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Theme:Morning Musume。


Good Afternoon[みんな:01][みんな:02][みんな:03]



Today is the Fukuoka concertsビックリマークビックリマークビックリマーク



From Ikuta’s family,




ドキドキTapioca Juiceドキドキ


as refreshments~[みんな:04][みんな:05][みんな:06]



I’m so happyラブラブ



They are so yummyラブラブ



Yesterday, Ikuta asked, “Which tapioca juice would be good?” and showed us the menu,



Each of us 1 by 1, we got to request the tapioca we wanted to drink ourselves[みんな:07][みんな:08][みんな:09]



Thanks so much[みんな:10]


For Sayumi, the tapioca she requested was,




ドキドキCoconut Milk Teaドキドキ


That’s what it is[みんな:11]



With member’s triumphant return concerts,


getting wonderful refreshments from the member’s families is one of the things I look forward to[みんな:12][みんな:13]



It was quite hot in my mouth but…


Thanks to the tapioca juice, it’s refreshedチョキ



I’ll do my best for the showーーー[みんな:14][みんな:15]




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2013-04-06 22:54:23


Well you know…



I heard it from the fans at handshakes and stuff but…



And with yesterday’s Shizuoka performance or today’s Hiroshima performance…( ←Kinda vague huhあせる Sorry.)


[みんな:03][みんな:04]For the 6th Gen Members[みんな:01][みんな:02]


with Morning Musume。 Solo Concerts!!


it seems we hit 600!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ドキドキドキドキドキドキアップアップアップ






Getting to do 600 concerts well, it’s so amazing, for Sayumi and Reina.


And, learning it was amazing too, from the fans.



Thanks so much!



I love concertsラブラブ


From here on too, Reina and I, the 2 of us…
and, after Reina graduates, I alone…


Will go and improve on the number of 6th gen member concerts[みんな:06]



As Morning Musume。 I wonder how many concerts total Sayumi has done??



700………1000 maybe?(lol)



Doing that much, it’s truly amaziーng[みんな:07][みんな:08][みんな:09]



If I did 1000 then ya know~



Congratulate me kay?[みんな:10](lol)



In commemoration of solo concerts hitting 600…[みんな:11]





A close upドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキ





Even when it’s not a particular commemorative day,


don’t you always put up close up pictures anyway?[みんな:12](lol)



From here on too…


please continue to support us[みんな:13][みんな:14]



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2013-04-06 21:40:15


Good Evening[みんな:01]





Was the Hiroshima prefecture Morning Musume。 concert[みんな:02][みんな:03][みんな:04][みんな:05]



When you say Hiroshima~ it’s Hiroshima native~



Sayashi RihoRiho[みんな:06][みんな:07][みんな:08]


When Sayashi during the concert MC said, “I’m home~,” and everyone in the sall said, “Welcome home~,”


In my heart I said, “OkaeRihoRiho~ (tl: “Welcome RihoRihome”),”(lol)



Sayashi’s family gave us these snacksキラキラ


It was yummy[みんな:13][みんな:14]


Thank you so muchビックリマーク



Today, more than usual,,
I got to see lots of fired up Sayashi, and cute RihoRiho[みんな:09]


RihoRiho’s triumphant return concert音譜



It was[みんな:10]a grand successアップアップ合格



RihoRiho and Sayumi two shotチョキ


Cute huh[みんな:11]








The two of usドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキlol


For the fun time, thank you so much[みんな:12]



Tomorrow is~ドキドキ


concerts in Fukuoka[みんな:15]


Reina and Ikuta’s triumphant return concert huhニコニコ


Member’s triumphant return concerts are again wonderfulキラキラキラキラキラキラ


I’m looking forward to tomorrow tooーラブラブラブラブ


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Good Morning♪

2013-04-06 08:06:45


Good Morning♪♪♪






we’re going to Hiroshiima [みんな:04]


for Morning Musume。 concerts[みんな:05]





it’s the first concert in about two weeksショック!



I hope I got the strength for itー[みんな:06]



My through too[みんな:07][みんな:08]



And and, the weather worries me too汗


Everyone coming to the concert,


Everyone going out,


Please be careful kayyyyy[みんな:09][みんな:10]


I want to eat some Hiroshima prefecture Okonomiyaki~ドキドキ


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Hello!Pro Family!

2013-04-06 02:10:37


The live broadcast ofドキドキ『Souhoukou Quiz Tenkatouitsu』ドキドキ


Those of you who saw it[みんな:01]



Those of you who participated[みんな:02]



Thank you so very much[みんな:03][みんな:04]



The Hello!Pro Family[みんな:05][みんな:06][みんな:07]


With the quiz, even though we couldn’t take the country,



The Hello!Pro Family Troop was number 1アップ There were so many people!!ラブラブラブラブラブラブ


I was reaーーーlly happyキラキラ


Thank you so much[みんな:10][みんな:11]


I was so energetic for the show,


I can say my throat hurtsーーーーーあせるあせるあせる




Tomorrow is concertsビックリマークドキドキ


Saying things like my throat hurtsー, this isn’t the time to be saying it[みんな:08]





I’ll do my bestーーー恋の矢



With Fudanjuku’s Seimyouji Uramasa音譜


For Sayumi’s Radio show[みんな:12]Konya moドキドキUsachan Peaceチョキチョキshe came on as a guest~ドキドキドキドキドキドキ


She’s really easy to talk to[みんな:13]




Somehowーーー for tomorrow, it seems like it’ll be stormy!!!?



