2013-01-29 23:46:31


Good Evening pinkheart


when I went to the company officeー !!!


Well, alーーll of the adults at the company *XD pinkheart


“Congratulations on the weekly number 1~”


they celebrated it with us dokidoki








I got excited



Firmly, on the top, is a number 1, “1” candle


I was happy



After that, we had rehearsal so, Sayumi’s in her jersey, lol



From everyone, on the blog I got lots of warm comments too…dokidoki


I was happy yot


Really, everyone
Thanks dmheartdmheartdmheart


While in transport, I read them now and again but, I haven’t read them all so…


When I have the time I’ll reliably read through them kay yot


We got flowers from the officials…



Morning Musume。 is loved dokidoki


that’s what I thought


The Morning Musume。 members,
the company staff,
the officials,
and all the fans,


It’s with eveーryone that we took this weekly number 1…


and again I feel it personally


From here on as well, Morning Musume。 will do their best


Please continue to support us~(lol)


The cake was yummy
what flavor did you eat~!?





The answer is~!!!!




Coconut flavor !!!


Isn’t it surprising?


Coconut, I like it


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2013-01-29 09:19:58
Theme:Morning Musume。


Morning Musume。’s 52nd single, “Help me!!”
has taken the Oricon Weekly Single Ranking Number 1 spot !kirakirakirakirakirakira




I’m happy.


To get these kind of results from the very first single of 2013…
It’s quite a privilege, generally I think about it happily yot



It’s the first time the 9th, 10th, and 11th gen have taken the Oricon Weekly number 1 up


I thought this is a chance to once again get lots of people to know about the current Morning Musume。 so,
I’m thinking, we need to take this chance to keep on appealing to them… blackspark



From now on as well please treat Morning Musume。 well!!



It’s been about 3 years 8 months since we had an Oricon Weekly number 1,
and it’s the first number 1 since I became leader.


Since becoming leader, I’m continuing to study day after day, everyday; seeing these results makes me really happy pinkheart



Yesterday, 1/28, was Morning Musume。’s major debut 15th anniversary and,


Taking in those 15 years to now,
and making a new Morning Musume, I feel like that’s my mission during my time as leader yot yot


As leader there’s still lots of of parts for me too but…


From here on too, I’ll keep doing my best dokidoki




To all the fans who are always giving their warm support kirakira


from the bottom of my heart I’m filled with feelings of gratitude


Truly, thank you so much


So that I can live up to everyone’s expectations…
so that I can get the joy from everyone more and more…
from here on with all my might! I’ll do my best


From here on, please keーep doing me the favor of supporting us


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2013-01-28 19:53:01


Today, all day, I’ve been in Kobe


Lunch notenote


Cranberry juice and beef strip curry rice


After getting to be on two radio shows live,
was the handshake event at the Tower Records Kobe dmheart


The other members were,
Ayumin and~ pinktwinkle








Those of you who came,
and stayed in the cold, thank you so much dokidokidokidokidokidoki



Please be careful going home kay kirakira


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Major Debut 15th Anniversary

2013-01-28 12:48:12
Theme:Morning Musume。




1/28, is Morning Musume。’s major debut 15th anniversary yot yot yot yot



15 years ago today,
Morning Musume。 debuted,


The other day we,
got to release our 52th single, “Help me!!” blackspark



From the 1st, then the 2nd…3rd,4th….


kept coming up to the 52nd…



Morning Musume。 is really amazing blackspark blackspark blackspark



For me,
I think proudly about getting to work part of my beloved Morning Musume。


From here once again, I’ll do my best dokidoki




With new member Oda Sakura-chan




From here on as well, please treat us well heart heart heart


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2013-01-27 21:03:53


Good Evening yot
Today, we did handshake events in two places in Osaka


Everyooーne who came pinkheart


Thank you so much upupup


In front of the Tower Rec sign pinktwinkle



It was cold so, everyone please be careful about colds and stuff kirakira



Sayumi is energetic


Today “Music Japan” broadcasted.
Sorry I couldn’t announce it


For the talk part, it was a plan about Tomato dmheart
it was funーーー



The day before yesterday,
“Mappy Mujack” also broadcasted too


I couldn’t announce it, I’m sorry


This is in place of it but…


a picture from the photobook shoot… I’ll put one up~dmheart


A swimsuit picture…


















The swimsuit pictures are, for sure, will be satisfying in the photobook “Mille-feuille” *XD


Please treat me well.


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2013-01-27 11:33:10


Good Afternoon,
It’s Michishige Sayumi who cut her third toe nail too much (More so, on both feet) and now it hurt hurts


In the currently on on sale magazine “Smart”,
Sayumi and Rihoriho are in it pinkheart


The Valentine’s special~



The outfits, they were prepared for us, it’s all cute, I wanted to wear it all dokidoki (lol)


I wore the ☆MILK☆ one piece dmheart



Rihoriho’s clothes really mathced her too, it was cute dnote


Rihoriho looked good too dheart



It’s gonna be Valentine’s soon huh…


I love chocolate


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Three Shows〜↑

2013-01-26 22:20:02





concertsーーーyot yot yot yot



three showsーーーーupupupup



are finished pinkheart


finishing without problems, right now I’m relieved pinkheart


When we were heading out, a two shot with Reina *XD





Today too, we’re staying in Soaka…



Well, cause tomorrow, is an event in Osaka~notedmheart


I hope we get takoyaki~*XD blackspark


Ah lookie~heart


Goodies we’ve got from those who came to the Osaka concert to see usー blackspark



Alーl!!!!! of it is super dokidoki yumm~ dokidoki um~dokidoki umy~dokidokidokidokidokidoki


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