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2016-05-13 09:57:34



Good Morning♡
The weather is great, joy~. It makes me want to go outside you knowww (´-ι_-`)♡







The other day, I went back to my parent’s house for the first time in a while♪ Sorting through pictures lots of memorable pictures came outーー!!


When I was small, I had known the bobbed cut pretty well!!! lol


The neighborhood festival.


A picture that came with a birthday card from nursery school♪



There’s lots of other pictures from times I don’t remember too, I once again felt, “Pictures are important!”♡(。・_・。)




And another important thing! Letters!
Lots of this also came out too~(。・_・。)
When I was in middle school, a really close friend and I would alwaーーーーーーーーys exchange letters♡ lol




”TOPP” and ”TOPko” what was that… I don’t remember at all lol



The topics in it were really completely pointless though lol, it was really nostalgic! lol
We fought but, we’d make peace with each other properly in letters, we’d speak praise each other, and diss each other too lol


It’s overflowing with human style♡ lol





I’ll keep treasuring these from here tooニヤリ






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Recently With Saki-chan.

2016-05-04 22:37:35
















TDS15th Anniversary ”The・Year・Of・Wishes”♡♡



It’s currently GW so, Disneyland and Sea are both crowded huh(ᵒ̤̑ ₀̑ ᵒ̤̑)






With this crystal compass you gather all kinds of colored lights♪♪♪


The light’s colors have meanings too they said♪♪(*^^*)




And the commemorative show, The Crystal・Wish・Journey☆☆s




On this day it unfortunately rained but, we watched until the end♪♪♪
It went by in a flash and was over but, it was very pretty (*^^*)♡ I wanted to see more you know~.


Next time I want to watch it more at ease♡




After watching the show we went to go eat…











We got to see Mickey, Minnie, and Chip T^T♡




I always want to see Mickey, and with all the whole there wasn’t much time but, we got to ride on all the rides we wanted to ride♡
The first first thing we went to ride was,
Toy Story Mania!! The 2 of us were both frantic!!lol
I lost by just a little bit of a difference T^T lol
How frustratingーーーー!!



I want to go again with Saki-chan♡♡♡ It was really very fun (*^^*)♪




Let’s goー kayー♪♪♡





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2016-05-03 17:24:20





My NZ family came to hang out so
we went to the Mother Farm♡








The Mother Farm has really deep connections with NZ they say♪♪♪ NZ’s national flag and Japan’s national flag are hoisted up♡



They had a manufacturing experience corner so,
3 of us tried making baby chick-chan♪♪
1st from the left, Mama, Me, Big sis-chan♡ lol



Aren’t they cute??(。・_・。) lol♡







Going home, Mama gave me a NZ Souvenir~(。・_・。)
Sea opals♪♪♪ They’re pretty huhー(*^^*)♪






Mama right now, is studying the Japanese language a little at a time every day she said (。・_・。)♡









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The Other Day, J=J

2016-05-01 22:20:01









Last week I went to see a Juice=Juice live too♪♪♪
They went to their finally half way through point until they complete 220 performancesー(。・_・。)!! It’s their turn around point.
This time, with code3 too everyone was doing their bestーー!!!



Moreover on the day it was Takagi-chan’s birthday, and she was really fired up♡♡♡



Lots of people celebrated, it really looked like fun(*^^*)!!




My cute kouhai-chan that always comes by going, “Mitsui-saーn♪♪” (*^^*)♡




The day after tomorrow they have a Nakano Sunplaza lives too♡
Please continue to support them!!(*^^*)♡










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2016-04-30 21:41:13





For the messages for the support and cooperation, thank you so much.
And, I’m grateful for everyone’s cooperation!
Thank you so much.





GW, it’s started huh. Everyone how are you spending it?
The winds are strong but, the weather is PokaPoka warm, it feels great you know♪




Today I went to see the ℃-ute concert with Saki-chan♪♪♪




On a future day I’ll be putting up a report on UP-FRONT LINK yahh♪♪



I felt like it’s been a while since I’ve met with all of ℃-ute (。・_・。)!
even though I say that we were seeing each other in March’s HinaFes (*^^*)







It’s been awhile since it’s been the 3 of us~♪♪♪ Mai, yesterday she wasn’t feeling well physically it seems but, today she was doing her best too!!♡ I’m glad I got to see her cute smile!!




The happening where she pumped her teeth into the mic was so cute (*^^*)♡



Right before the show started stuffing her cheeks with rice, Maimi-chan!!(。・_・。) Her energy charge is outstanding♡ lol




The gap between her performances and her MC talks, it’s becoming a habit! lol♡




I really like Okai-chan’s singing!! It echoes in my heart!!!(。・_・。)






The ℃-ute live this time is a little different…


Oh no, it’s like 3 styles different!!! I got to see a new 5 people!!


The new 3 songs are mostly different types of songs, I like all of them but, it’s filled with album songs and songs I like too♪♪♪



”Urayanjau” and ”Yokaze no Message” I especially like♡!!




The last is 6/20’s Budokan♡ If you have time by all means♪♪♪






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Pray for Kyuushuu

2016-04-21 19:00:00







Without stability of weather, the earthquakes continued, I think everyones feeling uneasy.




Thinking about what we can do to help out even a little in any way, we aren’t skilled in it but, we’re opening up a contact point for fundraising!


For details, please check out the page below.


I feel like even a little, it’d be great if we can contribute to all those in the affected area!!



We’ll be grateful for everyone’s coopearation and assistance.



We don’t know if anything will happen someday to places we are so, everyone please be careful too kay. (/_<。)





Mitsui Aika









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2016-03-21 23:27:01









Yup, today I’ve done it again♡
3/21, 321 Day! lol (It’s Mitsui Day♡ lol)



Those of you who are always supporting me, thank you for reminding me♡!! Hehehe







Even if I turn into a gorilla please keep loving me♡










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