Every night, late at night from 2am to 3am, our show “Moe x Kon” is broadcasted

It’s a show where we will introduce the latest entertainment news!

I got this mail from the program staff

The “Moe x Kon” blog
can now be seen from the mobile version of the site!!

So I’ll be working hard to keep that blog updated as well ^^

And and… we had a recording yesterday too!

Starting 8/22 for 1 week, we will have two guests from
the TV Tokyo Announcer department too!

A hint as to who they are: Announcer A + Announcer A ^^

…did you guys get that?

I wanted to upload a pic of the 4 of us but I forgot to take one again…
I even titled this post “Senpai” yet there aren’t any pics of senpais…
Once again another regret as I write this post >< The staff guys said "We'll send you one" so I'll be updating again at a later date! Thanks and please continue to support this blog as well as the "Moe x Kon" blog ^^

August 15th AniSong Plus Live

The two newcomer announcers will participate as sub-MCs for…

“AniSong Plus Live”

which will take place on August 15th at Nakano Sun Plaza

We’re getting closer and closer to the date!


“There will be lots of dangers in this live no-cut recording!?”

which means…

There will be singing, talking and lots of crazy requests…

For more information check here ↓
and please head on down to the hall

MLB Highlight

“MLB Highlight”

I was in charge of it in July
and now in August it will be Ueda…

And we went on location to do our first sports coverage!
It was my very first sports coverage.

And my advising partner was
no other than the super veteran pitcher…

Takatsu Shingo.

He has played in Japan -> America -> Korea -> Taiwan,
He is now 42 and currently works at the Niigata Albirex BC.

He is also very close to Matsui of the Athletics…
so there was a lot to talk about.

I want to learn how to conduct interviews better!
I am taking careful notes from my experiences
and lessons I am taught

“Alk Road” airs 8/8 ~ 8/19

“Alk Road”

Those old fashioned towns. Those loveable towns.

It is a show where a street guide and Announcer Morita
(w)alk through and showcase towns
* Konkon pun on walk/alk

We also made an appearance on the show so we went for a recording!

For some reason, us two newcomers get to work
with Announcer Morita a lot ^^
And on that day, Announcer Morita taught us a lot of stuff

The broadcast will be from 8/8 ~ 8/19
11:00 ~ (E morning uchi) ^^

By the way, we walked by the area I used to live in.
I haven’t had a chance to visit that area lately… so it was very nostalgic.
Back then there was a great takoyaki (and taiyaki) shop I always used to
pass by, but I never got the chance to go, so the staff guys
found it and we ended up going there!

And there was a newcomer right of passage? A certain… “tough report” to give;

As well as an appearance by this cat?

Where exactly did we end up going, please watch to find out… ^^


This week I’ll be heading two particular conferences.

Allow me to introduce them

They are from “Finding a commonality through talking can close gaps”

So for that, I was asked to chair the meeting,
and in the script was
“By the way, I’m from ______ prefecture”
that particular scene.

“…so for that scene, am I supposed to just start talking about myself?”
I wasn’t sure so I went to ask

and when I did
I was told about building connections with the guests that were coming
they said when someone says “Oh hey I’m from the same area”
doesn’t that start a new connection between you and that person?

I can see that, if you’re from the same town, or share a birthday
or have gone through the same things…
When you have that while meeting someone for the first time
you can already feel a connection to that person

So I was like “Oh I see!”

Of course it was still a meeting environment
so those types of things were taken in context…
But I hope to keep on learning about this as I experience
more meetings or chair more events like these

Sports, news, variety
on scene reporting
and leading various conferences

I feel that an announcer must have many abilities.
Which makes me realize once again how amazing my senpais are… ^^

Tokyo Disney Resort 3hr special

Last Monday, on the 24th
was the digital tv transition day, yep

and we had a live feed from the Tokyo Disney Resort.

At noon we introduced this show with Mickey and friends.

There were a ton of guests
and as expected it was very popular! ^^

Also during the day and evening we covered the “Broadway Music Theatre”

The was a “Special Show” only available for that day,
so we did several reports from that theatre!

“It’s starting to glow~” I started to say…
but then I had a big failure. One that I won’t forget…
When thinking about it in retrospect,
I had forgotten the advice of my senpais
But I’ll continue to work hard
so I don’t make that type of mistake again!

We showcased so many attractions from
Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea in those 3 hours

It really is an amazing wonderland.

Next time hopefully I can go there to play instead of just for work ♪


Our show Moe x Kon
Airs every night from Monday to Sunday

This week we have a photo shoot as well!