Let’s be careful kay!!!!!!ラブラブ


I’m once again grateful for the power of all the Hello!Pro fans[みんな:14][みんな:15][みんな:16]




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Live broadcast♪♪♪

2013-04-05 20:35:31




As the Hello!Pro Family Team,


Michishige Sayumiドキドキ Tanaka Reinaドキドキ Wada Ayakaドキドキ Fukuda Kanonドキドキ


These four[みんな:01]



are appearing on NHK Sougou
『Souhoukou Quiz Tenkatouitsu 「Idol」』



The time is, 24:10~25:10キラキラ



For this program we need everyone’s cooperationビックリマーク



By all means, please let’s fight together as the Hello!Pro Family Team!!!!!!アップ



I’m counting on you[みんな:04]
Squeezi~~ng pose!![みんな:05]






Well then~



We’ll do our best[みんな:06][みんな:07]


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Frst Errands

2013-04-05 14:17:41


The other day…



“Today, I’m gonna make you some gratinビックリマーク



Big sis-chan was in high spiritsドキドキドキドキドキドキ



“Well~let’s both go shoppingーkayー,”



so that happened…


Sis-chan and sayumi went to went shopping to get food supplies but[みんな:01]



From Mom too, “Buy this,” she gave us a shopping list on memo paper[みんな:02][みんな:03]



Well now[みんな:04]



We went to get all thaーtニコニコニコニコニコニコ




1、Energetic, bursting RunRun cheerily Sis-chan going shopping[みんな:05]



She looks, so strange[みんな:06][みんな:07][みんな:08][みんな:09][みんな:10][みんな:11][みんな:12][みんな:13][みんな:14][みんな:15]




2、Ah whaはてなマーク The memo’s not hereー!! I forgot it[みんな:17]




3、We called Mom asking what to buy and was able to buy it without problems[みんな:18]



I thought, looking at all the details[みんな:18]







It’s like our first errand…えっ



Seriousーly, being with Sis-chan is funny[みんな:19]


Or maybe I should say, even starting with how she looks, she’s unbelievable (lol)



But, Sis-chan said,


“Little by little if you’re amazingly flashy, you’ll get too flashy, and you’ll be mistaken for a flashy person. I thinkーyaビックリマーク


She said~(lol)



Then, she made the gratin!!!!




It was really super yummy[みんな:20][みんな:21]


Amazing, Sis-chanドキドキビックリマーク


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2013-04-04 22:51:37


The other day,



When I got to go to the Hello!Pro Shop Akihabara store,


Seeing all the Hello!Pro goods bought my energy up[みんな:01][みんな:02][みんな:03]






Sayumi’s favorite 恋の矢the tumblerー恋の矢



“Ad~oraーbleー I want this~,”


I kept saying it then you know…



Today, I got one from the staffドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキ






いちごMichishige Sayumi Tumblerいちご



What do ya~ think~ドキドキはてなマークドキドキ


Everyone too, by all means please GET it~ラブラブラブラブラブラブ



Ah, you shouldn’t have a problem if you GET goods and raw pictures other than the tumbler too right?(lol)[みんな:09][みんな:10]






I wonder if I’ll sarry this tumbler around this summer~[みんな:11]



Big sis-chan will be carrying one too[みんな:12][みんな:13][みんな:14][みんな:15][みんな:16]





I put up lots of picturesラブラブ!


Here’s an extra one too[みんな:19][みんな:20]


Putting up so much, it made you laugh right?[みんな:21][みんな:22]



Well~then~[みんな:17]see ya later~~~[みんな:18]




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Even Though I’m 23…

2013-04-04 19:37:41


Earlier, at a photoshoot,


Eh…even though I’m 23, is it okay!?


that was the feeling wearing an outfit[みんな:01][みんな:02]



the one I was talking about wasーーーーー,










ドキドキIn a uniformドキドキ



that’s what it was~…[みんな:06][みんな:07]




Ho~w is i~tはてなマーク恋の矢



Air glasses style[みんな:08][みんな:09]




Being in a uniform, with whatever the people around me thought,



of course it got my mood upアップアップアップ恋の矢



It’ll be raw pictures for the Hello!Shop goodsドキドキドキドキドキドキ



Everyone by all means please try looking for itーキラキラキラキラキラキラ



I wore lots of cute clothes besides the uniform too~[みんな:10]


I’m still doing my bestー[みんな:11]


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