2021-05-04 11:29:29

Good Morning ✨
Originally at Nakano Sunplaza
it’d be M-Line Concert Day but…
today we ended up not being able to…
Originally I might have been able to see everyone todayー! I might have stood on stageー!
Thinking about it…
Of course it feels lonely yah💦
In any case for now I’m wishing the situation can get even a little better.
Everyone please take care of your health too yah ✨
Just recently?
No, I think it’s been since the start of the year maybe?
It’s food I’ve been totally into ♡
Natto・raw egg・green onions グリーンハート!!
A wonderful combination!!!!
Natto wise, lately I’ve been liking hikiwarinattou, nattou made from ground soybeans ハート
But taking pictures I haven’t really caught any shotsー😂
Ah, before, this might’ve looked pretty good! This is the one I’m thinking of!
I made thisー!!!ラブラブラブラブ
I tried putting the grated cheese fancy style lol
The taste you knowー!
So, so
so yummy!
Neapolitan hs lots of ingredientsー
the pasta too usually with one portion I get really very full びっくり
Next time I make it maybe an 8th as much would be fine!?
thinking about making it, I get hungry
usually I make 1 portions worthーyahー!?😆😆😆
Well then, I’ll update later kay!!
Pictures from a fun day 照れ照れ照れピンクハート


2021-05-03 14:40:35

星 Movie I Saw Recently 星
『Purada wo Kita Akuma』 {tl aka: “The Devil Wears Prada”}
It was interesting〜〜〜!!!✨✨
The clothes and accessories were fashionable it was WakuWaku exciting〜!!
The protagonist woman’s movement was cool and awesome〜!!
The steaks that appeared in the movie looked yummy〜〜!!
The day I saw the movie I ate steak for dinner.
The movie’s influence is big!
Recent pictures♩
Blue Label clothes ピンク薔薇赤薔薇
They’re really cute, one of my favorites 花束 おとめ座
Pictures from some time✨✨
Hiding acne on my cheeks 😭 lol
Thank you for looking at today’s blog too ラブラブ

Steadfast Number One Is…

2021-05-02 21:50:08

Good Evening ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート
The things I end up buying automatically when I go to the convenience store
Sayumi’s steadfast number 1 in ranking is….
Mentaiko Mayonnaise Onigiri 🍙
Today I ate it for the first time in awhile without realizing that but…
it’s very much the yummiest〜!!!! キラキラ
That gleaming rice intertwined mentaiko mayonnaise it’s really yummy….!
And going to the convenience store,
of course at the register I automatically end up buying a cafe latte yahー!
And the ice cream corner too there’s things I’ll buy or won’t there
but I definitely see them right away yah!!
Well well, I generally buy it yah!!
For no reason today I didn’t eat any but I’m saving up for ice cream〜〜
And thinking that
generally during those days I’ll eat it!!
I do I do!
Today I bought my beloved Poifull the same as always too 流れ星スライムUMAくんトロピカルカクテル
For Poifull and gummy stuff
when I’m hungry having this image of frequently picking at it with my finger, I hide it in my bag!
thinking that I bought it but
of course, that day at home I eat it all you know!!
I do I do😆
The End 💝
Of course it’s not over 💝
I’ll put up May’s Sayumin 💝💝💝
Sporty style clothes
with Usachan hair, I wanted to do it!
That’s how I felt about it イルカ うさぎ
The End 💝
Next is really the end 💝
But I’ll update later kay💝💝💝

From Today It’s May♩

2021-05-01 13:04:35

ピンクハート M-line Special 2021~Make a Wish!~ピンクハート
Even more performances have been decided!!♩
The new performances announced are…
クローバー 6/5(Sat) Nagoya Town Hall
Michishige Sayumi / PINK CRES. / Suzuki Airi / Miyamoto Karin
クローバー 6/12(Sat) NHK Osaka Hall
Michishige Sayumi / PINK CRES. / Suzuki Airi / Miyamoto Karin
Guest Oda Sakura(Morning Musume。’21)・Kishimoto Yumeno(Tsubaki Factory)
That’s it!!照れ
Well, it’s many!! おねがいおねがいおねがい
Fanclub applications for it have already started ✨✨
Deadline is 5/7(Fri) until 10:00 虹
Getting to see everyone, I’m really looking forward to it キラキラ
But, we’re in this situation so, I think there are those that can’t come too.
Whatever it is, please just don’t do anything unreasonable okay!!!!
Everyone’s health and smiles are more important than anything…!💓
Goods off shot pictures〜 ピンクハート
From today it’s May right 花束
You’ve turned your calendars〜? I think〜?? うさぎ


