Sayu is Cute Bus Tour

2017-12-17 21:06:20






Michishige Sayumi Fanclub Tour in Izu




The two days are finishedーーー!




…It’s finished outーーーー😢





How lonelyーーーー.




It was funnnnn!





For that amount of fun,




it’s lonelyーーーーーーー.






Realllly, the two days were fun yahーー❤️🍓





Even the weather I was worried about




It didn’t rain at all!




Clear conditions 100点太陽




The best!!









These two days,
we did all kinds of thingsラブ




I got my filled with pictures,




I’m really not sure which I should put up…









Not sure but.





















For now I tried picking picutres of myself barbequing (lol)




The meat I ate with everyone was yummy yahーー💓




Eating the same thing with everyone, that makes me happy you know!!!






Sorting through the pictures I’ll be putting up various things later kayピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート






Really, everyone who cameピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
Thank you so muchハートハートハートハートハート




Those saying, “I unfortunately couldn’t go this timeー💦” too, thank you so mcuh for always supporting meハートハートハートハートハート







I want to meet with everyone again soon yah❤️











The space with just people who like me is the best…ハートハートハートハートハートハート lol



I like it!













For the two days, hosting and advancing things for us



with Joujou Gundan’s



Sawayaka Gorou-san!!!トナカイサンタ



for bringing lots of excitement, really thank you so much!!キラキラ








I’ll update again later爆笑




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Yamaguchi Prefecture

2017-12-15 14:19:31





I appeared on NHK Yamaguchi’s program ❤️


「CATV Daishuugou! Kore ga 故里(Furusato) no Sokodzikara」
[tl approx: CATV Grand Gathering! This is a Hometown’s Potentiality]





Well, really my face, was half way into it (lol)




To put it up



or not put it up



I wasn’t sure but this picture (lol)





For whatever reason, I picked to put it up💓








< Broadcast Date > is,
Today, 12/15 (Fri) Yamaguchi Prefecture Region
★Composed★ Afternoon 7:30~8:43
<Rebroadcast> Heisei 29 12/16 (Sat) Yamaguchi Prefecture Region
★Composed★ Morning10:05~11:18
That’s it✨







With everyone who helped me out!!!!
Thank you so muchニコニコ






It was recorded in Yamaguchi prefecture so, it being a while since I got to return to my home area I was very happyピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート






So cute🐡
So yummy🍪





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2017-12-14 20:20:58




Recently every day….

































I’m looking at the Izu weather….晴れ









On sites showing 10 days worth, I’m looking from 10 days before but





For the 16th it seems like it might rain a little…




No wayー



I hope it doesn’t rain yahーーー!!!💦






Well you know ✨




With weather you know✨






From here it’ll change huhキラキラキラキラ






“It’s all outside events!!!” It’s not anything like that though.



But if it’s at all possible
if it’s at all possible
if it’s at all possible




I want it be clear skiesーーーーー!!!!☀️





I hope it’s clear skies…チューリップ







Well, it’s that kind of bus tour but…





This time’s bus tour goods have releasedピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート





↑from here音符






This season bus tourー! Even more Izu!
That said, it seems like it’ll be very cold💦
For sure I want to make warm goods!!
I felt that the most


so I made the Michishige Hitosuji [tl: Michishige Devoted] Blanketハートハートハート






In addition too I obsessed over all kinds of things myselfー❤️



It’s satisfying❤️ lol








For everyone getting you hands on it too, it should be satisfying for you I think…❤️






Well then, see you later…照れラブラブラブラブラブラブ








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Graduation Concert

2017-12-12 00:15:31





The day changed, yesterday, at Nippon Budokan


Monring Musume。’17


Kudou Haruka-chan’s graduation concert, I went to see it!!




Kudou, congratulations on your graduation!!!


As Morning Musume。 it’s been about 6 years, really a Job Well done✨







When she joined Kudou was, still in elementary school, a ransel backpack girl huh



Since that time, she’s really been a hardworker!
But really just a little cheeky. lol
To that point it’s still cute♡




That really small Kudou too, she’s steadily grown, and gotten reliable, and now is graduating…!




Yesterday’s Kudou, just cute, and pretty✨ I couldn’t take my eyes off her✨✨





I felt like just for a little bit longer, I wanted to see Morning Musume。’s Kudou Haruka but





Yesterday’s Kudou’s face, there was no hesitation as all, with a determined face, looking forward,
she was really cool.




I look forward to Kudou after graduating! I feel that from my heart♡







The orange filled Nippon Budokanキラキラ


Kudou loved by lots of people♡
Kudou herself overflows with love, because she’s a fantastic person yah♡♡♡





I love Kudou’s smile!


Do your best facing your new dreams kay!!!!!✨
From here on I’ll be cheering for Kudou’s workハート


Really, congratulations on your graduation!!!!!








