Risa Deco "Episode 2 Part 2"

I’m crafting right now~!!
Look look~!!!

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I’m sparkling things up with these simple donut things ~(>∀<)☆☆
Also for the round 2 we have..!!

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*thinking about how to praise this* ~~~
Last time I did a cool and stylish design, but this time… it’s like this ♪
I tried to go for a pretty feeling >∀<
For the girls who love sweets
Please look forward to it~

Risa Deco "Episode 2"

This time for Risa☆Deco… tada!!

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The very essential compact mirror ー(o^∀^o)ノ
so then.. what kind of design should I make…(>д<)!!
I’m thinking right now!!
By the way, I have that special space reserved in my room for Risa☆Deco remember?
But even then, preparation and setup still takes a lot of time (^ ^:)
But I’m gonna give it my best to make this

Wait for it yaーーーーーーーーーー

Risa Deco "Report ☆"

Hello thereeeee \(●>∀<●)/
Right now, I’m prepping for round 2!!
Here is a quick status update ☆
Some how…
One part of my room has turned into a Risa Deco exclusive use corner!!

gaki blog   gaki blog

We’re in business now ↑Fu↑(●>∀<●)ノ
And.. and..!!
During the handshake session..!
Everyone kept saying “I’m looking forward to your Risa Deco!!”
I also got so many e-mails.. I’m so happy!!
Right now the staff is organizing all the emails
so I can slowly read through all of them
Anyways, the item for round 2…
ヾ(o^□^o) hehehe
Please look forward to it~

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I’ll have it uploaded pretty soon so wait for it ☆
I’ll be working my hardest (●>0<●)q))ぉー!!

Risa Deco "Announcement of Episode 1's winner"

At this time I would like to thank everyone for their
numerous applications and comments in regards to the one of a kind Risa Deco’d card holder!
Also, I would like to announce the winner of the card holder!

Pen name


We plan to ship the item out around the middle of September.
Please look forward to it ☆彡

Risa Deco "Episode 1 Present"

One lucky fan club member will win the one-of-a-kind “business card holder” that Niigaki deco’d by answering the questions below and submitting them to a lottery!

1. What item do you want Niigaki to deco next?
2. What are your thoughts on Risa Deco so far?

I’ll be waiting for all your replies ♪

For PC users click here

For cell phone users, send your answers to the above questions in an email to ~~~~~

Submission deadline: 8/21 6pm

— sorry I’m not posting the submission info, but wish me luck! —

Risa Deco "Episode 1"

Episode 1

Good afternoon

Eh… The design this time was made so that guys… and girls can both carry this item(>∀<)vブイ☆

For example you can bring it when you’re heading off to the office….
Or you can use it as a card, like a point card holder
It’s something you can be glad to use on a regular basis\(●>∀<●)/☆三

The theme was “Cool Beauty”!
What will be Deko☆Risa-ified next I wonder↑ ?!!(〃>∀<〃)/

Please look forward to it☆☆

Risa Deco

Risa Deco

Risa Deco