Pyoーn☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2018-12-27 22:32:08
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Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Soon it’s Hello!Con音譜


Before that, CountCon音譜


Waー It’s hardー


But, in my head, somehow or another I’ve got it sorted outEmoji Hu



Today, Odan in her Odan way
we held a cheek MochiMochi springy rally yahEmoji


Mizuki and Inabacho
came to a draw ( ̄ー+ ̄*)kiraーn?Emoji


Today it’s that kind of Inabacho〜


Bachocchoーi InabacchoーEmoji


Inaba Manaka-chanEmoji






Today she was resting her voice but
Inabaccho is a reaction genius!!Emoji


It’s funEmoji


The part she doesn’t sing, I’m paying attention to her dance but
of course she’s good yah〜
watching her I was surprisedEmoji



While waiting for her throat it heal
please cheer for energetically dancing Inabaccho♪


Today was Hello!Con rehearsals so
we celebrated together〜EmojiEmojiEmoji




Today we went through the blocking but
each group was awesome tooーEmojiEmojiEmoji
As such I noticed it because it’s Hello!Con you knowEmoji


Since trainee’s joined, therea re girls who height has grown 20cm tooEmojiEmoji
It’s BEYOOOOONjanEmojiEmoji


BEYOOOOONDS’s new members
it’s really charmingEmojiEmoji
Once again we only got to talk a little bit though yah!


Angerme’s 2 new members too you know


I want to know about everyone too you knowEmojiEmoji


Those coming to see CountCon ´ ³`)ノ ~はてなマーク
Those coming to see Hello!Con ´ ³`)ノ ~はてなマーク


We’ll be waiting for oyuドキドキ





12/27 (Thr) 23:20~25:25
TVTokyo-san 「MelodiX! Special 2018」

Morning Musume。’18 is appearing6912.gif


MC is Nankai Candies-san 143.png
Goto Maki-san 143.png



By all means please watchEmoji












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WaiWaiWiーn☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2018-12-26 23:31:16
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki





Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


A report.


EmojiShironeko Project’s HoshitanukiEmoji


It’s come to the Fukumura house〜EmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji


Mama before, she couldn’t get a success so I went to the convenience store to tryー saying that
My big bro-chan hit itEmojiEmoji


EhEmoji AmazingEmoji You got itEmojiHow many did you doEmoji Mama asked…
Until he got it


Ah until you got it…Σ(゚Д゚)!?!?
How kind 〜Sucha kind man ya〜〜hEmoji


It’s so different than the attitude Mizuki has towards itーEmojiEmoji


Aー this one is cute♡
It’s totally one of Mizuki’s favorites←






Today with Tsubaki Factory’s Onoda Saori-chanEmoji
was a recording of Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」〜EmojiEmoji




Our clothes kinda match yahEmoji
I got to have fun talking with SaorinEmojiEmoji


Already she’s become 17 huhEmoji
In Mizuki she’s like 15〜.


We talked about change of heart tooEmoji


It’s scheduled to release 1/8 so
We’ll already be Morning Musume。’19EmojiEmoji


I said ’19 didn’t I…?Emoji


…I’m worried…



We’re taking ideas for new corners too so
I want you to think about it right away yah〜EmojiEmoji
Please do me the favorEmoji




12/27 (Thr) 23:20~25:25
TVTokyo-san 「MelodiX! Special 2018」
Morning Musume。’18 will be appearingEmoji


MC is Nankai Candies-san音符
And, Goto Maki-san音符











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2018-12-25 23:56:46



Good Evening!!!!!




Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!


















Today you know, I,
from the Staff-san and Manager-san
got tapioca milk tea, it was supremely yummy & made me happyクリスマスベルクリスマスベルクリスマスベル






First, I drank the tapioca I got from Staff-san,
with the timing of finishing drinking it
from Manager-san






『Time for a tapi run?』





saying that,
『It isーーーー!』
is how I went you know✨












Well then 💗 Later kay 💗
OyaSayumin 💗









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Morning Tree☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2018-12-25 23:02:17
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki





Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


雪の結晶クリスマスツリーMerry Christmasプレゼント流れ星


Morning on the 22nd had a Christmas event
and yesterday’s various meet-ups too, we had Santa-san outfits yahEmojiEmoji


It felt like several days of ChristmasEmoji



Everyone, Christmas this yearクリスマスツリー
what kind of day did you have?〜はてなマーク



For today’s Morning Musume。’18


With characters, we made Christmas (The pictures on the Morning Twitter)


After rehearsals
when we parted with the usual Job Well Doneー


We said, Merry ChristmasEmoji
and said ByeByeEmoji



With the free time, Maria showed a lot of her Chuuei-san jokesEmoji
It was funEmojiEmojiEmoji


On the way home, my yearly custom?!
I went home Happy passing lots of places with illumination displayedEmojiEmoji
This actually, is something I look forward to every year you knowEmojiEmoji


I’m cleaning up this year too, and we’re on the verge of New Year’s decorations though yahーEmojiEmoji



People who ate cake〜Emoji
People who ate chicken〜Emoji


those who didn’t do anything tooEmoji


Did you request something to the Morning TreeEmoji
your wish might come trueEmoji
流れ星EmojiThe Morning TreeEmoji流れ星





Triple big hoodiesEmojiEmojiEmoji
Kaediー, Yokoyan wore them tooEmoji


Fantastic Emoji Happy Emoji
Everyone by all means tooEmojiEmoji












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Tree Sayumin


2018-12-24 23:31:49






It’s Even yan!