For this Moe x Kon
Because of our names, Ueda is in pink and I’m in blue for the logo
but in actuality, as for the color we like the most, it’s actually reverse.
Since I like pink and Ueda likes a light blue
we have a lot of clothes of those colors…

I wonder if the staff guys have picked up on that
Here are our outfits for today ^^

The first time we did the MoeKon pose it was kinda awkward
but now that we’ve done it over and over… it looks a little more natural?? ^^;

And as usual we’ll be introducing a lot of different things as well!
For example, Pretty Rhythm, which is very popular with the girls

We got a really young guest to come on our show
and show us a 〇〇 dance
What kind of dance is it you ask?
Well please check it out when it airs… ^^
And of course we’ll have a ton of other things to show you
in addition to Pretty Rhythm!

By the way, this week we’ll be introducing
NARUTO Blood Prism The Movie which comes out on 7/30.

Please check it out ^^

On July 24th…

Is the “Transition to digital TV” day!
a special show brought to you by TV Tokyo ^^

Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima will still have analog for a little bit more
but aside from those areas, from the 24th onward,
the analog signal will just be white noise…
Have all of you guys prepared to switch to digital yet??

The other day I did a recording for the “DigiTV Train”
which was an event aimed to spread information about digital TV
and we borrowed the entire Yamanote train line just for it

On that day, we did recordings for 3 shows
the first of which was “Pokemon Smash!”
which airs on the 24th 7:30am ~ 8:30am
The digiTV ambassador, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi also dropped by
and we had a Pokemon battle!
Please check it out ^^

And then,
On the night of the 24th at 7pm
“Disney’s 3 hour live special!”
We will be celebrating the transition to digital TV
with a 3 hour live special from Tokyo Disney Resort!
There will be a ton of information about this summer
that you won’t want to miss!!

It’s really amazing so please check it out ♪

For more information go here ^^ ↓

Lately it’s been warm, but also a little cold from the rain hasn’t it.
Since it’s July, I’ve pretty much been eating noodles to keep feeling fresh
but since it was a bit chilly yesterday, I made sure to have some hayashi rice ^^

With such big changes in temperature continuing on,
you’ve got to remember to get proper nutrition and stay healthy.

Also, don’t forget to prepare for the digital tv transition!! ^^

Nadeshiko number 1 ☆

I was really so touched

Congrats to Nadeshiko Japan on being #1!!
*Nadeshiko is the female football association

The women’s World Cup finals! Japan vs America
There was no way I was going to miss it
so I set my alarm clock and took a short nap
then woke up and was fully awake to watch the game!

The match was by no means an easy one for Japan.
The American defense was practically impenetrable
and their offense was so aggressive on the Japanese goal…
There was a difference in physique as well

The American player Wambach is 181cm tall?!…
Sheesh, I wish she’d share some of that height (lol)

Having never won a match against America before
this was certainly going to be tough

But with Ando going 1 on 1 against the keeper
and Kaihori making a nice save against Wambach’s header
and that really close cross from Ohno to Ando…!
after all that…

America was first to take the lead 0 – 1
But!! Miyama brought us back with a goal 1 – 1
I was so excited at this point

And then extra time,
… in the first half, America’s Wambach added another goal 1 – 2

With the American defense tightening up and time running out…
Captain Sawa scored the game tying goal!!! 2 – 2!

It was really turning into one of those epic games you can’t miss! >< But right before time ran out, Japan was given a red card and our last obstacle would be an American free kick I was like "Please please please...!" the entire time in front of the TV And an another amazing save happened! So we went straight into penalty kicks And what a wonderful PK round it was!! Kaihori had such nice saves!! Actually because I had done futsal in the past, I had met the Nadeshiko girls before... so I felt like I really connected with them as I watched Especially Kaihori I myself was a goal keeper so I really felt like I knew what was going through Kaihori's mind at the time School wise she was actually one year ahead of me, but actual age wise we were the same. So I could really relate ^^ As a goal keeper you face so many crucial moments and with 3 keepers on the roster when you are the one selected to play in such an important match... you're happy but it's tough because you don't want to let the team down And most importantly, those penalty kicks determine the winner. What was going through Kaihori's mind I wonder "Is extra time starting right away?" Maybe that? She was so amazing with her save on Wambach's shot and her kick save against the first PK shot. Now I know I'm not the best person to give commentary about football but I just really like the game And having experienced a game like this and blogging about it you would think I would come up with something deep or inspiring to say... >< but I was just really moved by the game so I decided to write about it ^^ Falling behind, then catching up, then falling behind again, then catching up again... this was by no means an easy game it was a fight all the way to the finish and that was simply amazing. I've talked to a few people about it now and they've said it made them appreciate again how important it is to never give up Right before the PK round started the "circle of smiles" really impressed me But more than anything the joy in their faces when they won and how they held each other in the tense moment before So my writing has turned to garbage now... but sports really is just so amazing!! Nadeshiko Japan, thank you for everything! And congratulations! ...I'll keep these feelings in my heart and work hard myself! or some kind of feeling like that ^^