Ahh I wanted to sleep the entire day today!


I was sleepy yesterday too
and today I was feeling even more sleepier than yesterday! (>_<)


Ah I’m pretty worried, if I keep going like this
at this rate, I’ll be completely asleep all day tomorrow (-_-)zz


But anyway, now that I’m back at the hotel
I’m going to bed right away!


I’ll probably pass out as soon as I get in bed (><)


Sharan Q
Batan kyuu
* her joke about passing out again… aka *thud clonk*


Ah, and even though I’m in the south, it’s cold ( ̄□ ̄;)!!


I’ll need to balance that out ♪

Not in India either…

Today for dinner I had Indian curry ↑


I also had some strawberry lassi to drink ↑↑


It comes with a straw,
but it doesn’t really work well with a straw
cuz I mean I suck and suck but it barely reaches my mouth


But I didn’t tell anyone,
and I just drank it that way til I finished it ☆


I think I really improved my straw sucking skills in that short time \(~o~)/


After this, I’ll be hoping
that my straw sucking skills come in handy somewhere (≧▼≦)

An idol's oil

I am a Morning Musume girl


I am an idol


but, sometimes I get oily skin too


So sometimes, I use facial wipes to clean the oil


I am Morning Musume idol Michishige Sayumi
and I am in the middle of using a facial wipe \(^O^)/

Dog (female)

Continuing from yesterday… I ran into a dog just a while ago


She didn’t have that initial cute impact as much as yesterday’s dogs


but her cuteness slowly grew… that’s the kind of dog she was (^・ェ・)


She looked so happy, sticking her tongue out
while watching us the entire time
In watching her,
it just naturally made me smile
and feel as happy as she did (^皿^)


She was very energetic ↑


The puppy really liked one of the guy staff members ♪


but whenever I or another female staff member approached her, she ran away!


Hearing that, I think it was a female dog


Well, her personality was pretty easy to figure out (lol)


Nicely done (≧▼≦)


Sleepy Michishige Sayumi here (ρ_-)ノ


Every time I’m traveling in the car, I fall fast asleep (-_-)zz


Even for short trips,
it’s not a nap for me, I completely pass out (-_-)zz


The moment I get in the car, my eyes start to close ( -_-)


Feels like
I’ll be sleepy the whole day today


And I don’t really
think I can fight off that sleepy feeling


So today I’ll do my best and be sleepy at the same time!


Good morning ♪


Last night, I was able to read everyone’s comments
using my manager’s laptop (^O^)!!


I was reading the comments from 2 days ago
and they were so warm and touching, they made me so happy (*^_^*)


thank you


Also, it seems like a lot of you have noticed
that I’m somewhere in the south (≧▼≦)
* this includes hawaii and guam, darn no specifics yet! =P


I suppose it’s easy to tell once you see the blue skies ↑


Where I am at today, the weather is also clear and very warm…
let alone hot~ (*´∇`)


But I won’t lose to the weather! I’ll try my hardest to be just as hot today!


…so much that you can’t even call the weather hot anymore (*^_ ’)☆

Packed Day ♪

* thank you in Thai


I had some Thai food ↑(*^_ ’)


Even though I’m not in Thailand (lol)


The green curry was reaaaally good (*´∇`)


It was such a packed day today, I was so busy (o^∀^o)


So much so that it’s been a while since I’ve felt this sleepy! (>_<)


So when I get in the bath today, rather than turning on my game
instead I might just turn off the light switch,
and turn off the electricity and go to sleep \(~o~)/


This goes to you guys as well,
please be sure to use your cellphones and PCs in moderation (lol)


Ahh wait ♪
Unless you’re using it to read my blog
then you can use more (lol) ♪♪♪♪

Baby English

Earlier, when I was shopping
I wanted some mascara that adds volume to eyelashes
and I could only ask the shop clerk in baby English
“Mascara? Number one? Volume?”


Then he was like “I’m Japanese” (in Japanese)


Σ( ̄□ ̄;) What, seriously!!


Well that’s embarrassing (/_\;)


There weren’t any foreigners
The shop clerk wasn’t one either
It was just me, with people like me…
just enjoying a regular shopping trip


I did enjoy it in the end,
but my poor English just ended up being a bother more than anything



Shopping over seas

I just went shopping ☆


Since they don’t use the Japanese yen over seas,
I’m not really sure how much things costs
But being over seas makes
me feel like its ok to spend a little more


I always tend to shop too much when I’m overseas


So this time, before I went
my mom was like
“Buy only what you need!” ( ̄□ ̄;)


She’s right (^O^)/


Being over seas, no matter how excited I am
if it’s not necessary, I’m not gonna get it ↓


And feelings like “I wanna buy it!” “I want it!”
well, first I need to keep cool
and ask myself if I really need it or not


But when I do that
virtually nothing is necessary ( ̄□ ̄;)!!


Wow my mom is amazing!
She is one thing I need for sure ヾ(=^▽^=)ノ


I ran into some dogs


They were running around so I wasn’t sure how many there were
but I think there were around 8 of them


They were sooooooo cute (*´∇`)


They just naturally make you so excited


I think my excited look is pretty cute too


But not like


sooooooo cute (*´∇`)


more like


just a little cute (´Д`)


So I’m gonna aim to be just as cute (*´∇`)
without forcing it too much

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