Christmas Eve yan!!!!!!


















soon it’ll be Christmas yaーーn爆笑爆笑爆笑









Did you eat Christmas cake???
I haven’t eaten any this yearーーー😭
Maybe I’ll get to eat some tomorrowー???








Everyone, have a fantastic












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#Cardcaptor Sakura Exhibit #IikuboHaruna


2018-12-24 22:34:51







Merry Christmas Eve〜(*´◒`*)



Are you having a fun time??




I am you know!


This evening, with my family I went and ate chicken and cake but



In the afternoon with my friend Ayano Ayumi-chan(Aーchan)I went to the 「Cardcaptor Sakura Exhibit -Casting Magic Art Gallery-」♡










Amazing! Inside except for the original images, photography is okay!











A big Kero-chan♡!










The Clow Cards♡!














The outfits that Tomoyo-chan made for Sakura♡!




All of it is cute, and nostalgic…♡




It’s already 20 years ago huh, the publication!


Now, they’re doing the Clear Card arc though!



When the anime airred I already really loved it, I like Yukito-san but,



My like of pale color characters had already started at that point huh.


Yukito is the starting point!!





Last year when I had a shoot in a uniform, I got my hair done FuyaFuya fluffy like Tomoyo, it’s a good memory (*´꒳`*)








↑This you know!




The outfits Tomoyo-chan made for Sakura are a ーーーーll cute, I wanted to wear them all! A girl’s dream, likes, all of it packed together!!





But this Sakura exhibit, I’m most glad to see the original work displayed.


Among all of Cardcaptor Sakura, they introduce important words, All the episodes being displayed are cool.


And all the pictures from CLAMP were extra detailed and charming, I’m grateful for the overwhelming prettiness of the pictures.



Analog pictures are great huh…!!!!



From the Clear Card Arc it’s digital but, that’s still drawn to purposefully give it a hand drawn style or rather, that the world look drawn years ago hasn’t changed so they can’t just leave that behind you know!!


And you don’t feel the age of the images from 20 years ago. It’s thorough work, it hasn’t faded!




Really, it’s a fantastic exhibition.




By all means. I recommend it!






Tomorrow night, from 19:00 I get to appear live on the NicoNico live broadcast 「Yoーsupi Santa’s Christmas」 (*´◒`*)


Appearing with such distinguished people…!


By all means please watch it kay〜〜♡!

















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Dokin-chan☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2018-12-24 21:50:38
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


雪の結晶X’mas🎄 Various Meet-ups雪の結晶


Singing Jingle Bells〜♪
Hasty fluttery Oda Sakura-chan singing〜♪♪


The members and the fans
everyーone in the Christmas mood yahEmojiEmoji


It was the outfit we wore for the Christmas Event todayEmoji



Morning Musume。 did their present exchange tooプレゼント
For Mizuki she got a present from MariaEmojiEmoji


Today immediately I used one of the things in the present
today I used the eye shadowEmoji


It’s different from my usual make-up yah〜! I was told that from my fans too but
this one Maria gave to me is KiraKira sparkling〜Emoji


Thank you MariaEmojiEmoji



Listen! Listen!



Member color ribboned Santa
Mizuki’s poncho has a 「Emoji」 shape


The Stylist-san said
「It’s like Dokin-chan rightEmoji


And so for my hairstyle too
I had it done like Dokin-chanEmojiEmoji



The outfit, each person’s one is handmadeEmoji
That makes me happy yah〜Emoji流れ星



The skirt part gingermanEmoji
that’s cute too so
at the handshake, I talked about how I like this part


Lots of people didn’t know it thoughEmoji


I didn’t say gingerman maybe?EmojiEmoji
I said it yahEmojiEmojiEmoji




With today for events we can do with talks and stuff this was the last of the year right〜Emoji


Those I got to see for the first time in a whileEmoji
and those telling me thank you for the year! Emoji


I got to talk a lot with everyone♪
Thank you so much ⸜(* ॑꒳ ॑* )⸝★


Have a fun Christmas〜天使Emoji








Hello!Radio 「Fukumura no Heya」


Iikubo Haruna-chan Guest Episode
Now distributing!



Next guest is…
Tsubaki Factory’s Onoda Saori-chanEmoji


The deadline for letters is tomorrowあせる
12/25 19:00!





