Training Diary 10 News Studio training

The other day I did some news studio training!

To be honest
I was really nervous…

Announcer Kurano senpai said “I just stopped by to take a peek!”
actually a lot of senpais from the announcer department came to see
which made me even more nervous

I was double-checking the script right up until we started

My colleague Ueda also had a serious face on

By the way, these pics were taken by Announcer Itagaki
Thank you for taking them!

Our afternoon training was reviewing the video clips
taken from our news studio training…
And in doing this, hearing your own voice and seeing yourself
you can really pick out your own characteristics and habits
I really learned a lot from it.
I hope to really make good use of this afternoon’s training

I was nervous this time but
there are things waiting for me that’ll make me even more nervous
so I need to get stronger! ^^

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  1. the set alone would even make me nervous
    i kinda wanna push kon in a pool though to snap the seriousness out of her
    although, pushing her into a pool would actually make her more serious
    unless it was a pool filled with cakes

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