the app too, that kind of parts were impressive too!
Aー, here it’s Yoyogi right, Yoyogi park right? I watched while talking about it.
That! Cardigan! I have that! For whatever reason a character wearing a cardigan had me excited too. I’m glad I bought the official cardigan at Animate (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾




And finally, Tsumugi-chan talking. Tsumugi’s impression just like that is greatly satisfying!!← What kind of position am I talking from?




For my oshimen, Soーchan, Ousaka Sougo-kun, Tenten, Kujou Ten-kun!


Basically the light color styles yup!


I favor the lighter color styled ones but, when it comes to Tenten that high professionalism, and the lots of wise sayings got me!


With the app’s story 「NmN〜 A famous saying huh, this here」 I have screenshots from that part you know.



Oshimen, Tenten’s coordinate I did is on WEAR here ( ˘ω˘ )




AiNana, all of it is precious, after I finished watching we sisters said a prayer. ( ˘ω˘ )



It’s broadcasting every week and well, I’m grateful for that.
I’m filled with feelings of gratitude.





I’m sorry for the odd excitement!




As an apology I’ll put up a Kaga Kaede-chan from this morning kay☆












It’s kinda girly and that said,


Yesterday new cosmetics went on sale from PAUL&JOE and, the record shaped face & eye color is cute♡


I went to buy some〜〜(*´꒳`*)♡











Green and red, I wasn’t sure which eye color to go for but today・tomorrow I think I’ll go with red (*´◒`*)




Those of you coming to Haro!Con by all means please by attention to my eyes too kay〜〜!





Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji











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Play Soko no Koto

2018-01-07 10:49:42






Soko no Koto


is progressing favorably!

Unexpectedly opening day is approachingあせる




Practice scenes

I’ll show you a little bit




a peek




a glimpse



There’s still extra seats on weekdays it seems so,
By all means!!

Please come see it!!

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Thank you

2018-01-06 11:53:36




Everyone, for your warm messages
really thank you so much.

I really,
get support from lots of you…

and am surrounded by lots of reassuring comrades…


once again I realized it

thank you so much.

Today too is the play 【Soko no Koto】

This time too I’ve come across a very fantastic production!

And so, this work
So I can deliver with fantastic form

I feel we’ll be putting it together.

This feeling
My gratitude to everyone




will returning it on stage.

I’m off!!!

Niigaki Risa

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HaroDora 2018♪

2018-01-06 07:17:57











Yesterday, there was the year’s first



 Radio NEO「HELLO! DRIVE! -HaroDora-」 Friday broadcastおねがいおねがいおねがい





Started last year, HaroDoraブルー音符ピンク音符むらさき音符





Kamikokuryou Moe-chan, Kasahara Momona-chan, Funaki Musubu, and Kawamura Ayano-chan,
getting to hear all kinds of stories from them every week is very funラブ照れ







I myself too,


talking (having my own stories being listened to)


is something I love so


talking on the radio is very fun








That HaroDora though!
On YouTube’s Up-Front Channel, it’s being distributed there later too虹




It’s put up 1 week after it’s on air照れ









These are↑
ones I got from Kawamura Ayano-chan who I’m with at HaroDora
パフェFlake stickersショートケーキ






Ayano-chan! Thank youお願いお願いお願い








HaroDora Mail too (Questions, messages♡ other things whatever♡), we’re waiting for lots of them

















It’s cold so, please be careful so you don’t catch a cold kay富士山アセアセ
Well then, latersうさぎ雪だるま




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Berry Tea☆ Fukumura Mizuki

2018-01-05 22:55:52


Theme:Fukumura Mizuki



Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Last night’s 25:00~
「Hello!Project no All Night Nippon」
Did you get to hear it?


