2013-02-22 23:55:25


The picture I updated earlier on the blog of Seratan being coddled by Big sis-chan…


It only had a ti-ny bit of the Tshirt Sis-chan was wearing but…






You really noticed huh!!!




That’s right!!!



It’s Sayumi’s Good Tshirt (lol)






Sis-chan, wears it as lounge wear of course, but also when she goes to family restaurants and stuff too she wears Michishige Tshirts[みんな:04]



Washing too, it’s boldly outside (lol)





Grandma-chan’s usual clothes also is a Sayu Tshirt☆


That is, when golfing or dancing or stuff like, seems like it’s when Grandma-chan goes out with her friendsドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキ


Isn’t it cute, Sayumi’s family[みんな:05]


I loーve them[みんな:06]


The pride in my family[みんな:07][みんな:08][みんな:09][みんな:10]


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2013-02-22 22:05:24


Today is、 2/22[みんな:01][みんな:02][みんな:03]



NyanNyanNyan Day~[みんな:04][みんな:05]
(tl: Japanese 2 = Ni, ni similar to nyan, a cat meow)


That said、


My beloved



Seera Report~[みんな:06][みんな:07]


Beloved fluffy Seera-tan[みんな:08][みんな:09]



Fluffy, if Sayumi were to feel like it too


Stop it[みんな:10][みんな:11][みんな:12][みんな:13][みんな:14]


and Seera-tan wouldn’t let the fluffy go…


Her eyes, opened so much (lol)



Seera-tan being all coddled by Big sis-chan[みんな:15]




Seera-tan concerned with the outside [みんな:16]


Sayumi doodle version[みんな:17]
(tl: Just what kind of place is “outside”? -Seera)



Sis-chan doodle version[みんな:18]
(tl: Just what kind of place is the outside world? -Seera)



Seera, I looーーーve you[みんな:19][みんな:20][みんな:21]



No make-up forehead showing Sayumi (lol)



I hope Seera from here on continues a long stress free life of happiness[みんな:22][みんな:23][みんな:24]


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2013-02-22 11:33:23


Good Morning[みんな:01][みんな:02][みんな:03]



For yesterday’s shoots, I had braided MakiMaki curly hair[みんな:04][みんな:05]



Totally changing the subject but、


Earlier, from my Big sis-chan


while Sayumi was at work


『My Lunch, Mapo Doufu♥』


and then she sent me a picture of Sis-chan’s homemade mapo doufu,


Everyday Sis-chan and I sent each other pictures of lunch but,


everytime I see what Sis-chan is eating, I always end up wanting to eat itー



And so that day


Today at work, when we got catering, of courseー[みんな:06]






Mapo Doufu[みんな:07][みんな:08][みんな:09]


I ordered itチョキ



Even though we’re separated, it’s the sameドキドキドキドキドキドキドキドキ



Sis-chan’s homemade mapo doufu is really yummy so I want to eat some[みんな:10][みんな:11]


Well then, I’ll do my best today too[みんな:12]



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I’ll Show You

2013-02-21 08:01:33


Good Morning!







For everyone、








I haven’t been able to show anything so,






I’ll show you, kay?キラキラ













Self shots[みんな:06][みんな:07]




They’re self shots after yesterdays shoots finished so、


it’s recent Sayumiー[みんな:02][みんな:03][みんな:04]



Well, today’s cold too but, let’s take the time to watch our health, kay?キラキラ



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Good Afternoon

2013-02-20 11:45:50


Everyone Good Afternoon.



It think there are those of you who know about this too but,



On the 16th、
I was absent midway through the individual handshake event that we did in Nagoya,



and on the 17th、
I was absent from the snapshot event & individual handshake event that we did in Hyogo.



For a lot of you, I feel like I worried and inconvenienced you, you have my sincere apologies.



Truly, I am sorry.



For all the fans, I feel like I’ve made you feel sad and anxious.


Truly, please excuse me.



Now, I’m quite better!!!


I read the comments from everyone.
Even though I’ve inconvenienced you,
it’s been nothing but warm comments,
To everyone I am truly grateful.


I haven’t been able to get the words of gratitude I always always have to everyone (>_<)


Really thank you so much.




