The Story of Maーchan

2013-02-06 16:16:50
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The other day you know,


Maーchan said to me,


“Michishige-san, please turn around and close your eyes!”


she asked so,


At first I turned around and closed my eyes but,


It was a suーーーーーper long time (lol)


“Hey, still? Are you ready now?”


I asked over and over, then Satou would go,


“Noーーーーt yet!!”


Making all kinds of GasaGasaGasaGasa rustling…



“Okay, you’re goーodー”


when she told me, I turned around,


And got this yot yot yot



heart Royce’s Chocolate Chips heart


In Hokkaido, when they went for their campaign and handshake event, she bought it for meーyot yot


On top of the box…
(pic tl: “To Michishige-san, I lo-ve you. Please en~joy eating it. M.S.”)


A handwritten message pinktwinkle


Aah, that’s what you were making all the noise about huh



From Satou’s handwriting I can tell she was really rushing (lol)


Ah, is it always like that?(lol)



Maーーーーchaーーn dokidoki
Thanks dokidoki
I love Royce’s Chocolate Chips so I’m happy *XD



Always energetic Maーchan






She’s moving all over so,
I couldn’t really take a good one



Aーh, Finally, I got one that’s not blurry dmheart




The Story of Maーchan, continues…☆


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2013-02-06 13:04:59


Good Afternoonー dmheart




Today’s cold huh blackspark






I’ll put up pictures from the other day, when Harunan and I went sightseeing in Miyazaki kay dmheart




First off, we went to the ☆Miyazaki Hachimanguu (tl: Shrine of the God of War)☆ーyot










The big torii archway !






It was soon after we got off the plane so, wlll Sayumi’s hair was BosaBosa messy (* ̄∇ ̄*)






Or I should say…








in short sleevessss !! !! !!




Well for sure those days in Miyazaki prefecture were warm though…




In February!? *XD






Unbelievable (lol)




Sayumi well, was wearing Heattech, a long sleeve shirt trainer…






Harunan and Sayumi, just looking at how they look, it seems like they’re in different places, lol




Cracks me upーdokidoki




We visited the shrine too yot






And took fortune slips too




Sayumi’s, uncertain luck!




Harunan, moderate luck!










How questionable!!!!(lol)






I don’t even know which is better, lol






Continuing, we went to the ☆prefectural office☆ note




In the prefectural office, a picture with place with flowers






Pretty like a flower, sweet, adorable us






Or maybe, we’re more than that??






Mhuhuhuhuhuhu dmheart


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Konya Kurabete Mimashita

2013-02-05 22:08:54


Good Evening dmheartdmheart


I’m appearing on NihonTV “Konya Kurabete Mimashita (tl: Tonight, we tried comparing)” dheart *XD



Waーi dokidokidokidokidokidoki






Please watch it kay




Sayumi will waーtch it in real time too dokidoki



Earlier you know, I was so sleepy, so sleepy, I thought what am I go~nna do?!(lol)


I’m gonna end up sleeping when I watch the show!







It seems like it’ll snow from tonight so, let’s stay warm!note


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♪Beloved Food♪

2013-02-05 15:54:23


Lately, I’ve stayed the night in lots of areas,
and I’ve just had meals at places for work but…



today for the first time in awhile notenote



For lunch, I ate Mom’s cooking dokidokidokidokidokidokidokidoki



I’m so happyーーー *XD yot



“What do you want to eat?”


she asked me,


a quick attack!!


“Mentaiko spaghetti!!”


I answeredーdheart



Among all the food, Mom’s mentaiko spaghetti is what I like the most dmheart






It was yummyー blackspark


With the mentaiko Sayumi bought the day before last in Fukuoka, she made me mentaiko spaghetti


I wonder if using the yummy yummy mentaiko to make spaghetti is a waste…


I only thought that a little bit though


There’s still some left so, I think I’ll just eat it as mentaiko *XD tehe


With salad too, it was a completely satisfying lunchー



With this, seems like I can do my best~


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Ishikawa Rika-san ☆ Satoda Mai-san

2013-02-05 11:03:30


At the final day of Hello!Pro Concerts the other day,


Morning Musume。OG Ishikawa Rika-san came on as guest upup


Together with Ishikawa-san dokidoki



Ishikawa and I, long ago,
got to be grouped together to make the unit “Ecomoni。”



It’s the nostalgic Ecomoni。 Pose !! dheart



Sayumi, was the ocean fairy,
and Ishikawa-san was the forest fairy, that’s what we set up


Ecomoni。’s activities, I was always nervous about them *XD


How nostalgicーーーdmheart



For the last day of concerts the other day,
Satoda Mai-can also came as a guest


It was bustling, so there was no timing to get a picture taken together but…


We talked for just a little bit, it was veーーry funny,


The atmosphere that Satoda-san generates or rather… my sense of that atmosphere is very soothing pinkheart


Satoda-san, thanks so much dheart


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2013-02-05 09:25:20


Today, in 2/5’s release of
the magazine, “FLASH”


They’ve published an article about Michishige Sayumi’s Solo Photobook “Mille Feuille” yot yot


With that, pictures from the Mille Feuille photoshoot



↑From behind~


It looks like I’m trying to shadow someone huh (lol)









↑Trying to look cool~ *XD


You’ve already seen the photobook right?


Those who haven’t by all means (* ̄∇ ̄*)dmheart




Today is cold


On days like this,
you wanna eat warm stuff huh~


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2013-02-04 22:54:36


Good Eveningーーー


Yesteray you know !


After the handshake event was finished…yot



Harunan and I


took PuriKuraーーー dokidoki




It’s been awhile since I did PuriKura upupup
It was exciting, I got fired up (lol)


PuriKura, takes pics with bigger eyes so, it makes it cute huhーdmheart


More than usually, lol




It’s the first time I took a PuriKura with Harunanーdmheart


It’s become a wonderful memory



It was funーdokidokidokidokidokidoki


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2013-02-04 18:58:19


Good Evening dmheart


Today was just me and Haruna, the two of us~



At Miyazaki Prefectures, Aeon Mall Miyazaki,
we did a handshake event~dokidoki


Everyone who came even though it was a week day dmheart
Thank you so much up


After the handshake event, we drank these juices



Mm~hmm, Fresh~*XD


Sayumi’s was strawberry & orange juice


Harunan’s was strawberry & blueberry juice


Today you know !dokidoki


Sayumi and Harunan…


Really got our fill of Miyazakiーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーhearttears


I have loーts of pictures so, now and then I’ll put them up kay



Look forward to it~


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Miyazaki Prefecture☆

2013-02-04 09:37:11


Mornin’ dokidokidokidokidokidoki


Today I’m heading from Fukuoka to Miyazaki


All day, in Miyazaki!!
It’s a radio, TV, magazine campaign kirakira


Today’s Sayumi !


A close upー(lol)


from 16:00…*XD dheart dheart dheart


yot* at yot* Aeon Mall Miyazaki


we’re doing a talk & handshake event



It was planned to be Tanaka Reina-chan and Sayumi but,
Reina’s not feeling well so,


Last minute, it became Iikubo Haruna-chan






It’s a huge ribbon, Harunan (lol)



All day, let’s work well togetherーーー



Everyone in Miyazaki dmheart
By all means, please come to our handshake event pinktwinkle


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