With Children♪

2012-12-21 13:38:22


I had recording for “COOK Ongaku (tl:Music)” note


Together with these veーry cute, kids dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki




Cute, energetic, and docile…


My heart skipped a beat pinkheart


It did~ XD



When we were going home too, we said “Byebyーe” countless times dmheart


By all means, please watch it kay!!!


The broadcast day → For MBS, 2013/1/19


For SSTV, it broadcasts 2013/1/20


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Downtown DX

2012-12-20 20:07:54


Today I had recording for “Downtown DX” note



It’s been awhile since I got to do a Downtown DX…



I was nervousssss



But, it was fun dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki



I appeared together,
with Arimura Kasumi-sanheart




Arimura-san, she’s 19 blackspark


She was very cute


With Arimura-san, before the show, we shared our nervousness


Appearing together, there were lots of older people but, with the younger…




I somehow felt time passing by (lol)



“Downtown DX”
It broadcasts 2013/1/17 22:00~ blackspark


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