Aika blog “67days”


The weather is still pretty cold, you guys haven’t gotten sick have you?
Do you guys get hay fever?
My nose is pretty sensitive to it and always gets itchy ( ´△`)

A little while ago I made some takomeshi
(octopus + rice) (^^)v
The moment I tried some Kukuru brand takomeshi, I instantly fell in love with it ~ (*^ー^)ノ
By the way, the set I bought was called Takou meshi ♪
(a pun that sounds like octopus but means happiness)
It really feels like it can make you happy (*^^*)
You guys have heard of Kukuru right ?! (・。・)
It’s a really popular takoyaki store in the Kansai area ☆☆

It was the first time I made takomeshi, and it’s the right season for it now
so it tasted great (*≧m≦*)
I also had some left over white rice in the rice cooker, so I threw it (?) into a frying pan ☆
I was doing it on instinct, so I was a little worried about actually cooking it in a pan
but it turned out okay in the end ~~ (* ̄ω ̄*)b

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You guys should try it out (・ω・)☆

Aika blog “66Days”

(* ̄O ̄)ノ☆

Continuing on with the Hakkejima Sea Paradise that I went to a little while ago

It was so relaxing for me to visit Hakkejima Sea Paradise (^ω^)/
Next time, I wanna go to a zoo ♪♪ It’s so fun to see all these cute animals ☆


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☆ Shark ☆
Swimming alongside the sardines!!!! lol


aika blog

☆ Penguin ☆
Gliding around (・ω・)b


aika blog

☆ Polar bear ☆
This is a female polar bear, she was so cute ♪
I ended up getting a plushy of her too (*≧m≦*) pupu
By the way, here’s a 3shot with Leo-chan too ( ´∀`)/ ~~ lol


aika blog aika blog

Risa Deco “Announcement of Episode 10′s winner”

Thank you for all your applications and feedback
for the Niigaki deco’d “Picture Frame”!
And now allow me to announce the winner of the “Picture Frame”!


Pen name



We expect to ship it out by the middle of March
please look forward to it ☆彡

Aika blog “65days”


Continuing on with Hakkejima Sea Paradise ☆☆
Since I find that looking at these are really soothing for me
I wanted to show you guys as well (*^ー^)ノ♪

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☆ Clown fish ☆
They can really hide themselves in sea anemones (^з^)-☆


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☆ Turtle ☆
I tried to take a pic of the baby turtle but I just couldn’t get a shot
so here is one of the adult turtle (^▽^)/


aika blog aika blog

☆ Stingray ☆
My friend kept saying “You look just like it” (・∀・;)
Here is the best shot I took ♪


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Risa Deco “Episode 10′s present”

The one of a kind in the world Niigaki deco’d “picture frame”
will be given off in a lottery to 1 fan club member
by answering the following questions below!


1. What would you like Niigaki to deco
2. What do you think of Risa Deco



I’ll be waiting for all your applications ♪



PC users click here!!



Cell phone users please send your answers to the above questions
and the following required details below in an email to



Subject: Risa Deco Episode 10 present
Fan club number:
Nick name:



※ The winner will be announced based on the nick name given
※ 1 entry per person please



☆ Present submission deadline ☆
February 28th (Wed) 6:00pm

Aika blog “64days”

( ̄0 ̄)/

A little while ago I went to Hakkejima’s Sea Paradise ☆
This is the first time I went to an aquarium in my private time since coming to Tokyo (*^-’)b
I’ve always been wanting to go ☆
Since I was at Hakkejima Sea Paradise for a Bijo Gaku filming,
I kinda knew my way around pretty well ♪♪
Oh and that day had such perfect weather for going out too (^з^) ☆
I was so happy ♪♪

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In the distance, you can see a roller coaster!!
I wanted to ride it but it was closed for maintenance (´Д`;)
Look at where I’m pointing to ♪
It’s kinda hard to see but there’s a bird sleeping in the sun (-.-)Zzz
It was so cute ☆

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Risa Deco “Episode 10”

Ja~~n ★


Next up is
☆☆ A picture frame ☆☆


For this time around~
I made it with an image of a field of flowers (*^^*)


The focal point are the red and pink roses…..


risa deco

Aika blog “63days”

aika blog

Woof o(*-ω-*)o

Here is my dog Leo-kun ☆☆
with his ball he’s been favoring lately ♪

Even in the middle of the night
he’ll bring up the ball and be like “Let’s play fetch!!!” ( ̄ε ̄;) (lol)
who does that remind you of (;Σ;) (cry)

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He got his shots today, so he’s snuggled up in his blanket
and sleeping like a good boy (-。-)zzz

Risa Deco “Announcement of Episode 9′s winner”

Thank you for all your applications and feedback
for the Niigaki deco’d “iPod case”!
And now allow me to announce the winner of the “iPod case”!


Pen name
Maji MAX-san



We expect to ship it out by the middle of February
please look forward to it ☆彡

Aika blog “62days”

Yahoo ~ (^_^)/

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This is what I’ve been having for breakfast a lot lately (*^ー^)ノ♪
It’s something really simple I make with my dad, so it’s very convenient ☆★
Up until a little while ago I had no idea English muffins existed
I had never thought about eating one ever
until one day I had an encounter with one ( ̄▽ ̄)
It was the best encounter ever (`∇’)b

On this day I put a thick slice of bacon, lettuce and some cream cheese ☆
There are so many different toppings that go with English muffins!!!!!!
Like margarine or maple syrup, or avocado dip, or cream cheese
or peanut butter, or bacon and scrambled eggs…
Anything goes with it, and it all tastes great, I love it (^_^)v