Yesterday, for the first day in Hawaii, we did shoots and took comments~


The pictures are how the shoots went V(^-^)V


The shoots we did this time we’re going to sell at today’s Hawaii fanclub tour!!


We shot outside (^_-)♪ Near the beach♪♪
The wind felt great♪


...that said, for a little while, it had rained, and we got wet (>_<)


But everyone was excited, it was fun (≧∇≦ )
Ukiuki exciting


The first shot…Aichan, Aika, and Sayumi.


The second shot…Fukuchan, and Sayumi.
Fukuchan and I come together to talk so much, being together is fun!ヽ(´▽`)/


The third shot…When I spontaneously took one of Rihoriho, unexpected it was a sexy pose!?


It’s Hawaii so she’s opened up~adorable~



Hawaii Fanclub Tourー!
It’s finally begun (≧∇≦)
From here it’s a chocolate factory.
I wonder if we’ll get to eat lots of chocolate…(´∀`)


2011/7/23 04:57

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  1. She could fill the cute but fragile and sickly girl troupe within the group and finally establish a character!

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