☆IQ Sapuri☆

2013-01-16 20:00:12


Good Evening pinktwinkle


“Fukkatsu! IQ Sapuri 2013~ Tensai Gundan ni Tachimukae! Saikyuu SUKKIRI Ou Daikettei SP~”
(tl: Revival! IQ Supplement 2013~ Facing the Genius Force! Deciding the ABSOLUTELY strongest King Special~)


I had recording for it~XD


IQ Sapuri, I use to watch it a lot before, dmheart


I used my head a lot~



I had to use my head which I don’t use normally so,
After it was over, I said I felt exhausted (lol)



The results of using my head a lot…


By all means when it’s on air




dokidoki 1/22 (Tues) 19:00~20:54 dokidoki


Please watch kay up



It was together with Yasuda Kei-san too yot



Being with one of my seniors is reassuring


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Fukuoka Souveniors♪

2013-01-16 11:46:14


At the Fukuoka Airport, I ended up buying a lot tehe



All of them, souveniors for Mom and Big sis-chan~XD


Well, Sayumi ate them with them too though


The toorimon, I loved itーdmheart
The mentaiko mayonnaise too, it looks yummy~heart



And, the croissant shop I love in Fukuoka pinktwinkle Mikaduki pinktwinkle croissants



It was today’s breakfast
Of course it’s yummy



And and,
For Sis-chan who’s more dependant on chocolate than Sayumi…


Raw chocolates too dokidoki


We ate them together and… it was yummy


For Sis-chan,
the moment she put the raw chocolate in her mouth she couldn’t say a word,
was it bad?!
I worried but,
about a minute later,
“The chocolate flavor is concentrated, it’s yummyーーー”
she said, I felt glad I bought it!


That’s it,
the Fukuoka souveniors


Totally satisfyingggg


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☆Goo Bike☆

2013-01-15 22:10:12


Good Eveningーーーpinkheart
Today work is fin~ished~yot
It was fun dmheart



My hairstyle was weaves pinktwinkle





From here, an announcement XD


The otherday I had a photoshoot for the magazine “Goo Bike”




It’s the front coverrrr up up up



On sale 2/1 dokidoki
Everyone please do me the favor of checking it out


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In a Hurryyyy

2013-01-15 13:16:08


Good Afternoon pinkheart




Earlier, I arrived in Tokyoooooblackspark


Yesterday, there was major snow in Tokyo, they had to cancel my plane so…


In a hurry, we ended up staying over in Fukuoka blackspark


That said, today, what I was suppose to do this morning got pushed to another dayー



yesterday I ate this unbelievable dinner in Fukuoka,
Manager-san and the staff, we went to this fashionable restaurant !


Bagna càuda dokidoki dokidoki




Pasta dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki




It was yummyyy



Well well heart
I’m safely arrived back in Tokyo!!



I’ll do my best with work


On the way back to Tokyo, I saw the scenry from the bullet train window, that snow piled upppp


Even with it clearing over night, this much piled up,
yesterday it must have been really amazingーhuhー


Honestly, since I didn’t really see it…
Iwant to see it falling a little moreー(lol) pinkheart


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My Clothes

2013-01-15 07:54:54


Mornin’ dokidoki


For Nagasaki and Fukuoka, I had my own clothes for the handshake eventpinktwinkle


It was like this~


The top and bottom are both ☆MILK☆ dheart


For Nagasaki, we went outside so, I had a jacket on though


Contrastingly, in Fukuoka, we were inside, and it was hot so, my sleeves were rolled up (lol)



The temperature different, was all overーXD


Well, today too, I’ll do my bestー


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In Fukuoka, Just the Two of Us…

2013-01-14 21:19:21


The Fukuoka handshake event is done too blackspark


Lots of people came, I was happyーdmheart


So much thanks


with Fukuoka native, Ikuta Eripon pinkheart



Today, al day, was with Ikuta, just the two of usーXD


It’s been awhile since I’ve just been with Ikuta…





fumbles a lotー(lol)


We got these snakcs from Ikuta’s wonderful father and mother dokidoki


Ichigo Daifuku yot yot yot


It was yummy dmheart
Thank you so much



When it comes to Ikuta, please leave it to me from here too ! (lol)





In the Tokyo area, it seems it’s snowed,
Everyone heading out, please be careful kay


all the new adults,


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2013-01-14 16:35:06


Today is,
the hands event in Nagasaki and Fukuoka yot


Now, the Nagasaki handshake event is finished


Speaking of Nagasakiiiiiup up


Nagasaki chanpon dokidoki


Before the handshake event we reliably ate our bentou too but, after the handshake event finished, we got plenty of it dokidoki dokidoki dokidoki


Naga-chan! that is…
Nagasaki chanponnnnnXD pinktwinkle


dokidoki Specialty chanpon *~<3 stuff o0480064012376574612


It was yummyyy


Face to face with Ikuta Eripon we ate



Originally, Kudou Haruka-chan was gonna be here too but, she’s not feeling well so, she’s off today




That said, it’s a trip with Ikuta, just the two of us


Well, it’s funnyー lol


I’ll do my best pinktwinkle pinktwinkle pinktwinkle


That has different meanings (lol)





Everyone who came to the Nagasaki handshake event, thank you so much dokidoki


There were a lot of girls, it was suprising ! !


It was cold huh
Everyone, really be careful not to get a cold or anything kay


Next is Fukuokaー


Well then, laters sparkly


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2013-01-14 09:05:31


From Sanrioーdmheart dmheart dmheart


I got all kinds of stuff pinkheart



Inside was cookies XD XD XD



Kitty Cookies, cuteーdheart


nori chips note



Plum flavored and brown rice yot yot yot
it’s really yummy up


There’s cute useful stuff…pens blackspark


These mechanical pencils,
using them and using them, the graphite becomes sharp!! Amazing blackspark


Well, today issー!!
I get to do the Nagasaki and Fukuoka handshake event dmheart






I hope to meet lots of you heart


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Good Work Everyone!

2013-01-13 22:47:35


OtsukaReーna dokidoki
Spirit up up Reーna-chan XD pinktwinkle



Today, Reina in the dressing room had her Walkman hooked to the speaker, and together we were singing,
Sayumi took a movie of Reina singing then


I snatched a shot XD


Reina, didn’t notice me taking it at all, it made me laugh !! note



I want to pit the move up on YouTube!!!!!!


Very funny XD


Reina’s natural appearance yot


Ah~I want to show it XD yot


Reina and Sayumi dokidoki


Today too, we laughed a lot heart


With the 3 Nakano Sun Plaza concerts safely finished, it was a relief blackspark


Everyone who came to Nakano Sun Plaza,
everyone who cheered us on in the live viewing,
everyone who couldn’t come this time…


All of you, all, thank you so much



This Hello!Pro concert’s time in Nakano Sun Plaza is finished but,
we’re still continuing on to Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka so I’ll continue doing my best !!



For now, Good Work Everyone dokidoki


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