☆Ika-sama Tako-sama☆

2013-01-18 11:29:57


The other day I had work with Reina, just the two of us up


Ika-sama Tako-sama (tl: Squid-sama and Octopus-sama) yot


That’s what it was pinktwinkle





My hair and outfit were all adorableーーーdmheart


The outfit was, ☆MILK☆


As the MoMusu。 team we did our best~


Reina’s go all out having fun style was amazing too blackspark blackspark blackspark



When it’s on air watch kayーー yot yot



Next week, the 24th, 19:00~ a 2hour SP, it will be broadcasted on TBS up up up




Please, peace V


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Yaon 90th Anniversary♪

2013-01-17 18:40:34


Today, I got to participate in complete theme song announcement at the Hibiya Yaon 90th anniversary commemoration project joint yot yot yot


The outfit, was like this, feels neat and trim pinkheart


The one piece dress is ☆ north corner ☆


The scene of the interview



There were lots of magnificent people there… I got so nervous blackspark



With that, an announcement ! ! !


In July this year, Hibiya Yaon is reaching it’s opening 90 year anniversary,
and in terms of a commemoration event for that,


In may,
we’re doing a
“Hello!Project Yaon Premium LIVE” note


On the Yaon stage with all that history, all of Hello!Project standing, I’m happily thinking about it up note


I feel like it’ll be a special stagedokidoki



Please treat us well up up


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2013-01-17 11:57:03


When we went to Hawaii~dokidoki




Mm~Mother Nature yot feels great~




We learned Yoga up up up
The yoga instructors who taught us dmheart




The first yoga of my life ! !
I did all kinds of posesー XD pinkheart




Sayumi… compared to the instructors and Reina, isn’t lifting her leg as much ↓ ↓ ↓



But, this was me doing it as much as I could



With Reina, the two of us were filmed doing yoga on the Alo!Hello 6th gen DVD~ pinktwinkle


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☆IQ Sapuri☆

2013-01-16 20:00:12


Good Evening pinktwinkle


“Fukkatsu! IQ Sapuri 2013~ Tensai Gundan ni Tachimukae! Saikyuu SUKKIRI Ou Daikettei SP~”
(tl: Revival! IQ Supplement 2013~ Facing the Genius Force! Deciding the ABSOLUTELY strongest King Special~)


I had recording for it~XD


IQ Sapuri, I use to watch it a lot before, dmheart


I used my head a lot~



I had to use my head which I don’t use normally so,
After it was over, I said I felt exhausted (lol)



The results of using my head a lot…


By all means when it’s on air




dokidoki 1/22 (Tues) 19:00~20:54 dokidoki


Please watch kay up



It was together with Yasuda Kei-san too yot



Being with one of my seniors is reassuring


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Fukuoka Souveniors♪

2013-01-16 11:46:14


At the Fukuoka Airport, I ended up buying a lot tehe



All of them, souveniors for Mom and Big sis-chan~XD


Well, Sayumi ate them with them too though


The toorimon, I loved itーdmheart
The mentaiko mayonnaise too, it looks yummy~heart



And, the croissant shop I love in Fukuoka pinktwinkle Mikaduki pinktwinkle croissants



It was today’s breakfast
Of course it’s yummy



And and,
For Sis-chan who’s more dependant on chocolate than Sayumi…


Raw chocolates too dokidoki


We ate them together and… it was yummy


For Sis-chan,
the moment she put the raw chocolate in her mouth she couldn’t say a word,
was it bad?!
I worried but,
about a minute later,
“The chocolate flavor is concentrated, it’s yummyーーー”
she said, I felt glad I bought it!


That’s it,
the Fukuoka souveniors


Totally satisfyingggg


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