2021-04-29 21:22:21

I found themー!!!
Botan Ame 照れ
I ate it for the first time in a while but, it’s very yummy yah 照れイエローハート星チョコがけハート
I’m continously talking about candies yah 😆
The candy I like that I didn’t write about on my blog the other day〜
I really like Yooguretto too !!ブルーハート
Yooguretto seems like it’s out as medicine but what’s inside it??
When I was a kid, I did my best eating this kind large medicine… eating these Yooguretto while being immersed, I very much like it yah〜 ブルーハーツブルーハーツブルーハーツ
Actually, it’s a veーーry yummy candy 笑い泣きラブラブラブラブラブラブ
And, I like Kuppi Ramune too,
In the 3 gum, just 1 is super sour!
That’s fun too, it was yummy yah〜
Ah, and!
I don’t know if it counts as candy? but
gummies that are strings! I really like those too yah〜
I’d braid them together and eat them you know 😆
And that one too!
There’s the one ramune in the candy,
and the part you have turns into gum!!
Looking it up
that’s the name of the candy
It seems like they don’t have it anymore…?💦
That one seems extra special, I liked it ✨
And you knowー!
Yanyan Tsuke Boー!
I seriously like those too!!!!♡
Well a that seems fine balance, it’s like a game with the remaining choco you have, I’ve loved it since I was small!❤️
A, and and
speaking of candy shops
there’s Morning Musume。 raw pictures too yahー!!
the random ones where you can tell what’s inside!!
I really did those a lot
there was a year where I bought a lot as a New Year’s gift too 😂😂😂
How nostalgic yah… ピンクハート
I’m always looking at the comments ❤️ Thank you yah ❤️❤️❤️
[tl pic: it says Sakura Saku /”blooming sakura” mirrored]

7 Years!

2021-04-29 07:43:09

Today 4/29 is…
The day I announced my graduation from Morning Musume。!!
It’s already been 7 years since then!! 照れキラキラ
Se-se-se 7 years!!?
How times flies… !!流れ星
Well already, my current smartphone doesn’t have much pictures from when I was in Morning yah〜😭😭😭💦
I have some so… some nostalgic photos 照れピンクハート
Graduating from Morning Musume。
taking a break
coming back
and even now getting to do solo activities like this, I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart.
Really, it’s because everyone is here that I get to do things…💓
I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!
I want to see everyone again soon!!
I want things to get to a point where we can relax as soon as possible…😭
Always, for the warm support, rally thank you ハートピンクハートハートピンクハート
Not just nostalgic pictures
recent pictures too…❣️
Off shot self-shots from the 2021 calendar cover 義理チョコ
The small, blue flowers were cute 💐
With the hair accessory placement it totally changes how you see my face so I ended up fussing even 1 milli in it’s placement 😂💐
From here on as well please continue to support me おねがいピンクハート
Well then!!!!
I’ll update later パー義理チョコ


2021-04-27 18:24:42

Good Evening!
The other day’s Ametaーーlk!
Since I saw the one with the entertainer that love candies, I’ve totally wanted to eat Bontan Ame but
Tracking them down they were suddenly not around you know, these Botan Ame…
That quick…melt in your mouth starch wrapper, I want to do ti
I want that unmatched feelingー!!!!!えーん
Really, I would often eat Bontan Ame when I was small, it’s just that flavor in my memory you knowー!!
The first time eating it, the starch wrapper, I thought it was wrapping paper
When I learned you could eat it too, I was shocked and excited you know!!!!流れ星流れ星流れ星
And, speaking of candies
the ones that came out in the show too
The cola ramune
I’ve tried the one on the show but
I like the french fries one!
And the one with the 4 in it!!! You know what I mean?
That one is really yummy yah!!!
That one, I felt like if I broke it up before opening the bag I’d get to eat more so I eat it while breaking it up 😂
And, I love starch syrup too yah〜
With Bis Sis-chan we used starch syrup
playing dentist
Mom would go
You’ll give yourselves cavities stop it!!!!
She scolded us〜😂😂😂
and so
I want to eat Botan Ame I want to eat it
I’m thinking that and
eating Poifull while I made this blog 爆笑爆笑爆笑
Poifull is seriously yummy 爆笑爆笑爆笑ピンクハートキラキラ
Picutres from the other day when it was a good weather day ハートピンクハートハートピンクハート
Lots of shots of Sayu-chan huh あしあとあしあと
Everyone is there a candy that you like?? カキ氷


