This week I’ll be heading two particular conferences.

Allow me to introduce them

They are from “Finding a commonality through talking can close gaps”

So for that, I was asked to chair the meeting,
and in the script was
“By the way, I’m from ______ prefecture”
that particular scene.

“…so for that scene, am I supposed to just start talking about myself?”
I wasn’t sure so I went to ask

and when I did
I was told about building connections with the guests that were coming
they said when someone says “Oh hey I’m from the same area”
doesn’t that start a new connection between you and that person?

I can see that, if you’re from the same town, or share a birthday
or have gone through the same things…
When you have that while meeting someone for the first time
you can already feel a connection to that person

So I was like “Oh I see!”

Of course it was still a meeting environment
so those types of things were taken in context…
But I hope to keep on learning about this as I experience
more meetings or chair more events like these

Sports, news, variety
on scene reporting
and leading various conferences

I feel that an announcer must have many abilities.
Which makes me realize once again how amazing my senpais are… ^^

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