Every night, late at night from 2am to 3am, our show “Moe x Kon” is broadcasted

It’s a show where we will introduce the latest entertainment news!

I got this mail from the program staff

The “Moe x Kon” blog
can now be seen from the mobile version of the site!!

So I’ll be working hard to keep that blog updated as well ^^

And and… we had a recording yesterday too!

Starting 8/22 for 1 week, we will have two guests from
the TV Tokyo Announcer department too!

A hint as to who they are: Announcer A + Announcer A ^^

…did you guys get that?

I wanted to upload a pic of the 4 of us but I forgot to take one again…
I even titled this post “Senpai” yet there aren’t any pics of senpais…
Once again another regret as I write this post >< The staff guys said "We'll send you one" so I'll be updating again at a later date! Thanks and please continue to support this blog as well as the "Moe x Kon" blog ^^

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  1. Is anyone bundling KonKon’s appearance together in a giant pack file,
    it be much easier than extracting all these tidbits from konloader each time.

    I hate the flooding style of Japanese media sometimes

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