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2016-03-17 21:19:26







I went to see Morning Musume。’16’s LIVE♡


Last week Saturday’s opening day!!



Everyone was BataBata clamouring, and SowaSowa fidgety but, standing on the stage they had fun without showing that on their faces♪♪♪



They challenged themselves to new things too (*´-ω-)♡





Nonaka also did her best performing while sitting down!!!♡
Right now there should be lots of things that only Nonaka can notice♪♪ She can’t waste this time eitherー! But she’s getting better quickly even in this little time, I want to see Nonaka’s performance though you know (*´-ω-)






I took a picture with Makino-chan though you know…





and with each one we ended up with the same mouth~♪ lol



That’s it~.(*´-ω-) lol







This time for Suzuki Kanon-chan it’s her last tour (>_<)
Each and everyone show, for everyone, I feel it’ll be even more special♪♪


For this tour you can see it fill with mature Suzuki more than everー♡


A, maybe it’s all out more mature! For the other members too♪♪♪


Everyone do your best until the end kayー♡!!









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new star☆

2016-03-16 20:15:42








A new things comes up in our home, it’s a star cushionー!o0480024013593357065.jpg


There was a cresent moon and a star, I really wasn’t sure but I went with the star♪♡ It feels good♪♪





At home stars have been steadily gathering (ᵒ̤̑ ₀̑ ᵒ̤̑)!





Above the bath there are 2 of these and with other aroma candles, watching movies is my recent daily routine lol





It feels like this lolol
Yesterday I saw Iron Man♪♪
I’m looking forward to Marvel‘s new workー!!! ”Cival・War”








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2016-03-16 10:08:56







Hello, spring!! And, good morning for the first time in a week m(__)m♡
Today it’s cloudy again but, I wonder if it’ll warm up soon~♪








This is organic healthy cookies from NZ♡
Oats and bran stuff♡ I love this stuff♪




These cookies with ruby grapefruits were breakfast this morningー lol






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W Punchーーー!

2016-03-06 22:27:53
[tl title note: W->(japanese pronounciation)->double]






My health crumbled a little bit *cry*
Now I feel I’ve been restored♪♪♪ Thank goodness♡
But a cold and pollen allergies doing a double attack was harsh lol
Is everyone okay??(。・_・。)
I’ve neglected writing (´・_・`)











It’s my favorite pictures I’ve taken in Houston♡


We went to play around the amusement park and BBQ World Rally that was happening next to a rodeo being held near by♪♪♪


Really there were plans to watch the rodeo but, it wasn’t oepn yet so we couldn’t see it
So in exchange we played we played at the amusement park a lotーー!♡
It was scary for me so, in the end ew just rode the ferris wheel together♪ lol




This big one!!
It spun really fast it surprised me!! lol
The scenery was really pretty, it was the best♡♪♪
Eripon in the light view took this good picture together (ᵒ̤̑ ₀̑ ᵒ̤̑)♡












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