From here on, I have to manage my health consistently and better than I have until now so that this kind of thing doesn’t happen.


From here on, please treat me kindly.



Michishige Sayumi




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【Announcement From the Staff】

2013-02-16 23:25:22


Today, at Port Messe Nagoya we held the, “Help me!! Release Commemoration” Snapshot & Handshake event, during which due to poor health, the person hosting ahd to take a leave of absence during the event, It has been decided that tomorrow (2/17), she will continue her leave of absence from the Snapshot & Handshake event at Amashin Archaic Hall as well.
To our customers who were looking forward to this, we apologize for the trouble.


Furthermore, in regards to compensating for this from here on, on 3/31 we’re include a transfer for the handshake event being held in Tokyo, as soon as it is determined an announcement will be made available in the future on the official HP.


In regards to the snapshot event, Tomorrow’s A team proceed without Michishige.
The means for compensating for this will be announced in the future.


For the great inconvenience and worry we’ve caused, we ask kindly for your understanding.


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2013-02-16 06:58:26


Good Morning redheart yot



It’s pictures from the goods shoot for the Morning Musume。 event pinktwinkle *Morning Laboー yot




The sale goods you know…


We had senbeiーー



It was yummyー !! blackspark




I’m going here !!



Na…Nabe no shime (commanding nabe)
Go…Gohan wo irete (with cooked rice in it)
Ya…Yappa zousui da yo ne~ (of course it’s zousui~)



That’s right!!





The target of this AIEUO style writing is…


“Nabe no shime
Gohan wo irete”



Oh!!It came out, 5.7.5, a senryuu, comic haiku huh qmark


Just when I thought that~!?


Yappa zousui da yo ne~


That! felt like it betrayed me upupup


that it did (lol)


In that final line, everyone


was going, “amaziーーーーーng”, at least that’s what I imagine as I wrote itーっ\(^o^)/kirakira


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It’s Been Awhile

2013-02-15 21:56:12


Good Evening kirakira



I haven’t been able to really update, sorry.



Well uh…


I’ve gotten just a little bit better…



Since around the middle of January this year, my body has been getting hives…


I’ve even gone to the hospital got treatement.



At first the outbreaks would really just happen on my legs and stomach area,


At those times I’d drink medicine, and rub medicine on and it’d be under control but,



These past 2.3 days,
It’s gotten to my legs, hands, and face too.



Up to my face, I had broken out lots there especially,


In shock, I got in an extra negative mode (lol)



I had gone to every day work as normal but,
I worried everyone since I couldn’t blog, I’m sorry


Right now, it’s mostly subsided.



From tomorrow, we have the snapshot and individual handshake event,
of course I’m goingー pinkheart


I’m counting on you redheart yot dheart yot pinkheart



Now you know,
we finished dance lessons, and I’m veーーry hungryー!!


From now I’m gonna go eat with Momーupupup


I’m gonna eat lots of stuff that’s good for my body pinkheart



It’s kind of late, I wonder if it’s okay to eat a lot…




It’s fine huh (lol)




Ah !!!



It’s a day late but…



Happy Valentine’s *XD



I exchanged chocolates with the other membersー( *´艸`)



Everyone, thanks *XD


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Snow White’s♪

2013-02-13 17:46:41


sweatshirt redheart yot redheart yot redheart yot redheart yot



Isn’t it cute? dheart




It’s one of my favoritesーーV



Today you knowー



I’ve got lots


and lots



of picture shoots heart blackspark



I’ll do my best




With Reina



These are, our own clothesー


Between shoots, talking with Reina is calmingー




↑Sayumi’s face was too weird!!(lol)


But, Reina’s face was cute so, I erased Sayumi’s face wit ha stampー


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2013-02-13 09:52:07


Good Morning



Today the weather is suprisingly good, it’s warm huh~


Thank goodness



Well then, yesterday’s note


pictures sightseeing in Kagawaーpinkheart


We went to the place known as Tamamo Parkyot










And to the area called Sunport too




The sea was close so,


it was so coldーー(lol)



Moreovere, I couldn’t see any fish



I want to go to the aquariumー heart



And, Takamatsu Harbor Station too,





It was fun getting to go to all kinds of places in a really short timeー



The udon was yummy too~


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