Hello!Moba membership registration is here












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KamePan☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2018-12-23 21:59:25
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki





Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji
Today was various meet ups at Aichi prefectureEmoji


From lots of you I was told 「It’s the last time we’ll see you this year」


That’s right! We’re already at the year’s end
Every year this kind of feeling happensEmoji



Hearing last, makes me feeling lonely but
I’m told, we’ll be going to Hello!Con soon tooま〜


and that makes it seem like, Alright! I can do my best with rehearsals!Emoji


Lots of you told me,
「Have a good year〜♪」「 Merry Christmas♪」
「Thanks for ’18 too」Emoji


See you tomorrow!! Happened too though yahEmojiEmoji



Today’s outfit was〜
EmojiFurari GinzaEmoji


It was cold and in that I had to put on a jacket, sorry yahEmoji



I was asked which single released this year did you like most? That’s really hard!!!


「Furari Ginza」 it’s as we talked abotu at Section Thirty Six but
「Jiyuu na Kuni Dakara wa」 it changes keys 2 times, that’s rare! Even more we wore uniforms so the world view was explosive!


「Y Jirou no Tochuu」 the lyrics have loneliness and hope, all kindso f expressions cramed into it, it’s a precious song



「Are you Happy?」 starts with cute Maria, there’s a part that we sing out too, PonPon is ute, from here it’ll be fun to bring it out
It has the current Morning feeling, that made me happy!


「A gonna」 is extremely juicy in places I like it!!
It strikes at your heart. And so it’ sthe type I want to listen to all the time at home


I so I love the 5 songs togetherEmoji



And today you know…!


I can’t forge〜t.
I wouldn’t forget it though you know!


12/23 is


For Mizuki, her forever idol’s birthday!


Just bringing up the name, just using the character bring me joyEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji
It’s not today but here’s a Kame-san bread I got as a refreshment snackカメEmoji


When it becomes this season, no matter what it feels lonely, I end up watching videos


The date changing immediately,
I went a birthday mail to the Manager-san who was doing work together with Kamei-san at the time Emoji


I get replies tooEmoji
From the Manager-san on that day←



Well, today’s handshake event too
Mizuki and the like minded of youEmoji
there were lots…Emoji


Aa, I felt like we’re the same huhEmojiEmoji
Mizuki wanted to wear an orange T too…Emoji


And every year I think that.
With just this, it’s how I keep my love


I end up feeling like, I wish i could be a person like that some day yah〜EmojiEmoji



Tomorrow is!!
Various meet up’s at Bellesalle Shibuya FirstEmoji


Let’s have a fun day kayEmoji
I’ll be waitingEmoji





「TBS Music Show Recording」 Viewing Applications are hereチューリップピンク










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Sugar Rush Online


2018-12-23 15:12:53
[tl aka: Ralph Breaks the Internet]








I saw it!!!






It was funnyyyyキラキラキラキラキラキラキラキラ
Is the internet world really like this? Think about it I couldn’t stop being WakuWaku excited!




The princess scene,
it’s so cute ピンクハート so funnyピンクハート


The last part…. it was sad though 😢





I want to see it one more time…
I want to see it in 4D too…!!!!
I want to eat popcorn too……!!!!!








Usachan peace!
For popcorn I’m salt type!!














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Christmas Event☆ Fukumura Mizuki


2018-12-22 22:42:45
Theme:Fukumura Mizuki




Konban po(*´∀`*)ノnEmoji


Half asleep again I typed strange characters…Emoji


Today was Morning Musume。’18’s
Christmas Event〜EmojiEmoji


It was an event in Yomiuriland’s
NitTele LanLan HallEmoji



Since I was small I’ve been packed with memories of this placeEmoji
I got lots of fun memoriesEmoji



Kaediー’s Ikebo
KyunKyun wordEmoji


Eripon Cute KingdomEmojiEmoji


Ayumin Reporter
Free Satou, Nonaka casterEmoji


SeーNo! Morning Musume Opinion PollEmoji



Various Corner’s, The Challenge!!
It was funEmoji


Even in the audience seating, there were Santas and reindeers here and there, that was cute tooEmojiEmoji


Lots of you came
everyone thank you so muchEmojiEmoji



At the live cornerEmoji


The swapping


「Pittari Shitai X’mas!」
「Oujisama to Yuki no Yoru」
「Seinaru Kane ga Hibiku Yoru」


A songs come to ming when you speak of Christmas~ with all the membersEmoji


「I WISH(updated)」


We sang 3 songs〜Emoji


Everyone’s cyalumes,
they were like an illumination display


Song wise too it was a bit painful? Moving? UruUru teary? making!



Is always Mizuki〜.


My name uses the same kanji that’s whyEmoji
For Christmas, I feel like it’s a season just for yourselfEmoji


And so 「聖」
The song with that in the lyrics, I love all Christmasy songsEmoji



Today was already fulfillingEmoji
That’s how enjoyable the Christmas event was but


Everyone please keep in the tastes of it kay〜EmojiEmoji


For spending a fun time together today
thank you so muchEmoji
Host Reindeer Keita-san too, thank you so muchEmoji











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