Single Songs♪2012

2012-12-31 17:09:45
Theme:Morning Musume。


I thought I’d try looking back at the Morning Musume。 single songs of this yearyot



First off, PyocoPyoco Ultra dnote


Chick outfits,


At first it was shocking but, it was adorable dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki



Next, Gakisan and Aika’s last single note
Ren’ai Hunter!



The choreography was unique XD


And, Morning Musume。’s 50th Single note
Sayumi’s first single after becoming leader




I love these outfits dokidoki note



For One.Two.Three, lots of people listened to it, in some way!!!
The CD sales broke through 100,000
I was really happy for that !!!!


Thank you so much heart


WakuTeka Take a chance dnote


This is another cool song blackspark


This year, to everyone who listened to Morning Musume。’s songs dmheart
Thank you so much!


Next year, I’ll do my best so that even more people listene to Morning Musume。 songs


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Christmas Present☆

2012-12-29 22:58:15


At this year’s yearly ! Morning Musume。 Christmas Present Exchange,
Sayumi, got the present from Fukuchan and…


The present from Fukuchan was, this hoodie I was wearing today dokidoki



It’s FuwaFuwa fluffy and warーm pinkheart


And, it’s got this kitty-chan hood, it’s really adorableー heart



Even at today’s handshake event when it got cold, I was wearing the hoodie and,
even all the fans were saying,
“That hoodies cute,”
a lot dmheart


Fukuchan, thank you so much !!



By the way, Sayumi’s present went to Fukuchan too


We swapped presents


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2012-12-29 09:40:16


The other day, I ate pizza with my family pinktwinkle



ah~♪ It was yummy dokidoki



I had cake too



ah~dnote It was yummy dmheart dmheart


It was just a convenience store cake but, it was really very yummyー RunRun cheery


Everyone, have you eaten something yummy lately?!



Eating something yummy we can do our best right


Today I’m gonna do my bestー


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From Tsunku-san…!

2012-12-28 23:55:43


Good Eveningーpinkheart


Today was all day rehearsalsー


My face is BoroBoro wornー(●’w’●)




For today’s rehearsals, Tsunku♂san had come to watch and.



From Tsunku-san…


“Michishige, you’re fairskinned huhー
Of the members, you are the most transparent”


is what he said,



that’s words of praise dokidoki right?


It’s not like…I don’t have a presence right? (lol)


Getting praise from Tsunku-san, I’m so happーーーy




Apologies for such similar pictures




With Tsunku-san’s words of praise in my heart I’ll do my best tomorrow too !! RunRun cheery


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