2013-01-12 09:29:52


Mornin’ーdmheart dmheart dmheart


Today at Nakano Sun Plaza, is Hello!Pro Concerts XD


And and, today is, Mitsui Aika-chan’s birthday, she’s working as Hello!Pro Concert’s corner MC!!



Aika, happy birthday! yot


Yesterday we celebrated at the Yantan recording pinkheart



Aika’s picture on the cake XD


Amazing! The quality is so high


Aika, she’s 20 huh…
She’s an adult huh


Have a wonderful year kay dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki



Happy birthday!!!


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2013-01-11 23:33:24


Good Eveningーー!!


It’s been awhile, but all day, I’ve been without make up up


I’m at ease yot XD


And, the mikan, is yummyー note note


It’s a Senbikiya mikan up


At Yantan, I got it~ dmheart dmheart dmheart


I wanted to eat a Mikan since yesterday so,
Nice timing blackspark



Somehow, amongst the Hello!Pro members though, it seems influenza is going around ↓ ↓


Everyone, let’s be careful


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The One in Hawaii

2013-01-11 18:17:02


Since I got the 6th gen DVD, I watched it the other day dokidoki dokidoki



I was so surprised, surprised by just essentially the two of us (lol)


With Reina just the two of us, being natural like this she ended up going into Yamaguchi dialect too…Sayumi did



We took these in Hawaii




Hawaii’s wind, felt great~ pinktwinkle pinktwinkle pinktwinkle


This one piece outfit is cute huh tehe


When I sent Big sis-chan the pic from Hawaii showing her the outfit,


Cute!! Great huh!!


She said that so,
I thought I’d buy one and give it to Sis-chan,
I asked if I could buy it,


and somehow !


I got it


Thank you so much pinktwinkle


Sis-chan too was overjoyed up


making of pictures from this DVD, at any time I’ll put them up kay XD XD XD dheart



Look forward to it dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki


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2013-01-11 12:32:16


My 2013 notebook is,




I’m using it




Unn, it’s cute



By the way, Big sis-chan has a matching one



Aah, Today my face isn’t doing good


This week, all week it’s been like this…







Sayumi’s face has becoming this kind of face maybe



thinking about it,


earlier I got really sad


Hurry, get back to normalー


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Fun Day♪

2013-01-10 21:40:28


Good Eveningg dokidoki


I did my nails for the first time in a long time


Dark pink dokidoki


Today, I had work with Reina, just the two of us XD


It was fun pinkheart pinkheart



I hope tomorrow is a fun day too yot yot yot


Well now, lately, my face is looking kinda bad


Yup, it’s depressingg (lol)


The pics, I frantically picked the cute oens and put them up XD lol


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2013-01-10 13:47:46


Mom made for me…


Ankake style yakisoba blackspark blackspark



It was yum~my


Big sis-chan said ate ankake style yakisoba, so Sayumi wanted to eat it too,
I went to mom
Make someー!
I requested but,


Mom up until now hasn’t made Ankake style yakisoba !!


But, Mom made it without looking at a recipe too, it’s seriously amazinggg up up up up up note



Well, I’ll do my best with workー


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Kitty-chan Matsuri♪♪♪

2013-01-09 21:34:11


Good Eveningーdokidoki dokidoki dokidoki


From now, it’s a kitty-chan festival XD


The Christmas present from Fukuchan, the Kitty-chan hood



It’s cute and warm so it’s one of my favoirtes dnote




The kitty-chan hood from the photoshoot for the magazine KERA pinkheart


NyanNyan dokidoki


Even my hands were cuteーdokidoki






Cute is Justice


And, the real kitty-chan, Seera XD XD XD


Turned over Seera, the hand is Big sis-chan dmheart




From under the TV, Good Afternoon




Cozy on the futon, OyaSeera



With that, this was the kitty-chan festival~


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Tower Records☆

2013-01-09 16:13:54
Theme:Morning Musume。


Good Morning


I really really slept yot yot yot


Yesterday was the Tower Records event



The right most one is me



Morning Musume。’s goal this year !



Aim For! National Conquest!


That’s it!!!!



Let’s do events and handshakes in all 47 divisions of the country! that’s our goal dokidoki


I look forward to being able to meet with everyone in the countryXD


And to eat all the nations yummy food maybe~qmark note


Today, we’re doing a handshake event in Ario Kawaguchi


Those of you who have time, by all meansーdmheart


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2013-01-08 22:35:37


My 9th solo photobook title and release day has been decided so I’ll announceee it dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki



The title is…




It’s read,




That’s it XD pinkheart pinkheart pinkheart


There’s a cake called Mirufiiyu (Mille-feuille) right?!


Mille-feuille, it’s one cake made from sheets and sheets of pie crust piled up



My photobook too,
yot* Beauty yot is many fold piled up into each copy of the photobook


It means it was done with that kind of sense to it



The release day is 1/25 !!


Everyone, by all means please check it out


It was taken in Okinawa~ The beach was pretty~ blackspark


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