Five Days!!!

2013-01-06 22:36:50


Good Work Everyoeーーーpinkheart pinkheart pinkheart pinkheart pinkheart



Nakano Sun Plaza!!!!


Five Days in a row of concerts!!!!


have safely finished dnote dnote


Today, we had three shows heart


I was fired up dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki



It was fun!


Everyone who came dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki
Everyone who’s cheering us on dmheart dmheart dmheart


Thank you so much blackspark


Today for sure, I’m gonna plopthud BatanKyuーーXD


↑Wrーong angle(lol) makes you laugh huh~


This, it’s the outfit from the goods this time dokidoki


Isn’t it just KyawaKyawa Cyutieyutie? yot yot yot



This kind of pure white coat, it’s wonderful dokidoki blackspark blackspark blackspark


Ah, that’s right,
Winter break, it was until today huh??



From tomorrow, it’s full-blown back to school and work huh…


Everyone please do your best kay


Sayumi will do her best tooーーー


Everyone let’s do our bestーー


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2013-01-06 08:55:20


Good Morning


This Morning, when I left home, I hurried off while it was still dark outside (lol)








When you pull one out, Happy! Just one has a message dokidoki


Well, from the first one I pulled, there was a messages dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki


A Happy event…Mmm dokidoki Today’s concert XD pinkheart


I’ll do my best


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2013-01-05 23:45:20


Today’s concert was also really funn note dokidoki


For the Nakano Sun Plaza dressing room…


Tanaka Reina-chan and,
Mano Erina-chan and,
Mitsui Aika-chan and,


These four


With these four, we have harmonious friendly talk dmheart


An all of the dressing room + Iikubo Harunan dokidoki picture




Such a fun looking atmosphere~dmheart dmheart dmheart dmheart





But, just Mano-chan has a kinda fake smile?(lol)


we talked about it,



and that said, we need to break in more, and take another picture~that’s what happened XD XD XD XD



Mmm, Reina and Harunan broke in too muchー(lol)


It’s cuteーthough


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Uso Da Yo♪

2013-01-05 11:55:54


For Yesterday’s Concert…



Morning Musume。OG Ogawa Makoto-san came as guest blackspark



Wah, everyone in redー


light~hearted funny facesXD



These three, long ago, were together in Morning Musume。 Otomegumi



We sang the Otomegumi song, “Ai no Sono”!!
How nostalgic T_T


“Uso Da Yo♪”


those four characters were Sayumi’s solo part,
at the time, she couldn’t get the rhythm, and got scolded a lot…
flooded by the memories yesterday we sang it note


Flooded by the memories we sang it,
I wasn’t paying attention to the rhythm T_T;;; lol


Ehe dokidoki


Today too, I’ll do my best with concertsーnote


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Good Nai

2013-01-04 23:32:47






Reallyyー it’s badddddXD


With concerts finished, the moment I got in the car, I crashed


Now too, almost immediately too, I could go, Good Nai!


Ah today issーーーー
not self-shots note


I took pics with other members



Hello!Pro’s sole solo
with Mano Erina



Mano-chan, in February is graduating yot


So, this Hello!Pro concert, is the last with Mano-chanー



Mano-chan, she’s such a kind girl dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki



Today’s concert is the opening day for the Bravo version


It was funーdmheart



Again tomorrow is concerts too heart


I’ll do my bestーーーheartheartheart


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On My Face…

2013-01-04 16:06:34




This morning, with my sleepiness and the cold, I couldn’t feel my mobile phone


This morning you know.


when I woke up…



on my face…



there was a scratchーーーーー(/ _ ; )




On Sayumi’s beautiful face, lol



I’m super sadー!



Now at rehearsals, I’m sweating but,
the sweat stings tooー



Well, I think it’ll get better soon



Right now, with rehearsals finished, my face and my hair are all BoroBoro messy so (lol)



Yesterdaーy’s beautiful Sayumi (lol)dokidoki




Hai, self-shots againーー!








Today, I’ll do my best with concerts !! heart


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2013-01-03 22:14:17


Good Eveningggg dokidoki



Today was also concerts


The Hello!Project…Viva version opening outfit, revealed to the public!!!!dmheart



Jaーn dokidoki



Feels veーry flashy flashy XD XD XD



Carnival blackspark



Close up too up up up




Tomorrow is the opening day for the Bravo version show



Wah!! Another fresh feeling


I’m looking forward to it, my heart is pounding DokiDoki


When I get home I gotta do checks for the Bravo version you know dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki


Well you know,
cause it’s just self-shots, sorryyyy


I couldn’t really get the timing to take pics with other members



Please forgive mechuu dokidoki


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2013-01-03 09:29:06


Mornin’ dokidoki


With Ishida Ayumin !! blackspark



This outfit, is from the concert goods, and we wear it in the concert too


Red checker pattern dmheart dmheart dmheart


Red checker pattern, isn’t it so cute qmark


Everyone by all means, please check out these outfitsー lol


Speaking of which…


All day yesterday I didn’t have an appetite but,
now I’m hungry XD


Having an appetitie is a good thinggggg


New member Oda Sakura-chan said she’s never eaten a whole MaruMaru plumpy hamburger by herself before !! !!




I want to eat a double cheese burger~


With fries dokidoki


And to drink, a vanilla shake dokidoki


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Opening Day!!

2013-01-03 00:02:08


Good Evening pinkheart


Today, was the opening day for the New Year’s Hello!Project Concert, Viva versionXD





My hairstyle was weaves~note



Today, as a guest, Satoda Mai-san came so…
From opening day it feels special, fully loaded



It was veーry funpinktwinkle


I’m looking forward to it continuing from tomorrow too up up up


After the show, we made comments for “PON!” too dokidoki


Seems it’ll be broadcasted on the 4th


Please treat us well dokidoki dokidoki


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