The first time for that combination on the radio!
It was full on DokiDoki heart-poundingEmoji



Mizuki also listened to it in real timeEmoji
Staying up late Fu~Emoji


Those of you who fell asleep and haven’t heard it yet
you can listen to it on radiko so please support usEmoji



Yesterday I stayed up late because
today was OFF so, I did nothing but stayed home and sleptEmoji


There’s something I wanted to do but… Sleepiness won outEmoji


But in the evening I went out shopping a little with my mom and little broEmoji


After shopping we went for tea and went home♪


I thought he was just playing with my phone
but it ended up being (my littl bro) taking so many selfies that it filled the screen… stop it!!Emoji


By the way my little bro taking pictures is about as bad at it as my MamaEmojiEmoji


Saying that from both of them, I played innocent about my own workー What? like that I played straight manー(ノД`)


The elevator we rode on the way home
there was a really good pushing sensationEmoji
It was the bestEmojiEmoji


Today my eyes hurt so all day I had my glasses so shopping was roughEmoji


Tomorrow we’re going back to Nakano SunplazaEmoji


Everyone attendingEmoji
Please give your support to Hello!Pro MembersEmoji


Let’s have fun together kayEmojiEmoji





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Yesterday and Today’s Movies Iikubo Haruna

2018-01-05 21:20:34


Theme:Iikubo Haruna





Yesterday was a day off!


And so, with Yokoyama Reina-chan we went to together to the advanced full screening of the movie 「Kita no Sakuramori」〜〜(*´◒`*)









We cried…!
Yoshinaga Sayuri-san’s acting is so amazing it gave me goosebumps!
Yokoyama and I, the 2 of us were bawling ( ; ; )



The story of a heroic parent and child post-war, or rather, the mother’s story is larger but, it depicts the serious events that happenedafter the end of the war so, I think it’s a movie that will change how it’s perceived based on the person watching it.


It depicts life that a young person now couldn’t image so, I also couldn’t understand all of it but, I felt I was glad to see and read carious works up to now.


Not limited to this kind of topic, I think maybe those having even a little knowledge can enjoy movies even more.



Knowing the end, seeing it a second or third time could make you cry for different points of view!



The visuals were pretty, I’ve got a lot of interest in knowing how they filmed it like that!


Sengoku Minami-san and Bitter & Sweet’s Tasaki Asahi-chan, Hasegawa Moemi-chan appear in it too〜!



After it finished I got to greet them but, Yoshinaga Sayuri-san is beautiful beautiful…!
So soon into the New Year, and I get to meet Yoshinaga Sayuri-san, such a thankful fortune (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾
It’s become a treasured time in my life!








After work today, I went to see a movie alone〜!


The movie 「Katte ni Furuetero」 [tl aka: Tremble All You Want]


The movie starring Matsuoka Mayu-san (*´◒`*)



It was very funny! It’s fully packed with comedy moments but, the main character, Matsuoka-san’s role’s depth of feelings is grand, but I felt that Matsuoka-san’s acting was nature it wasn’t exaggerating that, it was amazing!


The sound too, there was lots of good incert sounds for feelings that went with the action, it felt so good I was grinning (*´꒳`*)


There’s parts where I sympathisize with the protagonists’s thoughts too, I enjoyed it☆




From today Kingsman 2 was releasedd so I want to go see that soon (*´◒`*)











I put on some of the manicure included with the magazine 「mini」〜!


Navy and silver♪


With the navy part I tried it french style with a matte top coat (*´꒳`*)




With tomorrow’s Hello!Con I gotta take it off though huh! Wahaha




I’ll do my best tomorrow too!



Fashion Coordinate App
EmojiEmojiWEAR EmojiEmoji


















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2018-01-05 19:00:15






I have great concerns over my own personal affairs but,
I am announcing that I, Niigaki risa, have divorced Kotani Yoshikazu-san.







1 year and 6 months is a short married life but, in discussions between the two of us we came to the conclusion that we’ve both gone down paths towards different goals.







Those who celebrated for us and supported us, we ended up causing you worries, for that I feel we are greatly sorry.





From here on we’ll be walking our own paths but, you warmly watching over me would is a blessing.
Please continue to give me your support.





Heisei 30 1/5 Niigaki Risa


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