There was a cat here earlier


It was as big as a normal cat and a kitten put together


The stylist fed him some bread


Then the cat became attached to the stylist,
which made me jealous
so I desperately tried to feed him some meat


But he didn’t eat it
He rejected the meat
It was like he wasn’t open to taking food from me


The cat would go over to my stylist,
but wouldn’t come over to me


And the cat was here for such a long time too,
and not once did our eyes meet


It’s like foreign cats don’t understand my cuteness


So not only have my cell phone signals stopped working
my cute signals have stopped too (><)


3 big wishes

Good morning ♪


Today is my 2nd day over seas


How are you guys all doing?


I’m good…good! Good… kinda


I’m still hung up on not being able to use my own cell phone
so I’m just ok I guess


It’s tough when you can’t blog the way you’ve gotten use to doing so
on your own cell phone, the way you like it (cry)


It seems like, after coming this far,
that my blog has become an essential part of me!


Now that may sound a bit exaggerated,
but that’s how I feel


Even up til now… (I say that yet I only started 2 weeks ago)
I still feel that I love blogging


But in my current state of being unable to with my own phone
I have discovered something!


For me, blogging is something I cannot do without!


It is vital for me to be connected to you guys ~(>_<)


I mean like, as humans we can’t go without food and sleep right?


For me, it’s like that + blogging ↑


And I can’t satisfy my blogging craving like this (><)


But, I am still very grateful my manager
let me borrow his phone so I can update (≧▼≦)


Seems like I may end up spending a lot of time with
my manager’s phone while I’m overseas (lol)


Well! I have a fun day of work ahead of me today!
I hope you guys do too ☆彡

Juice ♪

Well then ☆
If you guys were going over seas, what would you want to do?


I’d want to drink juice (●^ー^●)
I really like green tea
And normally I pretty much only drink green tea
So when I go over seas, I feel like drinking juice ↑
So yeah, I drank some guava juice ☆(*^□^*)↑


It was delicious, although not as good as green tea (^O^)/


Out of all the things I’ve drank in my life
I haven’t come across anything that’s better than green tea so far!


Green tea is the best \(^O^)/
Big round of applause for green tea (≧▼≦)
Nothing can match green tea
That’s how much I support it


But if…
you were to ask, which is more essential to you
green tea or your cell phone?


I’d immediately respond cell phone Σ( ̄□ ̄;)


Ahhh it’s so frustrating not being able to blog on my own cell (;_;)


Although I can’t use my own cell phone (〇>_<) I'll be sure not to flake out on blog updates (*^_ ’)♪


I’ll be back to check in again soon ☆彡

Wheeeeeeeeeen ( __;)

I still haven’t recovered from this… (;_;)


But I am very much enjoying being over seas ♪
The scenery and sunset are sooo touching!
It’s so fun! (≧▼≦)
Although, I’ll be careful not to have too much fun


But because I can’t use my cellphone
I have no idea what’s going on in Japan right now
and that makes me worried 。(p>∧ 

Like a “awwwww man…” feeling


Anyone with a usable cell phone feel like shipping it to me via motorcycle courier? ~(><)

I'm here!

I’m heeeeeeeeeeeeeere!!


And guess what


My cellphone


Is out of service range (;_;)


I can’t use it (ノд<。)゜


Even though the shop person said I would be able to ( ̄□ ̄;)!!


I wonder what went wrong (><)


Well actually, now my entire plan is messed up (*_*)


I was thinking of blogging so much while I was over seas too ↓


Why (?_?)


I mean if you take this blog away, I got nothing left!!!