And, the Morning Musume。’17 performance, it was the bestttt爆笑
Yesterday I had goosebumps over and over too!
Morning Musume growing every time I see them。 is amazing!
The current Morning Musume。 is amazing!!!!✨




I have hopes for the once again renewed Morning Musume。 tooハート



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2017-12-11 09:49:15





♡Wedding Party Pictures♡










With these two 5ki members❤️
Aichan! Gakisan! Me!
My oh my, Aichan and Gakisan, their faces are so small💦💓







Aichan, Gakisan, I took two shots with each of them too❤️
For those pictures, I put them on Insta so by all means☆ please look thereおねがい











Well, from there, pictures I haven’t put on Insta爆笑
Group picture♡♡♡♡♡







I got to take a two shot with Saitou Hitomi-sanハート
My kind senpai✨
Always talking with me really friendly, it makes me happy♡♡♡








Okada Yui-chan!!
Unbelievably I didn’t think I’d get to see Yui-chan
the moment I saw her



『Eh!? Okada Yui-chan?』



I confirmed it with her fullname!(lol)


meeting again for the first time in such a long time!
That made me happyピンクハート




With Miyoshi Erika-chan too❤️❤️
Miyoshi-san’s kid is so cute!
So cute, looking at Miyoshi-san’s blog is comfortingニコニコ💓







For wedding party pictures, that’s it❤️


Ishikawa0san, she was really cute and pretty yah✨✨✨✨✨




Once again, really, congratulations!!!!!!











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Wedding Party

2017-12-10 17:24:16




I went to Ishikawa Rika-san’s wedding partyハート









she was really really cuteラブラブラブ
With Ishikawa-san, during my time in Morning Musume。,
I got to be in a unit with Ishikawa-san and me, the 2 of us,
I’m really indebted to her for that time!




I learned a lot of important things then,
I studied a lot from Ishikawa-san!!✨





That Ishikawa-san♡
Yesterday, she really looked like a delightラブラブラブラブラブラブ









For sure,











☆Group pictures☆




Full of my senpai that I got to see for the first time in a while!!




It really made me happy♡♡♡♡♡






With everyone we sang Happy Summer Wedding too
at first we just sang it for fun but
steadily we felt the emotions
Ishikawa-san first, then the senpai and everyone was crying
I ended up crying too…!




Forever, may you have happiness…ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート










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2017-12-06 18:23:05




For today,
I’ve been doing bus tour rehearsalsー爆笑


↑Before rehearsals





↓After rehearsals
A strange facial expression(?)








Soon it’ll be the bus tour❤️❤️❤️














I have a request to everyone participating in the bus tourアセアセアセアセアセアセアセアセ









To everyone participating in the bus tour











































































Please come dress warmly!!!!!!!








It’s the cold season in Izu so❄️



There’s events outside too (I hope it’ll be clear weather)






Dress warmly!!









I will too,



I bought really warming Heattech!!!!
















I end up thinking about it 💦






That’s natural though (^_^;)





Cold, and being cold, with that in mind…


More than anything I don’t want to catch a cold 😢






And so, for sure! If you dress warmly I’ll be happy❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Strange facial expression 2 \(^o^)/









Not just for the two days of the bus stour, lately it’s been cold so❄️
those of you participating in the bus tour
and those of you who unfortunately can’t go this time tooー💦




Dress warmly every day, and please be careful not to catch a cold or anything kayキラキラキラキラ




(I don’t think you want me, who until recently didn’t have her voice to tell you though (^_^;)💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞









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2017-12-06 11:47:44




Good Afternoon!







I got influenza vaccination!




More when getting stabbed by the needle,
the part where they put the medicine in hurts you know…




And that said!
It didn’t really hurt and it finished in a flash, I’m grateful.
After vaccination I had a little bit of time so I ate dinner alone





I ordered from the drink bar too but





For the drink bar,








in a row, those three (lol)






During meals, are there people who drink cola and juice???




I’m a person who can drink it Gangan intensely you knowドキドキドキドキドキドキ




Recently my cola craze has gone up you know!!




cola fi〜lled with small〜 ice piece, I like it



I like ZakkuZakku crunch crunching the ice with the straw while drinking it












From the cola talk
a picture of tapioca milk teaニコニコ (Christmas Packaging is cute)




I loーーーve tapioca milk tea!!❤️







I always want to drink





『Shall we go drink tapiocaー』


『Don’t wanna drink tapioca?』


『Let’s go drink tapiocaー』


『They have tapioca where we’re going today right?』





I say things like that immediately 爆笑









Around me



『You really like tapioca huh!!』



They tell me so I say




『Un! I really like tapioca!!』










I don’t really know how to finish the blog now so, let’s do it here 🖐







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2017-12-05 10:56:41




Good Afternoon!!
An announcement for everyone照れ





In 1 week, I’ll be on 12/12’s release of 『andGIRL』’s January issue♡♡♡






My 2nd
It makes me very happy!!
The shoot day was DokiDoki heart-pounding as always but, it was very funピンクハートハート
Once again in this way, I am grateful to get to appear in itキラキラ





Everyone, for sure! Please check it out kay!?ハイヒール
Please continue to support meうさぎブラシ













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