2012-12-20 23:55:52




Together for “Downtown DX”, I got a picture taken with Barbie-san too pinkheart



Earlier, we were together on locations, she was so nice, I love her up



Today she was really very funny toooooo dmheart



Just from her hair she was funny dokidoki lol dokidoki


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Downtown DX

2012-12-20 20:07:54


Today I had recording for “Downtown DX” note



It’s been awhile since I got to do a Downtown DX…



I was nervousssss



But, it was fun dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki



I appeared together,
with Arimura Kasumi-sanheart




Arimura-san, she’s 19 blackspark


She was very cute


With Arimura-san, before the show, we shared our nervousness


Appearing together, there were lots of older people but, with the younger…




I somehow felt time passing by (lol)



“Downtown DX”
It broadcasts 2013/1/17 22:00~ blackspark


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2012-12-20 09:41:13


Good Morning pinktwinkle



Today was an early morning wake up too XD



I’ll do my best all dayーーーー



Today’s cold too huh


And so here.














Our venturing Hawaii photobook up


White one piece dresses dokidoki






Reshoot note




Alright, perfect dokidoki



Today let’s have another wonderful day huh






Hawaii pictures, I’m not putting them up at random yot


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2012-12-19 21:47:43


Tea Now dokidoki




Today, in Osaka, we did a recording for a song show dnote


NHK Sougou
“Shinshun Joshikai Concert (tl: New Year’s Girls Only Concert)”
It’s on air 1/2 (Weds) 19:30~20:43 yot yot yot



Please watch dokidoki



Since it’s for a New Year’s recording, the stage was very flashy blackspark


Being amongst lots of my great seniors from the entertainment, I got to study lots too!



Just… it’s too bad !
the timing was quite tight so
I didn’t get to take any pictures with the members or anyoneーーーーーーー



And so, it’s Sayumi on the bullet train homeー




My throat hurts…
Everyone, are you doing okay against colds!?



For me…


there’s some dodgy signs?! and so,


I need to take plenty of care !! !! !! blackspark


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That Kind of Day

2012-12-19 00:39:25


Good Work Everyone yot


Today was,


Radio and shoots… and in the middle of the work,


going out to eat with Harunan, it was a day full of very fun things dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki



But, it was also a day with lots of points for me to reflect on in my own wayー!!


There are days like that too right!?



That’s part of living huh! lol




I’ll do my best tomorrow too



Pupupu dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki


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