Shy person?


Today, everyone in Morning Musume。 had a photo shoot!
First★photo shoot after Gaki-san and Aika have graduated!


At the place 『Hey, new leader!』 or, 『Heーe』 they said to meo(^▽^)o



I got embarrassed(//∇//)lol



To Sayumi, it’s like you know、、
I’m a shy person I think (lol)



Iikubo, she’s really good at praising people,
So cute!
Aww Michishige-san, you’re so good
etc, I got so embarrassed being told that,
I didn’t know how to reactー


It makes me happy but、、、


When I was talking with Iikubo today, Sayumi,
『Iikubo you look like a doll, so cute!』
told her,
she praised me back with,
『No no, Michishige-san is better!』


Something like that!
I vaguely remember the details(;;’Д`;;)



I think Iikubo is too fixated on praising others,
that our manager said 『Michishige you lose』・・・・・・・(lol)


I’m really embarrassed!


Just looking people straight in the face makes me feel shy。。
What strange is I don’t feel this way during handshake events!♪


Eye contacts with the other members on stage makes me sooo nervous(lol)


So, photos!
First one, 2shot with Reina!!!!!!!!



Second one, Maachan who was throwing her head aroundヾ(*>∀<)ノ゛


Third one, When Maachan was told 『Do a pose』, somehow she stuck this pose!? It’s a real mystery♪~(*´∀`*)~~(*´∀`*)~♪




2012/5/19 21:46


2012-05-19 14:23:04



Gonna Upload the pictures now










Excited me before the start of the show.
I was so nervous that I broke a smile. LOL






The last group huddle cheer!












All pea-green pen lights。。







Putting together 10 years of gratitude…







Ikuta tearing up, seeing me in that form








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Aika also graduated from Morning Musume。 yesterday in the Budokan concert!


Sayumi never expected, to be watching Aika leave、、。




I have a lot of memories, with Aika, not just at work, but in private as well(*^_^*)


We ate meals, took sticker pictures, practiced singing at karaoke, went around to pet shops♪♪♪


It was so much fun! But, we’ll meet in private again o(^▽^)o
We’re going to have fun again♪


You know♪



2012/5/19 15:21



Good morning!♪


It’s been one night since the concert yesterday!


Even so, it still unreal that Gaki-san and Aika has graduated、、


Today, we’re already doing a photoshoot as the newly reborn Morning Musume, maybe it will finally hit me。。



Pictures, are from after the show, with Gaki-san↑
Third one, is Sayumi watching Gaki-san sing from the side of the stage(´ ▽`)


When Gaki-san was singing,
I thought, ahh Gaki-san, she’s graduating,
Thinking about all the times having fun laughing in the dressing room with Gaki-san.
When Sayumi had things she only wanted to talk to Gaki-san about she always put on a smile and listened to the whole thing,
the two of us talking about the new members,
a lot of things came to mind!


Honestly it makes me sad, but,
Gaki-san’s singing voice is so pleasant to listen,
Ahh for Gaki-san this graduation will take her to the next stage
like it makes me rethink my feelings from Gaki-san’s singing
therefore Sayumi will also be doing her best(*^_^*)



Really, Sayumi considers Gaki-san to be a very very important person,
What will happen from here on, and the anxiety from yesterdays,
I was able to whine after the show、、


now I have a change of heart!


The group wouldn’t be good if the leader is so weak (lol)


Therefore, I will not be whining anymore~♪
I’ll be reliable!!!!!


Hope I can be reliable (lol)


Gaki-san said,
『From now on, we can go have meals together, not as fellow members, but as regular female companions~~~』
I was so happy to be told that♪



Gaki-san, I love you!


Congratulations on your graduation!!


2012/5/19 07:47

Lingering memory。

2012-05-19 05:30:28



Good morning



There’s not time to linger, I have work early in this morning!



off I go!!






I still got many many photos from yesterday so I’ll take my time to upload them!



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Thank you、thank you、thank you!

2012-05-18 23:37:06









Thank you for all the love。。



I’ve graduated from Morning Musume!!



It’s all thanks to everyone, that I have come this far。


Being able to meet everyone、、


meeting so many friends along the way、、





Being able to be a part of Morning Musume。




Everything everything、、



are all treasures to me。





Thank you。。



Starting tomorrow, it’s a new chapter of my life!
I’ll be moving forward steadily!



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Thank you!
Morning Musume。 spring concert tour final!
As well as, Gaki-san and Aika’s graduation ceremony。。



has ended without a hitch!



The feeling of tension was so great(≡Д≡;)


The concert itself was a lot of fun,
Aika’s graduation ceremony,
Gaki-san’s graduation ceremony,


I was so moved!!!!


The pictures with Gaki-san, the pictures with Aika,
feelings toward the 2 of them、、


It’s over just a while ago, the 2 of them graduating, the reality of it still hasn’t hit me


I’ll update about this tomorrowo(^▽^)o!



since Gaki-san has graduated,
Morning Musume’s leader,



is now me, Michishige Sayumi.



To be honest, I’m a bit worried about this、、
but I’ll do my best like the usual me!



If you don’t mind, please look after me!


The 11th generation audition has also been announce、、
I hope a lot of girls will enter in the audition♪(人´∀`*)


Please continue your support for the ever evolving Morning Musume。!!!


2012/5/19 00:39

Finally…Nippon Budokan

2012-05-18 17:24:36


At last…May 18th has come



If you ask me, How do I feel?
It feels very strange



I thought, I should go to sleep early! But couldn’t sleep at all…


I keep on reading and reading and read…everyone’s comments.



Thanks everyone, for all the comments









This will be my last blog post
as Niigaki Risa of Morning Musume。…




Different emotions flowing through my heart…





Off I go





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Good morningーーー.


Everyone, did you all sleep last night!?







secret(。 >艸<)!




well, it’s not like it needs to be a secret!(LOL)




I didn’t, get much sleepーー(|||_|||)
Since today is the important day,
I kept thinking I need to sleep early, need to sleep early that, I ended up couldn’t fall asleep(;;’Д`;;)



Today, is the Budokan concert!
Last day of the spring tour!


We will be meeting a lot of people at Budokan,
also there’s going to be live viewing at movie theaters around the country,
so a lot of people will be watching Morning Musume today!


I’m really looking forward to it(*≧▽≦)



As well as,
it’s Gaki-san and Aika’s graduation ceremony!


Alright. Today, let’s have fun!
A concert only the current 12 members of Morning Musume can do



The photo, is with Gaki-san!!


2012/5/18 08:17

Feelings that can not be put into words.

2012-05-17 21:50:35


Finally, it’s tomorrow.



How will it turn out.



How is it going to feel.




Even if I’m so restless and excited
it feels pretty strange…





The day that ends my 10 year career with Morning Musume。 which I love.




Steadily, as Niigaki Risa of Morning Musume。
…I hope to burn a firm image into everyone’s mind…








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