July 7th Kidzania broadcast

Yesterday on tanabata July 7th
it was “Channel 7’s TV Tokyo Day”
and at Koutouku Tokyo’s Kidzania
from July 7th to the 8th at 4pm
we had a TV Tokyo special event ^^

And yesterday I was able to give a live update
from the Tokyo Kidzania!!

Tokyo Kidzania is a place aimed to show kids
what it’s like to work at different jobs.
All those working little kids are such a cute sight ^^

You can try out all sorts of different jobs at Tokyo Kidzania.

For example a gas station attendant

It was so lovely to see them in their uniforms and greeting people ^^

And then this “little bus” running around inside Kidzania…

In a cute voice “Now if you look over to your right~”
Girls can get experience being a bus guide.

And then the very popular “Firefighter experience”

Here are the kids working hard fighting fires.

There was a little boy who’s uniform was a little too big for him.

But all the kids wearing the uniforms were very cute ^^

And here are some excited parents
taking pictures of their kids

Looking at the joyful expression on their faces…
just made me want to take a picture

It got me thinking… if that was my kid
Having them dress up in different uniforms
and trying out different jobs
is something I’d definitely want to see

Tokyo Kidzania is such a wonderful place both parents and kids can enjoy ^^

It is the same Tokyo Kidzania from where I gave my report.

Having a live broadcast as my first appearance on screen as an announcer
was so incredibly nerve-wrecking! >< A ton of people were telling me "Good luck" and sending me emails... I was able to face my first broadcast with the support of a lot of friendly voices Of course there is a lot to review but I was very happy to take that first step forward. I had talked to Kano-san, who was in charge of this report last year and just like she said, the kids were so hyper! Even though I was wearing earphones, I couldn't hear my own voice. Being in such a bustling place like this made me realize once again how important it is to have a loud voice. I know I will have plenty more "first experiences" after this but I know that if I don't take each one seriously and learn from them I will regret it later. I'll do my best to learn from this and keep on working hard!

I think I’ll remember this day every Tanabata (July 7th) now ^^
July 7th was a very nerve-wrecking but important day for me.

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  1. there is a pattern in her posts, they look like essay writing practice lol
    like she is working when blogging
    thats konno i guess, this is her job now and she needs to keep her mind on the job 24/7
    but damn…who took that picture of her? sabotage, a jealous coworker

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