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♪( ´θ`)ノ

On the 9th I had a great time at my solo event ~ (^∇^)☆
Also on the 9th, Fukumura Mizuki-chan and Suzuki Kanon-chan
came to visit (*^^*)☆
Those two are really good friends ♪♪
They were wearing matching ribbons (#^.^#)☆

They were such a big help at the event ♪( ´▽`)
Thank you (^O^)/☆

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  1. I agree with Aika on this, I think these two Kyukkies are the ones that will be the closest to Aika. I haven’t heard all the Aika FC event conversations but they sounded really wide spreading and energetic.

  2. I have not just yet, I haven’t really dug through some of the kyukkie member threads more,
    because I wouldn’t be surprised to see it pop up around there.
    But you know how it can be at some of these events, might of been tough to get a recording

  3. aika with a controled proudness look on her face, like introducing her 2 good children lol
    glad to hear they helped her out, fukumura esp seems really kind and gentle as a person

  4. Herr ferries,
    are you the guy putting up all the egao Aika pictures up on
    I needed a Korean insider and felt too lazy to go through the process of registering, etc.

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