In Fukuoka, Just the Two of Us…

2013-01-14 21:19:21


The Fukuoka handshake event is done too blackspark


Lots of people came, I was happyーdmheart


So much thanks


with Fukuoka native, Ikuta Eripon pinkheart



Today, al day, was with Ikuta, just the two of usーXD


It’s been awhile since I’ve just been with Ikuta…





fumbles a lotー(lol)


We got these snakcs from Ikuta’s wonderful father and mother dokidoki


Ichigo Daifuku yot yot yot


It was yummy dmheart
Thank you so much



When it comes to Ikuta, please leave it to me from here too ! (lol)





In the Tokyo area, it seems it’s snowed,
Everyone heading out, please be careful kay


all the new adults,


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2013-01-14 16:35:06


Today is,
the hands event in Nagasaki and Fukuoka yot


Now, the Nagasaki handshake event is finished


Speaking of Nagasakiiiiiup up


Nagasaki chanpon dokidoki


Before the handshake event we reliably ate our bentou too but, after the handshake event finished, we got plenty of it dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki


Naga-chan! that is…
Nagasaki chanponnnnnXD pinktwinkle


dokidoki Specialty chanpon *~<3 stuff o0480064012376574612


It was yummyyy


Face to face with Ikuta Eripon we ate



Originally, Kudou Haruka-chan was gonna be here too but, she’s not feeling well so, she’s off today




That said, it’s a trip with Ikuta, just the two of us


Well, it’s funnyー lol


I’ll do my best pinktwinkle pinktwinkle pinktwinkle


That has different meanings (lol)





Everyone who came to the Nagasaki handshake event, thank you so much dokidoki


There were a lot of girls, it was suprising ! !


It was cold huh
Everyone, really be careful not to get a cold or anything kay


Next is Fukuokaー


Well then, laters sparkly


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2013-01-14 09:05:31


From Sanrioーdmheart dmheart dmheart


I got all kinds of stuff pinkheart



Inside was cookies XD XD XD



Kitty Cookies, cuteーdheart


nori chips note



Plum flavored and brown rice yot yot yot
it’s really yummy up


There’s cute useful stuff…pens blackspark


These mechanical pencils,
using them and using them, the graphite becomes sharp!! Amazing blackspark


Well, today issー!!
I get to do the Nagasaki and Fukuoka handshake event dmheart






I hope to meet lots of you heart


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Good Work Everyone!

2013-01-13 22:47:35


OtsukaReーna dokidoki
Spirit up up Reーna-chan XD pinktwinkle



Today, Reina in the dressing room had her Walkman hooked to the speaker, and together we were singing,
Sayumi took a movie of Reina singing then


I snatched a shot XD


Reina, didn’t notice me taking it at all, it made me laugh !! note



I want to pit the move up on YouTube!!!!!!


Very funny XD


Reina’s natural appearance yot


Ah~I want to show it XD yot


Reina and Sayumi dokidoki


Today too, we laughed a lot heart


With the 3 Nakano Sun Plaza concerts safely finished, it was a relief blackspark


Everyone who came to Nakano Sun Plaza,
everyone who cheered us on in the live viewing,
everyone who couldn’t come this time…


All of you, all, thank you so much



This Hello!Pro concert’s time in Nakano Sun Plaza is finished but,
we’re still continuing on to Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka so I’ll continue doing my best !!



For now, Good Work Everyone dokidoki


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My Turn♥

2013-01-13 05:46:28


GoodーMorning XD





Somehow, her hat floating was funny (lol)


Earlier, Sayumi had said on her blog “Sorry forjust the self-shotsー” right??


Atthe time, Iikubo went dokidoki My turn dokidoki !! and said, “Let’s take a two shot”, and came to my dressing room XD


But, Harunan was funny so, unintentionally, I ended up just taking pics of Harunan





Well, for real on this day I had forgotten to take a two shot
and later, we neatly took one dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki



Haーi! Harunan, thanks for everything


Don’t abandon Sayumi kay~ dmheart lol


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Ishikawa Rika-san♪

2013-01-12 23:18:31


Today’s concert,
as guests, Morning Musume。 OG,
Ishikawa Rika-san came dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki up



These three people, sang together note



From the right,
Berryz Koubou☆Sugaya Risako-chan yot
Morning Musume。OG☆Ishikawa Rika-san pinktwinkle
Morning Musume。☆Michishige Sayumi sparkly



Ishikawa-san was, before, in the unit “Biyuuden”,
and after Biyuuden dissolved,


As “Zoku・Biyuuden”, Risako-chan and Sayumi, in concerts and stuff, would get to sing song from Biyuuden


With that,
Today, as “Original・Biyuuden+Zoku・Biyuuden”,
We got to sing the Biyuuden song, “Koisuru Angel Hearts” blackspark



It was fun dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki



I got to talk with Ishikawa-san for just a little bit, she was funny pinkheart


Thank you so much pinkheart


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2013-01-12 22:05:20


Good Eveningーdmheart dmheart dmheart


Today’s Nakano Sun Plaza Hello!Pro Concert is finished yot
Today, the 12th is Aika’s 20th birthday






Tomorrow is Nakano Sun Plaza concerts too


And that’s three shows too XD yot


I’ll do my bestーーー!!!!!!


Hello!Pro members, a lot of the girls have gotten influenza,
today too, there were a lot of absentees…



Sayumi, till the end,
is energetically gonna have fun yot



Hurry everyone I want you to all get better


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2013-01-12 09:29:52


Mornin’ーdmheart dmheart dmheart


Today at Nakano Sun Plaza, is Hello!Pro Concerts XD


And and, today is, Mitsui Aika-chan’s birthday, she’s working as Hello!Pro Concert’s corner MC!!



Aika, happy birthday! yot


Yesterday we celebrated at the Yantan recording pinkheart



Aika’s picture on the cake XD


Amazing! The quality is so high


Aika, she’s 20 huh…
She’s an adult huh


Have a wonderful year kay dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki



Happy birthday!!!


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2013-01-11 23:33:24


Good Eveningーー!!


It’s been awhile, but all day, I’ve been without make up up


I’m at ease yot XD


And, the mikan, is yummyー note note


It’s a Senbikiya mikan up


At Yantan, I got it~ dmheart dmheart dmheart


I wanted to eat a Mikan since yesterday so,
Nice timing blackspark



Somehow, amongst the Hello!Pro members though, it seems influenza is going around ↓ ↓


Everyone, let’s be careful


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The One in Hawaii

2013-01-11 18:17:02


Since I got the 6th gen DVD, I watched it the other day dokidoki dokidoki



I was so surprised, surprised by just essentially the two of us (lol)


With Reina just the two of us, being natural like this she ended up going into Yamaguchi dialect too…Sayumi did



We took these in Hawaii




Hawaii’s wind, felt great~ pinktwinkle pinktwinkle pinktwinkle


This one piece outfit is cute huh tehe


When I sent Big sis-chan the pic from Hawaii showing her the outfit,


Cute!! Great huh!!


She said that so,
I thought I’d buy one and give it to Sis-chan,
I asked if I could buy it,


and somehow !


I got it


Thank you so much pinktwinkle


Sis-chan too was overjoyed up


making of pictures from this DVD, at any time I’ll put them up kay XD XD XD dheart



Look forward to it dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki


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