The elementary kids on the train


Today, just now, it’s been about a month
but I went to get a massage☆


The massage sensei told me that
compared to the month before
my body is doing much better!
And since she praised me so much
I’m in such a good mood now♪♪~θ(^0^)


And right now the train is shaking~(^o^)/


The people beside me are two elementary
school girls that are doing homework!


I took a peek at one of their textbooks
and Sayumi couldn’t believe her eyes!!!!


I couldn’t understand the question!
The question was way too hard!
And what was the question??
That little elementary kid knew it…


The other little girl was writing a essay.
『What’s the kanji for “aofuku*”?』
she asked her friend.
(*往復 – おうふく – oufuku – round trip)


Sayumi thought about it.
I can kinda see it
but not so clearly p(´⌒`q)


I got impatient so
I whipped out my cell…


I feel better!


But the little elementary girls
can’t use a cell phone
so they have to rely on their
own powers of recollection.


Just that moved me deeply(*_*)


Whenever I can’t get a question,
I won’t depend on anything
and use my own power to resolve it.


I learned something from these girls.



One person? Two people?

I’m riding the train right now.


By myself.


But everywhere I look, there’s two people together.


Why is that?


You see…


The person next to me…


Is passed out on Sayumi’s shoulder…(Laugh)


Everyone, what do you do in this situation?


For me, I just loan my shoulder (Laugh)


Today especially, Sayumi slept a lot so I’m really refreshed♪
but I guess this person is still kinda tired(;_;)


Does everyone get so tired from work and school?




I’m fine with loaning out my shoulder, so let’s meet on the train someday (Laugh)



Today, Morning Musume’s 10th album 『⑩MYME』 is on sale♪♪


Since the 6th album, Sayumi’s been with the group
and with ⑩MYME I will have participated
in half of the total albums! Amazing \(^ー^)/


With this album, I think the
message is that there’s a lot of
strong songs↑


The lyrics are so good and even though
I listen to them and sing them,
I’m still moved by them (;_;)


Of course there’s also the usual Mo-Musu type genki
songs on there, it’s really fun isn’t it ♪~θ(^0^ )


The genki songs are really gonna pump up the energy…♪
Everyone’s really gonna like the B melody in 『Genki Pikappika』↑
I can imagine everyone at the concert (Laugh)
When I picture everyone calling out the names and jumping,
I really want to do the concert right now(≧∇≦)


On the album, everyone’s pretty well divided with the singing! Everyone’s broken up pretty well so you should clearly see it’s something definitely worth listening to,
『⑩MYME』 be sure to listen ε=(>ε<*)


Good morning (‘-‘*)


Lately, since I’ve came home I’ve done so much, and
reviewed the rehearsals, so much so that I’ve stayed up late but,
yesterday, as a change, I actually slept!
Even more, I only opened my eyes once the whole night ~(^_^)v
If I keep this up, I’ll have much better performances↑↑↑
And in the morning, I’m totally refreshed☆
My body and my mood ♪(≧∇≦)



Something good might happen today~♪
might happen today~♪
might happen today~♪










When I got home
and ate the takoyaki and stuff I noticed I was getting sleepy so I slept。。

Today, Sayumi trusted her instincts and gave in to her desires!

As soon as I woke up, I was hungry again (Laugh)
I ate some melon bread rusk
while watching TV (⌒~⌒)

And then, right now
I’m just loafing around on my bed…

Before, my mom used to say “If you sleep right after you eat,
you’ll become a cow!”
So Sayumi just loafed around on her bed after she ate.
My mom would say
『Aa, I see horns coming from Sayu-chan’s head!』
and be so scared she’d start crying (;_;)

And now,
since I know that no matter how many times I eat and sleep, I won’t become a cow, I loaf around to my heart’s content 。。

In those days, I recall
I used to nicely think, “Ah, I wonder if I’m an adult now”
now I disgracefully think, “Ah, I wonder if I’m sophisticated” (Laugh)

So today, I’ll really be thankful for the food from now on♪♪


As soon as I got home,
everyone was like “What have you been up to?”  

Sayumi went full speed to the fridge!

Today was,
a takoyaki discovery!!!
As soon as my mom cooled off, I ate everything♪♪
It’s Sayumi’s favorite Gindaco mentai cheese takoyaki!(≧∇≦)


Mentaiko and cheese
it’s like my dreams are growing♪~θ(^0^ )

When you say “mentaiko” you think of Fukuoka but,
there’s some pretty good mentaiko in Sayumi’s own
hometown in Yamaguchi♪

And also, I’m pretty cheeky!

When I go home to Yamaguchi, and back to Tokyo, my grandpa always gives me two huge mentaiko rolls to take.

Grandpa loves his Sayumi.
Sayumi loves her grandpa.

When I go home, my grandpa is always taking us
everywhere, and he’s always boasting to everyone
『My granddaughter is in Mo-musu.』

At the hospital, at the convenience store, on the road…he always introduces me like that♪♪

Oh, and for the convenience store, why does grandpa always say 『UFO』 instead of 『LAWSON』?

At first my family was like,
『No! It’s LAWSON!』
but lately, it’s more like
『Wanna go to UFO Sayu-chan?』
and I answer 『Sure!』 and they take
me to LAWSON (Laugh)

And there, he still says
『My granddaughter is in Mo-Musu』
to the employees♪(Laugh)

He boasts about his granddaughter becoming an adult
but the fact that he can’t remember a certain place name is really cute…well, he IS really cute! (Laugh)



Rehearsal is finished!


Luckily it finished kinda early(^_^)v


And since I had nothing else to do, I headed straight home(^_-)♪


Today, from a person at work
for White Day
I got from him a caramel assortment box
straight from the farm♪





Suuuuuper gooo(o^~^o)oood!
And from JunJun I got some bagel bread.
It had soymilk and edamame. I love it!♪


Seems like today I was given a whole lot of food (≧∇≦) (Laugh)













More or less hampered by injury

Today we had a morning meeting,


and now rehearsals ♪


And as to what kind of rehearsal,
at the end of this month ♪ we’re going to ♪ Hawaii (≧∇≦)


for a fan club tour ☆☆


That’s what the rehearsal is for (^_-)


We’re working all the way til night time…!


The fan club tour looks like its gonna be a lot of fun (^_^)v


I can’t wait for it ~ \(^ー^)/


Well as of this morning, my stye still hasn’t healed yet
and today, my nose is all sniffly (;_;)
Hay fever maybe? Allergies?
I don’t really know but it hurts when I sneeze ↓
Also, today for lunch I had gratin and I burnt my tongue!
All the parts of my face are injured!! (;_;)


I hope to get better before I go to Hawaii ♪~θ(^0^ )

As expected of sisters

Yesterday, my sis called me up


She saw on my blog that I wrote about getting a stye…


“I just saw your blog right now, and when I blink
I’ve got a meibo that hurts really bad too heart
What a shock we got it together heart
Just wanted to mail you this heart


Is what she wanted to tell me in her mail


By the way, meibo is what we call a stye in Yamaguchi dialect


Even though my sis is lazy with mailing
all her mails are full of heart marks
I have never seen one without heart marks
No matter how sad the news it, there are heart marks
And so this time, of course
with pain in the eye from styes,
there are heart marks… (lol)
As expected of her (゜∇゜)


Also, another thing that made me think that…


We are definitely sisters!


The timing of getting styes together at the same time,
we are really connected…
I’m very ha-happy o(^-^)o


Sis, I love you ♪

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