Michishige Sayumi Style Liner Notes ⑬ 『KILAi STAR LIGHT』

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Michishige Sayumi Style Liner Notes





A song shown at the 『SAYUMINGLANDOLL~Tokyo~』 second additional performances.
For this song too, it was a song prepared for the additional performances, and Oomori Seiko-san wrote it for me.
Up until now ballads was an atmosphere I had, singing this was very hard.
I just remember the hardships with the recording (lol) Actually when it heard it done, I thought, 『It’s a me like songー! As expected from Oomori-san!!』


I feel like getting challenged by something new like this is a real delight.
From here on too, I want to sing all kinds of songs without fear! It’s a song that makes me feel that again.










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Michishige Sayumi Style Liner Notes ⑫ 『Let's go Yeah ~Aetara Ii na~』

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Michishige Sayumi Style Liner Notes





⑫Let’s go Yeah ~Aetara Ii na~ [tl approx: Hope to see you]
The song shown at the 『SAYUMINGLANDOLL~Tokyo~』 second additional performances.
For these second additional performances, it was written for me by Tsunku♂san, an energetic! Cute! Pop! song.
I was in charge of those lines during my era in Morning Musume。 but, the lines before the hook in this song, probably, was the hardest I’ve done up to now.
It was the line’s timing, how to get the nuances in there… all kinds of htings to keep in mine, I thought about it so much, I had gotten into a zone where I couldn’t get it well on 1 go (lol)
And so, calming my feelings for that moment, I got to challenge it over and over! By all means, if you enjoyed those spoken line parts too I’ll be happy.











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is done!


























How is it?!!!!




For me




it is very very much




a favorite照れラブラブラブラブラブラブ






The official homepage was updated too so
by all means please go and look at it照れ照れ照れ












2020′ January performances
FC Priority applications have started!!星







 The deadline is you know.
10/21 (Mon) 17:00ーラブラブラブラブラブラブ




Please give me your support音符







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Starting from 11/3…





































Renewal performances are scheduled〜〜〜♡♡♡



The schedule to consider!










The place to consider!



Everyone’s beloved
乙女のトキメキCOTTON CLUB乙女のトキメキ-san!








Fan club priority is,
tomorrow, starting 10/10!!!!!!









Getting to do lots of additional performances
it makes me happy😭😭😭



It’s thanks to everyone!!!!!!







2020’s Sayumin
by all means come see her kay義理チョコチョコがけハート義理チョコチョコがけハート









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Michishige Sayumi Style Liner Notes ⑪ 『Stay with my heart(updated)』

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Michishige Sayumi Style Liner Notes





⑪Stay with my heart(updated)
For the original, we recorded it for the 『SAYUMINGLANDOLL~Tokyo~ Original Soundtrack CD』 but, for this, the sound has evolves even further.


『Living is hard』 Coming to doing solo activities, I felt hta teven more so. From long ago, I’ve had lots of things I’m not good at but, in some way or another I’ve done it my own way a lot, I’m not someone who would think 『I’m unexpected good at this maybe〜』 anymore (lol)
Troubled and so unsure that I wouldn’t get it, sleeping for the moment, but waking up of course nothing changed…
Fear and the eyes of people are scary, 『Huh. when did I get this kind of negative?』 thinking about it I cried.
But, the answers I found from thatand the sense of accomplishment and joy when I got into shape, for that sense of accomplishment, I wouldn’t change anything.
I’m glad I did it, I’m glad I was unsure, it might be an exaggeration but, I’m glad to be alive, I felt those too.


