Fukuchan Festival


Fukuchan images


(First shot)
Taking off her parka halfway, Manager-san fixing her outfit←Fukuchan♪
and on the inside, Rihoriho in the middle of shooting for the unedited pictures…(*^o^*)
This, the whole thing, was taken secretly!(b^ー°)☆


(Second shot)
Fukuchan taking off her parka halfway, I just liked it so much so, I came closer and took a picture V(^-^)V♪
Mmhmm, adorable


(Third shot)
Peace with trees in back!!!!



Fukuchan was, in the neighboring seat on the plane to Hawai and,
we talked a bunch \(^ー^)/


We got along so much, it was great!!!
Seriously (≧∇≦)


We got along so much, we got so excited, the two of us were pumped up, it must of seemed quite noisy…(-.-;)
Manager-san ended up warning us (^。^;)


I’m sorrrrry…


Since we got warned, we talked softly..(lol)


It was fun O(≧∇≦)o ♪♪


2011/7/28 23:34

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