“Alk Road” airs 8/8 ~ 8/19

“Alk Road”

Those old fashioned towns. Those loveable towns.

It is a show where a street guide and Announcer Morita
(w)alk through and showcase towns
* Konkon pun on walk/alk

We also made an appearance on the show so we went for a recording!

For some reason, us two newcomers get to work
with Announcer Morita a lot ^^
And on that day, Announcer Morita taught us a lot of stuff

The broadcast will be from 8/8 ~ 8/19
11:00 ~ (E morning uchi) ^^

By the way, we walked by the area I used to live in.
I haven’t had a chance to visit that area lately… so it was very nostalgic.
Back then there was a great takoyaki (and taiyaki) shop I always used to
pass by, but I never got the chance to go, so the staff guys
found it and we ended up going there!

And there was a newcomer right of passage? A certain… “tough report” to give;

As well as an appearance by this cat?

Where exactly did we end up going, please watch to find out… ^^

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  1. i like how aloof, how timid, gentle and shy with a twist of breeezy inferiority & insecurity konkon looks in this pic

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