Ah, maybe that’s too strong


I mean, there won’t be anything left


Except my cuteness (≧▼≦)


Even though the cellphone signals are coming from waaay overseas
It seems like the ones that let me annoy you
are coming through just fine (=^▽^=)ノ


I was seriously bummed out when I found out I couldn’t use my cell (cry)


Times like these you just gotta keep your head up and move forward ↑


I say that, but I still can’t even face this situation right now (;_;)


In the meanwhile, my manager will let me use his cell to blog while we’re overseas ↑


I’m not familiar with using his phone
So I hope to use it a lot and update often (o^o^o)


Please continue to support me! Aha ッ☆ヽ(▽⌒*)


Here is me with an airplane ♪


I took this pic in a festive mood right before leaving o(`▽´)o↑♪↑♪


At the airport
I had some grilled pike and nattou rice ↑
A very Japanese feeling meal (^_^)v


I also drank some miso soup ☆
Ah that came out in the western way of saying it (≧∇≦)


But yeah
My English is pretty much limited to “Miso soup”,
but I’ll try as hard as I can!


As a Japanese person over seas,
I’ll try to make do with my Japanese (^∀^)ノ


Shiii yuuu agein


Ahh too late, that’s kinda border line ( ̄○ ̄;)


So once again
I’m off!!!!

Right now!



am at!






Yeeeeep ♪♪
I’m currently at narita airport o(`▽´)o


I’ll be going over seas ↑


Far far awaaaay ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛


For work!!
I’m looking forward to this job (^_^)v


but I am not very good at traveling over seas
so that’s the part I’m kinda down about (;_;)


because of the time differences ↓
even for places that don’t have a big time difference,
I can still feel it (;∇;)/~~


and also, when I can’t go home at the end of the day,
I get pretty lonely (;_;)


But at least I can still blog (≧∇≦)
I’m glad about that!!!!!!


If they were to take the blog away from me now…


I’d just wither away m(_ _)m


But as long as I can blog,
I can open up my heart even when I’m over seas ♪


Times like these make me glad I am blogging ♪


I’m off (≧∇≦)

Monday ☆

Good morning!!


I woke up reaaaally early today


★★ Monday ★★
Today is the start of a new week
To the people looking forward to it
To the people who are a bit down
and to the people who never change
let’s all try our hardest together


Right now I am both
am super excited ↑(≧∇≦)
and a little down ↓(;_;)
about going to work


As to what I’m excited and down about, I’ll tell ya later ~ ♪


Anyway, right now I’m on the move
I’m in the car
and entrusting my life to the driver
so I’m going to take a nap!!
Amen m(_ _)m


A very merry unbirthday

The pics here are today’s “Before/After” shot (^_^)v!!


The day has changed to Feb 22nd now,
which makes it Usa-chan Peace day ♪


Usa-chan peace is when you put both hands in a peace sign
on top of your head and say “Usa-chan peace”


Every month on the 22nd is Usa-chan peace day ~V(^-^)V


Of course, to the world… Feb 22nd is Catherine Day…
Right! Meow meow meow, cat day ♪♪


For me, I’ll go with bunnies over cats (lol)


Also, aside from cat day, it’s also world friendship day,
and married couples day ☆★


Up til now, I never really thought about Feb 22nd,
it usually passed by as any other day


Friendship and married couples…
When you think like that,
I guess this day has a pretty significant meaning to it (≧∇≦)↑


Earlier, I was looking up “What day is it today”


It seems like every day is some kind of special day!!!
All 365 days
Isn’t that something? I guess there’s an endless supply of material for that lol


By the way, in Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” there’s that tea party scene…
and they have that one song
where they sing “A very merry unbirthday to you ♪”
Do you guys know it?
I love this song ♪
When I was in kindergarten, or when I was young
I was always wondering “Why are they celebrating an unbirthday?”
*unbirthday got translated to “day with nothing going on” in the JP ver of the movie


Because I mean, unbirthdays (days with nothing going on) are pretty boring aren’t they?
But when I thought more about it,
days with nothing going on are the most peaceful
and feel the best don’t they o(^-^)o♪


That may sound obvious, but if you don’t realize that, you can forget it


When nothing is going on, it means there’s nothing unpleasant
Which means happiness, which of course I’ll celebrate ↑


Well then, let’s all sing together ♪
Let’s celebrate ♪


A very merry unbirthday to you ↑↑
A very merry unbirthday to you ↑↑↑


Well, everyone celebrates birthdays
but for other holidays and other important days
I guess everyone celebrates in his/her own way…


So I guess that means a celebration every day \(^ー^)/!


Meaning there are no pointless days

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