Our show Moe x Kon
Airs every night from Monday to Sunday

This week we have a photo shoot as well!

For this Moe x Kon
Because of our names, Ueda is in pink and I’m in blue for the logo
but in actuality, as for the color we like the most, it’s actually reverse.
Since I like pink and Ueda likes a light blue
we have a lot of clothes of those colors…

I wonder if the staff guys have picked up on that
Here are our outfits for today ^^

The first time we did the MoeKon pose it was kinda awkward
but now that we’ve done it over and over… it looks a little more natural?? ^^;

And as usual we’ll be introducing a lot of different things as well!
For example, Pretty Rhythm, which is very popular with the girls

We got a really young guest to come on our show
and show us a 〇〇 dance
What kind of dance is it you ask?
Well please check it out when it airs… ^^
And of course we’ll have a ton of other things to show you
in addition to Pretty Rhythm!

By the way, this week we’ll be introducing
NARUTO Blood Prism The Movie which comes out on 7/30.

Please check it out ^^

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