But I’ll still approach Elizabeth ♪


“Say girl, won’t you be my fiancee?”


not to Ai-chan, but to Elizabeth because I’m so jealous ~(≧∇≦)


Just kidding
I’m always aiming for Ai-chan ( ̄∀ ̄)


Yesterday! I forgot to upload this…


Ai-chan’s fiancee,
Elizabeth ♪♪


Ai-chan and Elizabeth and always moving together in unison


It’s as if the 2 of them were 1!


I’m so jealous ~(ToT)

On the move~

The photo shoot ended safely (^_^)v


I’m quite pumped up because my hairdo was just tooooo cute ↑↑


The professional make up artist was too pro!


Right now, I’m on my way to Shibuya~♪
With Junjun ☆


To the Shibuya Yoshimoto∞Hall
Where we’ll be participating a bit in the
Fujiwara no arigatai omoe!! live concert ↑


It’s a concert for entertainers so
it’s my first time and I’m quite nervous ”(ノ><)ノ


But, I’m very much looking forward to it ♪


I’m very thankful and can’t wait to have a great time ♪♪

Like a junior high schooler

Maybe it’s because I didn’t get enough sleep


But I’ve been sleepy since I woke up this morning (ノд<。)


Whenever I get free time
I just put my head down on a desk and sleep!!


Speaking of putting your head down and sleeping…


I often did that when I was in class during my junior high school days (lol)


It was bad when
I fell asleep in 1st period
and stayed asleep til 3rd period


Thinking about those days
During those 2 periods
You change classrooms


So I’m sure people who moved must have noticed
that there was 1 person still sleeping there!


Ahh, what a character I was \(^ー^)/


Don’t you think it was mean that none of my classmates
bothered to wake me up? ゜。゜。(p>∧ 

Although, as I say that
at the same time I’m glad they let me sleep on (lol)


Too all you good kids out there, please don’t copy me (__;)

Spur of the moment decision

Well for now, I’m on a break ↑↑


I’m on the move ☆★★


I’m in the car next to Linlin (≧∇≦)


Linlin is eating a sandwich…


But of course, she’s eating (lol)


Reina was like


“You eat too much”


to which she said


“I didn’t eat my bentou”


But in my opinion,
I think she wanted to eat it


And she decided spur of the moment not to


Because Linlin


Earlier, when she found out about the bentous


She went to check them out right away (lol)

Shoe blister #2

During the photo shoot I was blistering the entire time ~(^_^)v


The one I got when I was over seas…
had healed
but for today’s outfit, I was wearing pumps so it kinda… backtracked (ノ△T)


But in addition to that, I got a brand new blister


Blister #2, on my right foot


Well, on the bright side
I guess the blisters can keep each other company (゜∇゜)


But please don’t stay too long!

In a hurry

I’m afraid I can’t show you today’s outfits
so my apologies for these pics from last night m(_ _)m


Today it feels like everyone around me is quite busy rustling around..


But for me, I’m just calmly sitting here blogging ♪
or so that’s what it looks like from other people’s point of view


But at this studio
I don’t have good reception!!


I’m low on


With that double, it’s not looking good for my blogging!!


So that’s why I’m in a hurry (」゜□゜)」


I’m actually not calm at all


I need to find a place with good signal
and I need to find a charger!!!!


Well, back to the photo shoot!

Cramped up

Ahh I am loving my hairstyle today (_´Д`)ノ


But you know what!


This morning, my foot cramped up (;^_^A


My feet tend to cramp up easily… I wonder why (゜U。)?


During yesterday’s event too, my 4th toe on my right foot cramped up


and then this morning the middle toe of my right foot ↓↓↓


I wonder if the 2nd toe will be next?


Although it’d be nice if it didn’t…(T_T)

Sleepy sleepy sleepy ~ sleepy

Good morning!!!!


I was playing with my laptop yesterday on my bed
and looking at everyone’s comments


And before I knew it, I fell asleep ~~~”(ノ><)ノ


On my bed
I fell asleep on my futon
So my mom put another futon over me


I fell asleep feeling my mom’s love
and from the comments, all the love from you guys


is what I want to say,
but I was sooo sleepy yesterday
that nothing else really mattered
except falling asleep right away (lol)


But, when I woke up this morning
I did remember to be thankful to my mom and to all of you


Well~ there is a photo shoot today!


Actually… I kinda feel like I didn’t get enough sleep (゜∇゜)


Well, I’m off ↑

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