Nadeshiko number 1 ☆

I was really so touched

Congrats to Nadeshiko Japan on being #1!!
*Nadeshiko is the female football association

The women’s World Cup finals! Japan vs America
There was no way I was going to miss it
so I set my alarm clock and took a short nap
then woke up and was fully awake to watch the game!

The match was by no means an easy one for Japan.
The American defense was practically impenetrable
and their offense was so aggressive on the Japanese goal…
There was a difference in physique as well

The American player Wambach is 181cm tall?!…
Sheesh, I wish she’d share some of that height (lol)

Having never won a match against America before
this was certainly going to be tough

But with Ando going 1 on 1 against the keeper
and Kaihori making a nice save against Wambach’s header
and that really close cross from Ohno to Ando…!
after all that…

America was first to take the lead 0 – 1
But!! Miyama brought us back with a goal 1 – 1
I was so excited at this point

And then extra time,
… in the first half, America’s Wambach added another goal 1 – 2

With the American defense tightening up and time running out…
Captain Sawa scored the game tying goal!!! 2 – 2!

It was really turning into one of those epic games you can’t miss! >< But right before time ran out, Japan was given a red card and our last obstacle would be an American free kick I was like "Please please please...!" the entire time in front of the TV And an another amazing save happened! So we went straight into penalty kicks And what a wonderful PK round it was!! Kaihori had such nice saves!! Actually because I had done futsal in the past, I had met the Nadeshiko girls before... so I felt like I really connected with them as I watched Especially Kaihori I myself was a goal keeper so I really felt like I knew what was going through Kaihori's mind at the time School wise she was actually one year ahead of me, but actual age wise we were the same. So I could really relate ^^ As a goal keeper you face so many crucial moments and with 3 keepers on the roster when you are the one selected to play in such an important match... you're happy but it's tough because you don't want to let the team down And most importantly, those penalty kicks determine the winner. What was going through Kaihori's mind I wonder "Is extra time starting right away?" Maybe that? She was so amazing with her save on Wambach's shot and her kick save against the first PK shot. Now I know I'm not the best person to give commentary about football but I just really like the game And having experienced a game like this and blogging about it you would think I would come up with something deep or inspiring to say... >< but I was just really moved by the game so I decided to write about it ^^ Falling behind, then catching up, then falling behind again, then catching up again... this was by no means an easy game it was a fight all the way to the finish and that was simply amazing. I've talked to a few people about it now and they've said it made them appreciate again how important it is to never give up Right before the PK round started the "circle of smiles" really impressed me But more than anything the joy in their faces when they won and how they held each other in the tense moment before So my writing has turned to garbage now... but sports really is just so amazing!! Nadeshiko Japan, thank you for everything! And congratulations! ...I'll keep these feelings in my heart and work hard myself! or some kind of feeling like that ^^

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  1. This write up has entirely eased the outcome of this World Cup for me \(^ー^)/
    The goalie to goalie analysis was spot on, this is where KonKon needs to show her razor sharp foucs.

    Team Japan lifted a lot of people’s spirits that day and for the future of that club

  2. I didn’t see the game but Konkon’s description makes me wish I had watched it. She is obviously a real fan of the game and makes a pretty good football writer.

    I think it is a shame she had to give up futsal, the Gatas No12 was another example of Konkon putting her mind to being good at something and making it happen.

    I think it’s great that the Japaneese people had something to cheer about this year. Well cone to the Nadeshiko!

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