Tokyo Disney Resort 3hr special

Last Monday, on the 24th
was the digital tv transition day, yep

and we had a live feed from the Tokyo Disney Resort.

At noon we introduced this show with Mickey and friends.

There were a ton of guests
and as expected it was very popular! ^^

Also during the day and evening we covered the “Broadway Music Theatre”

The was a “Special Show” only available for that day,
so we did several reports from that theatre!

“It’s starting to glow~” I started to say…
but then I had a big failure. One that I won’t forget…
When thinking about it in retrospect,
I had forgotten the advice of my senpais
But I’ll continue to work hard
so I don’t make that type of mistake again!

We showcased so many attractions from
Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea in those 3 hours

It really is an amazing wonderland.

Next time hopefully I can go there to play instead of just for work ♪

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