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Two more Alo-hello happened with C-ute and in those years was more chance for me to hear them outside. During one year I remember Airi almost kicking over a speaker she was going to lean her foot against (This story might be the one exchangeable with the broken sound system story from last time but I’m not certain anymore). The slight fumbles make for fun anecdotes I think. It was already around this time that I was directing people to the bathrooms and so I felt like I was at least giving back a little during my stay outside.


It was their last Alo-hello that special things happened. For one I wasn’t alone in this adventure. In the past with Momusu I had comrades during the mini lives, and for a Berryz one I did as well. This C-ute Hawaii moment became a shining star to me and I believe to my comrades as well.


You see it was during this FC that we did more. I watch in silence, I guide people during bathroom time, and when the idols leave I yell thank you, that was pretty much my process since I started doing this whole Hawaii thing. But that year, with the boldness and the resourcefulness of others we did more. Sidewalk chalk at hand, and knowing the path they needed to walk to go from the concert area to the car, we began putting down thank you’s and C-ute symbols and things on the ground.


My memory of what happened are not as clear as they use to be the important bits did happen, in some order. We stepped back, because of course we had to, I’ve never been one who wants to jump them or anything, I think we all just wanted to give back to them, let them know even though we’re not from Japan and were not on the tour that we still appreciate them and are thankful they came to Hawaii. I only really have one piece of portable merch from C-ute with my limited budget, the Maimi fiber towel from Utsukkushikutte Gomen ne that I bought in Japan. They came out and we did what we do, we said thank you for coming, gave them otsukare saying for the good job they did, and watched. They waved and were surprised we were there, it wasn’t like we were decked out like the FC wota, but we were there.


They noticed the chalk drawings. They did things I didn’t think would happen. They stopped and they took pictures with it. We later saw they blogged about it. It was amazing. Maimi blogged she was happy to meet us, that she wanted to come back to Hawaii. Airi blogged about how the University students wrote them messages (At least 3 of us were students there by chance :P). It felt like we really helped make their time at least a little better.


But I’ve jumped ahead a bit there too, because back after they were there taking pictures, they had walked up to us, to talk to us. At the time I didn’t want to talk about it too much, it felt special, it felt like it would never happen again, and telling other people would be asking for trouble or promoting something that probably would never happen. But they talked to us, they shook our hands, they thanked us for being there. Now we didn’t have very good Japanese understanding as a group. 2 major students of at least, and 1 person who was good (and that wasn’t me lol). But we got by, and it was wonderful.


It wasn’t just that we got attention that made it wonderful. It was C-ute themselves. It would’ve been easy to just walk away after seeing the things. They didn’t have to take pictures with it. And yet they did, and they thanked us for it. That great experience, feeling firsthand the warmth and consideration for team C-ute from C-ute, that was priceless.


That One Moment


I could rewrite this moment but I’ve already written about my moment with C-ute. The moment I think that makes Arigatou ~Mugen no Yell~ important to me. You can read about it in the old feature I wrote a couple days after it happened here. It is still a very special moment for me.

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  1. It definitely is a sad time when a member graduates from a group, but when a group disbands, it takes it to another level. Momusu will always keep me interested in them. Besides the music, Aichan gone came Riho, then Duu (T__T), and then Kaede, yesss…fandom still alive. But C-ute will cease to exist until the day of their comeback concerts or specials.

    I was hoping for a Smileage to Angerme transition like or a Melon Kinenbi is not dead route. Reality sets in, and I support the wise decision of each member of C-ute to disband together as a whole. Not going down in flames, but a group that rose above the clouds and beyond expectations since Hello Kids.

    Maimi too caught my eye. In Tokaikko Junjou’s greatest ball throw moment and “Kokoro no naka wo minuite hoshii” cemented her as my #1. Hello Pro time episode #1 with her dogs are absolutely adorable. Then her solo series a foggy doll, rainy day, imagine classic, etc. are poetry in motion. And Maimi will still be around, and that’s great news!

    And your encounter with them last year was priceless. Oh, and have you seen Tsunku around town? Gotta give props and credit to his instincts choosing Hello kids back then. I’m sure UF had some say, but the guy was the front man of the company after all.

    English challenge I think, Jpop Rankingu and if I may, link is to http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2lke2j_j-pop-ranking-english-conversation-challenge-c-ute-150328_tv

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