Training Diary 3

Good afternoon


I had another training day with my senpais!


For our lesson with senpai Shimada-san,
we practiced talking in a loud voice over and over




was the word, and I practiced saying that word as loud as I could over and over.


The “Ma” part was pretty easy to say in a loud voice


but with the 3 of us saying “Ma-o-u Ma-o-u” over and over…
it gave the room such a weird atmosphere



But I guess that’s a common thing in speech ^^


My maximum volume is still pretty low,
but when I hear Shimada-san’s loudest voice,
I can really see how one’s voice can be a powerful weapon.


For example, if you’re calling for help in an accident or emergency
or for girls, when you’re out walking at night and someone approaches you


With that kind of voice I’m sure you would get noticed
… is what was going through my mind as I listened to my senpai’s voice


So I’m going to train hard to get a louder voice!!


Also, speaking uses up a lot of energy
so I gotta make sure I get proper nutrition


Today, I brought my favorite pumpkin with lotus root and beans
sprinkled with sesame seeds



Although I ate more than just this… ^^


Lunch time is an important time to recharge your energy


After that, I went into my afternoon training
And after that I wrote in my training diary



I summarized all of the things I learned throughout the day.
I learned a lot of new things today.


I’ll be hard at work again tomorrow!

Training Diary 2

Good afternoon


I’ve been working hard during my training again today!


Allow me to introduce my training buddy
This is something we got this week. An accent dictionary.



Since the bookstore didn’t have any on hand I had to get a back order for them,
so last week we borrowed books from our announcer senpais Saito-san and Shiraishi-san


but this week, I now have my own accent dictionary.


I still need to practice a lot on my breathing, speaking and vowel pronunciation,
and I haven’t had a lot of practice reading scripts so,


I’ll be looking up a lot of words that come up when I don’t know how they should sound.



I did a lot of talking today and used up a lot of energy
so I’m pretty hungry,


I guess I’ll go have a big dinner now ^^


I’ll update again tomorrow!

Training Diary 1

Good afternoon


I’m going into my 2nd week of announcer training.
Every day our senpais are taking turns giving us lectures,
and advice.


They taught us that in addition to our breathing and speaking,
for announcers it also important to be prepared with a wealth of background knowledge.


When I read newspapers though
I feel like the amount of knowledge I have is so tiny…


But I hope to get in the habit of looking things up
and stop leaving things unknown!


Also, my colleague Ueda,
(I always call her Mo-chan, but I’ll use her last name here)


was like “I’m going to start bringing flats (shoes) from now on”!


Since it’s so much easier to speak without heels on,
I’ll be doing the same starting tomorrow ^^



Breathing and speaking.
In order to be able to speak clearly I need to practice these fundamentals so,
I hope to build up more and more of this every day through practice!


Time to work hard again tomorrow!




I am Konno Asami and as of 2011 I will be an announcer for the TV Tokyo corporation


The other day we had our induction
and now this week we will be finding our assignments for the different announcer divisions



I will do my best to uphold the duties and responsibilities of a TV Tokyo employee.



I’m not really used to setting up blogs,
so it took me forever to log in today…


But as a new blogger,
I hope to update as much as I can, please support me.



And now, off to training!