That Kind of Day

2012-12-19 00:39:25


Good Work Everyone yot


Today was,


Radio and shoots… and in the middle of the work,


going out to eat with Harunan, it was a day full of very fun things dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki



But, it was also a day with lots of points for me to reflect on in my own wayー!!


There are days like that too right!?



That’s part of living huh! lol




I’ll do my best tomorrow too



Pupupu dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki


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2012-12-18 14:25:19


I did radio work with Iikubo Harunan, and there was a little time before the next job so, we went to lunch together





Onsen eggsー dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki



It was yummy pinkheart







Incidentally, the hair accessory that Harunan is wearing, it’s the one Sayumi gave to her for her birthday up


Thanks for wearing it Harunan


Ah~so fuーーーll XD


Sleepy sleepy


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2012-12-18 09:45:08


Good Morning


The other day, at the Morning Musume。 fall tour which met it’s final without problems


The cute outfits we wore (Sayumi wearing itdokidoki) I wanted to put it up dmheart dmheart dmheart





With Reina up


When you take off the purple dress Reina is wearing… inside…






All white pinkheart pinkheart pinkheart


With the navel showing pinkheart pinkheart pinkheart


It becomes this outfitー tehe


From the purple dress to the white navel showing one, we do a quick change on stage but…



Just one time…


A button got stuck and I couldn’t get it off, I was in a hurry; lol


After that Sayumi sang in the song “OK~” but


It was totally not OK~!


I thought (lol)


But it was okay though huh dokidoki


Concerts, they have things you don’t get huh XD


Today what’s gonna happen qmark
I’ll do my bestーーーnote


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