2021-04-26 00:24:07

『M-line Special 2021 ~Make a Wish!~』
5/4・An appearance at the Nakano Sunplaza Performance was scheduled but,
Due to the increase in infaction of the novel Corona Virus a state of emergency was declared, and the holding of the performance was postponed.
For details please look at our official webpage.
Please give us your support.
The live itself, and more than anything getting to see everyone was something really really looked forward to and so, it’s really unfortunate and can’t be helped
It seems as much as possible they’re looking for a make up performance but, based on schedules some of you might not be able to come to it too,
and it seems it might end up being that we just wouldn’t be able to do a make up performance too…
Thinking about that gets me really really frustated and sad.
But, everyone’s health and smiles are more important than anything so…
whenever we can meet again for sure let’s do it with smiles kay!!
These pretty unforeseen circumstnaces are continuing on for a long time but, I hope that even one day sooner that things get better than it is now.

First In A While…

2021-04-26 09:48:19

Good Morning!
About a week ago I wrote this
And I couldn’t put it up this blog so now I’ll put it up
(The first in a while
time slip blog I think right…? 爆笑
Good Afternoon!
It’s sudden but…
My❣️ Recent
💝💝💝Liked things💝💝💝
⭐️Drinking Koucha
More than before, when I’m at home I been reaーーーlly drinking it up❣️
Of course my number 1 is Earl Grey and Darjeeling , I like the royal path!
⭐️Hi-Chew Premium
This one yesterday I ate it for the first time in a relative while yesterday (Yesterday I ate the white peach flavor!) Totally yummy〜 I went 照れ口笛てへぺろ, ♩
⭐️New Notebook
Sinec yestrday I started using a new notebook, and the feel of the material, how it takes to pen are outstanding, it makes writing characters very funー!!!花火
It’s an off shot festival from this year’s calendar〜!!!
The cherry one piece 👗 it was cute 💓
I want to wear a girly one piece and hat! I made that request and they prepared these kind of cute clothes for me, it made me happy 義理チョコうさぎクッキー
I think I haven’t put these pictures up anyone else before but…
if you’ve gotten them before sorry yah えーんえーんアセアセ
The donuts, cake, and chocolated croissant look yummy yahー❣️ I’m jealous 😂 Now! I want to eat them 😂💓
With that that’s the blog I wrote about 1 week ago パー
By the way you know!
Koucha is delicious and I love it but
drinking koucha I inevitably end up wanting to eat chocolate 😆
Eating chocolate while it’s melting from the warmth of the koucha is the most yummy for sure yahー!? キョロキョロラブラブ
Well then!
I’ll update again later kay ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート


2021-04-17 19:45:11

Good Evening!!
Just recently I’ve been doing lots of shoots and stuff!✨
Happiness! 爆笑
And, an announcement ラブラブ
ピンクハート M-line Special 2021〜Make a Wish!〜 ピンクハート
‘s SNS priority applications are starting up! 星
5/16 (Sun) Meguro Persimmon Hall
Appearing:Michsihige Sayumi/PINK CRES./Miyamoto Karin
5/22 (Sat) Sapporo Doushin Hall
Appearing:Michishige Sayumi/PINK CRES./Miyamoto Karin
Application deadline is, 4/20 (Tue) 23:59!
By all means, totally, for sure ラブラブラブラブラブラブ
Please give me your support うさぎちょうちょヘビ
Pictures I put up on Insta… or so it looks like, these are different!!!🤗
Cutting my hair
I’m so happy I did it… 💓
Well, well…
I might want to cut it even more!!!?
Oh I don’t know if I’ll cut it but
right now I feel like that 照れ?キラキラ
Well this ended up being the ending but
I’ll show you the genius breakfast I ate today