New show “Moe x Kon”

Starting July 11th, every night from Monday to Sunday
is our new show “Moe x Kon”!

This is a show
where we will introduce entertainment recommended by TV Tokyo
such as events, movies, plays, DVDs and books…
Once in a while we will also have guests come on
to talk about why something in particular is so amazing
The MCs of that show will be two first year TV Tokyo employees
Ueda and myself

Having only been with the company for three months…
Our first regular tv show, our first MC
I would imagine there may be a few clumsy moments.
Wait, it’ll probably be full of clumsy moments.
But I hope to gain a lot of experience from this
and grow from it! ^^

But while I am grateful for this opportunity to learn…
I will still be working my hardest
to properly showcase the latest entertainment news!

In our first week we will be showing the very popular soon to air
“Pokemon Best Wishes: Victini and the Black Hero Zekrom
and Victini and the White Hero: Reshiram”!
We also have an amazing voice actress as a guest to comment…!
So please check it out

I am nervous about my first regular on this show.
But anyway, here is what the set looks like ^^

Every week the person leading the MC changes so
our meetings are 1 at a time

But I secretly got some pics of Ueda during her meeting ^^
Something that eases our nerves through this
are these stuff animals resting on top of our desks

So who is this character?
This guy shows up in “Natsume’s Book of Friends”
which we’ll be introducing next week ^^

Although the first thing we’re going to introduce is pokemon
we have a lot of pokemon stuffed animals too
I just forgot to take pics of them…
As we went through the recording
by the time I remembered, the Pokemon weren’t there anymore
I guess I was too focused on the MC
and it slipped my mind…

I’ll be working my hardest so please support “Moe x Kon”!

Our first ep airs Monday July 11th and 3am ^^
The channel will be of course

^^ (Analog channel 12) Please support us!

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  1. TV Tokyo have got to be on to a winner with this. Konkon has 10 years experience in the entertainment industry so who better to introduce entertainment topics and interview guests from show business? She also has a ready made fan base from her MM days.
    Well done Konkon (and Moe), hope it all goes well for Monday!

  2. I can’t frickin wait for this!!!
    3 in the morning everyday huh, lol.

    I hope that gives them the luxury of being goofy and off topic.
    I can’t wait to see how Kon’s character has evolved.

    She needs to put on more weight though, she is tooo skinny now!

  3. Sferries, what did you think of Konno’s debut?

    I think she was a little stiff and awkward but she was really good with her pronunciations and pacing.

    I hope the Moe x Kon format loosens her up.

  4. I saw the video of her report for Brach. I thought it was a good first attempt and the brach team were very supportive and looked genuinely pleased with her efforts. Konkon looked happy too, her face lit up with a big smile at the end (like someone had baked her a cake) LOL.

    Good job Konkon, keep up the good work!

  5. Watched it as well. She Is THIN. Too thin… hope it’s a healhy kind of thin… not some bulimic thin…

    She’s talking a lot faster than she was before,clearer too. Fews years ago she said it was impossible for her to talk like that. Congratulations konkon

  6. what kon is wearing looks like a cosplay outfit lol something like the boss characters maid or secretary

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