Of course playing through the story of 『SAYUMINGLANDOLL~Tokyo~』 there’s feelings too but, that kind of reality from my own feelings, I get to sing this one file repeating those feelings of 『Living is fun』






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Michishige Sayumi Style Liner Notes ⑩ 『SHIBUYA no Fabulous』

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Michishige Sayumi Style Liner Notes





⑩SHIBUYA no Fabulous
A 『SAYUMINGLANDOLL~Tokyo~ Original Soundtrack CD』 recorded song.
This song is a song written by Oomori Seiko-san. All the time, with Oomori-san songs, Oomori-san sings the temp track for me.
That source sound, all of it is a treasure to me but, especially this song, Oomori-san’s singing has so much persuasive power to it,
This amazing singing is the temp track???』 I listened to it over and over again thinking that.
In this 1 song the melody has all kinds of faces yah, I felt that, for the parts that are powerfully harsh, there’s calming and little bit sad parts too, there are parts with a questionable atmosphere and parts where there’s a sense of speed with the fast speech; in any case it’s a song with all kinds of expression, and before the recording, for how to sing each and every one, so I could grasp those within myself, I just have the memory of checking it a lot.


But, the song is lively and cool, it’s a fancy, fantastic song. and the song is really fun performing on stage too yah!









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Michishige Sayumi Style Liner Notes ⑨ 『Loneliness Tokyo』

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Michishige Sayumi Style Liner Notes






⑨ Loneliness Tokyo
A 『SAYUMINGLANDOLL~Tokyo~ Original Soundtrack CD』 recorded song.
With Tsunku♂san’s lyrics, there were so many parts I could empathize with it was like you can read hearts can’t you? but, with this song it was even more so.
For me, when I was 13, I moved from Yamaguchi prefecture to Tokyo and, when I decided to move, 『I can do activities with my beloved Morning Musume。 in the Tokyo I long for!』 I got restless but, well when I tried moving to Tokyo, of course being separated from my family and my friends made really lonely, there were lots of things I couldn’t do that well too, there times I thought I should give up too.
But, I had decided on it , and I love it so, I want to do my best without running away! I did my activities with those feelings.
Those feelings, like that it felt like it was in those lyrics, it was really easy to put my feelings into it from the time of the recording.


And this song, since going solo, it was the first time I got to shoot an MV. The outfits for that MV, there were 12! It was so extravagant an MV.
While doing 12 changes in these streets called 『Tokyo』 I did nothing but sing while walking. Please watch this too by all means kay.



























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Michishige Sayumi Style Liner Notes ⑧ 『EIGA wo Mite yo』

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Michishige Sayumi Style Liner Notes






⑧ EIGA wo Mite yo [tl approx: Watching a MOVIE]
A 『SAYUMINGLANDOLL~Shukumei~ Original Soundtrack CD』 recorded song.
This song is, a song representing the 『A shout from the heart』 in me but, the hook and last part everytime, there’s the lyrics 『Completely useless BOY』, for that part every time with all my might, I present a, 『Cold feeling』『Unfeeling Eyes』.
And, the impression of the song I get from fan letters and events and stuff from all the fans, honestly, it’s a song that gets the best response from everyone. I feel really overjoyed by that yah.
After that, From Oomori Seiko-san who did the songwriting for me, she asked, 『I want to see this kind of Michishige-san! I made this thinking that』 I strangely got it or rather, I matched it (lol)






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☆3 Years☆

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『It’s been a while.


I tried… to do an update.』







updating the blog with that
with today, it’s been 3 years!






It went by in such a flash!!!💦💓








Graduating from Morning Musume。,
The time I took a break was about 2 years and 4 months so
actually already
the time I’ve been back has been longer than my time resting yah❤️





Every day is a joy!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️




I want to do the song and dance I love again!
I want to see everyone I love again!
I want to perform in front of everyone again!
thinking that I came back to work,
that, I can constantly do what I wanted to do


I felt like I was without that kind of joy ya know.



It’s thanks to everyone❤️
Thank you.








Now a days
I’m recordingルンルンルンルンルンルン




Heading towards the
starting 11/3✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨







I’m doing my bestラブラブラブラブラブラブ





And and you know what
I did shoots for the SayuLand Kibou goods too!!グラサンハート
It looks good!!照れ
WakuWaku exciting!!! DokiDoki heart-pounding!!! Look forward to it 🎀
I want to see everyone soon yahピンク音符ピンク音符ピンク音符





For always reading my blog, thank you.
From here on as well, please give me your support.





Michishige Sayumiうさぎ











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