Packed Day ♪

* thank you in Thai


I had some Thai food ↑(*^_ ’)


Even though I’m not in Thailand (lol)


The green curry was reaaaally good (*´∇`)


It was such a packed day today, I was so busy (o^∀^o)


So much so that it’s been a while since I’ve felt this sleepy! (>_<)


So when I get in the bath today, rather than turning on my game
instead I might just turn off the light switch,
and turn off the electricity and go to sleep \(~o~)/


This goes to you guys as well,
please be sure to use your cellphones and PCs in moderation (lol)


Ahh wait ♪
Unless you’re using it to read my blog
then you can use more (lol) ♪♪♪♪

0 thoughts on “Packed Day ♪

  1. hahaha i think it’s actually spelled “Kapkunka” or “kap kun ka” my mom says it doesn’t matter much with or w/out spaces inbetween. LOLZ

    and YAY sayu liks thai food~! i feel happy that she likes my homeland food~

  2. I think we should place “o” instead of “a” in -kap-. Don’t know why many foreigners like Thai Green Curry, perhaps because of its taste which is not too spicy if compared to other Thai curries.

    Glad to see Sayu uses Thai phrase on her blog. :)

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