Posted on 2012/7/16 by Niigaki Risa


We’ve safely conluded the Minori play!


Everyone who made your way down to the theater, truly thank you so much★


With everyone gave their support we were able to get to our closing ceremony!!!


And, I’m filled with feelings of gratitude for everyone I’ve gotten to meet through this play…


I feel like from here, I want to get to another level, I want to get there!!




Thank you so much!


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Have you done it?

Posted on 2012/7/9 by Niigaki Risa




Mi→  Minori, the play
No→  Nokorioshii (tl: reluctant)
Ri→  This was Risa.


Mi→  Miosameyo (A last look)
No→  Nokorazu Miteru ne (Watch it in it’s entirety)
Ri→  R(i)eaction


Mi→ Minna de (with everyone)


No→Norikoedzukutta Butai (The play we had put together)


Ri→Risateki niwa…Minna ni maji kansha (For Risa, she’s really grateful to everyone)




There’s two shows left!


I’m going to enjoy them!


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Posted on 2012/6/28 by Niigaki Risa


Messing around with Hyogiー




Hyogi has these coolー sunglasses so, I took a snapshot like this


Hyogi really notices a lot, when he’s not eating he’s quietly bringing jelly, and making coffee for everyone。↓




Thank you for everythingー!!(●”)


komawo~ (tl: korean for thanks)


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At Last!!

Posted on 2012/6/28 by Niigaki Risa


We’re right before the performances!!!






At the practice all with everyone, it’s a commemoration photo★


Everyone is really just wonderful,
I’ve blessed, truly…


With everyone, we’ve made this play!


I want it to succeed without fail★


Please wait for it kay


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Posted on 2012/6/23 by Niigaki Risa


A snapshot with Tanaka-san who plays the role of Papa!




I got a picture taken!


Borrowing Papa’s hunting cap★


For some reason we’re in front of the girl’s dressing room. lol




From now we’re gonna raid the girls dressing room
the shot ended up having that kind of feeling to it. lol


No no, Tanaka-san is not that kind of person!!(●”)


His smile is kind, even on the Minori stage he’s enveloped in a Papa’s warmth!


Ahーthe Minori performances are approaching soon~


DokiWaku exciting! Guha!


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