Gifu Specialty☆

2013-01-21 16:15:31


For lunch,
mentai cream udon♪♪♪



It was yummyyy dokidoki


The Gifu specialty ☆ Keechan ☆ that’s what it’s called,
Cabbage and Chicken, fried with miso and given with a onigiri too pinktwinkle



The udon, Keechan, and onigiri,
I ate them all~note


The members were…


From the left,
Ishida Ayumin dokidoki
Sayumi dokidoki
Fukuchaーn dokidoki


For dessert the restaurant people brought out peach sherbetーXD


Before I took the picture I ate some of it so, it’s half eaten, lol


The fresh peaches in it were yummy


Coming up at 18:00~ at MALera-Gifu is our handshake event pinkheart


If you like, please come by kayyy dmheart dmheart dmheart


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Woven Braids♪

2013-01-21 11:07:01


For yesterday’s concert, the second show, I had woven braids


It’s a little blurry qmark qmark qmark






Those braids, they’re well done~ I was happy whenever someone told me that XD pinktwinkle




Ah, and, for the afternoon show,
I had done twintails for the first time in awhile but…


From the new member Oda Sakura-chan,


“Seeing Michishige-san’s twin tails, they’re so cute, it feels like a good thing dokidoki


that’s what she said~V



And so,


“Well, if it came out good, it’s thanks to Sayumi dokidoki


I said back (lol)


Today, we’re doing a handshake event at MALera-Gifu note
If you like, please come dheart



I’ll be waitiーーーーーーng dmheart


In the time until the handshake event, we get to take satisfaction in Gifu XD yot


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11 People☆

2013-01-20 21:50:15


Today, was the Hello!Project Concerts in Nagoya note


Everyone who came dmheart thanks so much dokidoki



Yesterday and today was Hello!Concerts in Nagoya,
During last years Morning Musume。 Fall Tour I kept saying


“Our first performance with 11 all together including new member Oda is the 2013’s New Year’s Hello!Concert. Look forward to it!”


That said, it’s been realized for the first time up up up


Since New Year’s Satou’s been resting but, Satou’s come back, and so everyone’s gathered for the first time, and we got to do a LIVE with 11 of us for the first time ! dmheart


I was really happy pinkheart


I took a picture with new member Oda-chan blackspark





And in 3 days!
1/23 is the first single since the 11th gen member joined, “Help me!!”‘s release day yot


The MV is here→



This week, we’re doing all kinds of release events and handshake events so, everyone by all means please come kay dokidoki


Tomorrow, at Gifu prefecture’s MALera-Gifu, is a handshake event yot
Those of you with the time, by all means


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2013-01-20 17:36:49


Recently you know, Mom and Big sis-chan and I, the three of us went shopping dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki



At the time, I came across this pinkheart XD



This shiny KiraKira yot yot yot yot yot yot yot


iPhone Case!! dmheart dmheart dmheart





Isn’t it cute?



Un, really very cute~dheart


It’s Sanrioーdmheart
Beside Hello Kitty was bears


I was struggling over all~kinds of shiny KiraKira cases but…
Hello Kitty and KikiLala,


But, I’m charmed by the bear


The bear is cute~






Going shopping with my family was fun, and encountering this bear, I’m veーry happy


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Thanks! Place 2

2013-01-19 23:58:16


Everyone…Thank you so much for all the warm comments pinkheart


Just now, I cried reading the comments at the hotel.


Wailing (lol)


Everyone is so warm



There’s all kinds of things but you know,
Sayumi, from here on will keep doing her best dokidoki


Really, thanks!!!




Today you know… From my juniors we got 10th anniversary congratulations dmheart


From the four 10th gen members, we got letters and chocolates





At the time I was so happy I ended up crying involuntarily…(lol)


It wasn’t something sad, I cried from happiness like I never have before so,


More than I thought myself, I felt like I was appropriately happy, right Sayumi-chan heart heart heart lol



Hooked in by Sayumi, Iikubo and Kudou were teary eyed too (lol)



Thinking about it, Sayumi cried a lot today huh (lol)(lol)


All of the ten gen dmheart the other day had probably prepared this? Even though they were busy…thinking about it, I’m starting to cry againーーーーT_T



And and, from the four 9th gen members and 11th gen member Oda Sakura-chan,
we got a colored paper present



They took the time to make it for usss



Truly, thanks!!!!!



By the way, the cake is fro everyone


It was yummy


Everyone, thank you so very much dmheart


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2013-01-19 21:38:21


Today in Nagoya, we had concerts


Everyone who came,
thank you so much dokidoki



Today, for the 6th gen members, it’s the 10th Anniversary, 1/19.


On this very day having a concert, it felt like fate blackspark



From the stage,


I saw people wearing Sayumi Tshirts,


From the bottom of my heart dokidoki Thanks dokidoki I thought.



I saw “10th Anniversary, Congratulations” boards,
to prepare that especially for us,
and remembering that it is,


I was really happy





But really, I wanted to spend more time commemorating this 10th Anniversary with everyone


Doing events with Reina, just the two of us, talking about memories, memories of singing, I wanted to do it all.


Even though we just now hit the 10 year mark,
Reina is graduating in the spring so, even though we’re just now there…



and even though we’re plan to have Tshirts out too…





When it was finished, in the dressing room,
with all the other members,


They celebrated Sayumi and Reina’s 10th year in Morning Musume。


Thank you, so much dokidoki





Today, I wanted to sing, Akai Freesia…


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10th Anniversary

2013-01-19 00:07:15


1/19 dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki dokidokidokidoki dokidoki




The Morning Musume。 6th gen members yot




10th Anniversary !! !! !! !!



Being one of my beloved Morning Musume。,
a full 10 years…



Really all kinds of things have happened blackspark


Fun things,
lonely things,



well it’s still early to start looking back huh



That said, from here on, Sayumi will keep doing her best as Morning Musume。


Just let me say this.


Sayumi, up until now, these 10 years,
what’s turned up is,



because of the support from all the fans dmheart



Getting to meet everyone, I really feel glad to have that


Good Sayumi,
Bad Sayumi,
you say you like her, that you’ll follow her, for that, really thank you dmheart



From here on too, I might be a little shameless but,
I feeling full of support from everyone that’s why (lol)


Please treat me well kayーーー



6th gen members are the strongest !!







All of Sayumi’s family.


Sayumi has her family’s understanding and love so she can do her best dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki



I loーーーーve you


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2013-01-18 23:42:17


Work is finishedーーpinkheart pinkheart pinkheart




Today, I had six jobs



Sheesh, I’m completely exhausted HetoHeto (lol)



Help me!!


that’s how it feels~(lol)



Ah, speaking of Help me!!,


Morning Musume。’s 1/23 released single “Help me!!”‘s MV has quite recently been put up dokidoki


Of course, you’ve seen it right??



Those of you who haven’t, by all means please watch







Please do me the favor dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki


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