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Lots o' cocoa↑

After eating my lucky dinner,
my stomach became super-full but,
no matter what, I wanted to eat some
chocolate 。。。



Why is that people (females especially)
no matter how full they are,
when they see desserts
their stomachs almost immediately
make room for it. Automatically!


That’s probably where “betsu bara” came from↑↑↑↑
(Amaimono ha betsu bara = there’s always room for dessert;
lit. there’s another stomach for dessert)


Whenever I get home, I always put some
chocolate into my other stomach (lol) (*^o^*)


But today, I didn’t have the usual milk chocolate,
I had some 86% cocoa chocolate☆ヽ(▽⌒*)


Kinda looks like this girl just barely managed to
do something good for her body!


On top of that, since it’s not that sweet,
I didn’t snarf it down,
instead I took my time and savored the flavor,
so in the end I was able to eat a lot (lol)


It was super good!


My other stomach is full!
I mean REALLY full! I feel so powered-up!


Everyone is different.
Our heights is different,
our weights are different,
every one of our faces too,
if you think that way then the feelings you have,
like what makes you laugh,
even what makes you cry easily,
your hobbies, skills, likes, personality and even
you way of life too,
even the person who is similar to you,
it just proves we’re all different.
But it’s good that we’re different.
Maybe someone is lacking a lot of something
more than other people, but that’s good too.
Perhaps they get some inconsiderate glances
or some hurtful words are said.
However, I think there’s not that many who lose.
There certainly will be some people close to you
who are pretty mean…a family member perhaps?
But if you focus on people’s kind and gently side
again and again, then to that extent, I think
you can be come stronger.
For that reason, don’t feel defeated.
Look ahead with your head high.
Since Sayumi will do her absolute best too,
let’s do it together.


I was talking about this with my mom just
a little while ago, and I felt like I should share


Sorry for being so sudden (lol)



2010/9/30 22:29

More than anything Kame Eri!

I sent Kamei Eririn
a mail asking about her
『Picture mail wish』
but, it’s been 8 hours already and
I haven’t gotten a reply。。。




Instead, I got a picture of Eri from her
manager today ヽ(´▽`)/


Thanks very much (*´∀`*)


Eri intended to write something but,
it’s too bothersome to do it herself (lol)
so she asked her manager (-人-)


Thank you Thank you Thank you (^人^)


“She’s really cute right now”(*^o^*)←Such a nice view w


She looks happy more than anything.


So today, for all you guys, I wanted to show
you Eri more than anything.


But the number one thing best thing is,
putting Eri up on my blog makes me happy.
More than anything (lol)



2010/9/30 21:23

Lucky Dinner♪


Recording is finished♪


Really difficult (´;ω;`)


Sorry for it being so crappy (ノд<。)


But I’ll keep trying ☆゜。゜。(p>∧<q)。゜゜


Before recording started, Sayumi’s
after-recording catering service
came, and the director asked me
『Wanna eat?』 to which Sayumi replied
『Yaaaaaaaaaa I wanna eat!』
Sayumi took advantage of the catering service (lol) (*^o^*)


Lucky– (*^▽^)/


Onion-salt hamburger steak and tofu salad☆


The hamburger steak was so huge,
it really got me excited↑


But, it was too big!
The salad was bigger than I thought too,
I ate way too much (lol) o(`▽´)o


Gochisousama deshita☆


My manager, the director and the recording
staff all ate together,
it really felt like everyone was such
good friends. It made me really happy o(^-^)o


Sayumi was the only member of Morning Musume。。


I don’t really get a chance like this‥‥♪
It felt good to have no plans after
recording was finished♪ (lol)


I sang, I ate, guess now I’ll head home (lol)♪♪♪♪



2010/9/30 20:37

Round and round…

I’m off to recording now♪


None of the other members have done their
recordings so,
today we’re gonna do it all at once。。




since we’re doing the whole song

I was listening to nothing but that song,
and practicing the whole thing but,


The tune and the song is going
round and round and now
it’s all jumbled up.


I memorized it, but it’s like
which is the A melody and when do I
start the B melody?
Stuff like that I have no idea (=゜-゜)(=。_。)


It’s all messed up in my head right now but,
I’ll be cool about it and do my best (≧∇≦)


I’m off☆




La? Huh? (lol)



2010/9/30 16:50

Mail from Eri

There’s one person that’s still in Okinawa,
Chan・Kame Kamei Eririn-chan☆


I got a picture mail from her a while ago.


It read,


I picture mail of so-ki soba.


So, Sayumi wrote back
『Looks dewicious〓


Mind if I put it up on my blog?


It’ll be Eririn’s picture email wish〓
Feels like you did too much but thanks〓
You contributed to Sayumi’s blog ww』


I sent it but,
I haven’t gotten a reply (lol)


Expected as much (lol)


Well, she might be in the middle of
a photoshoot or something (*^o^*)


On top of that, I didn’t get an okay from Eri
to put the so-ki soba up on the blog,
but I did it anyway♪ (lol)♪♪♪♪♪♪♪


And now, Sayumi’s gonna practice her
songs like crazy.






This song has tons of fakes in it.


Tsunku-san’s pretty amazing.



Sayumi singing…………….


even I feel dread \(+×+)/
but there’s a reason, Sayumi’s amazing. (lol)



2010/9/30 15:24

Bear (´∀`)

From this outfit、、、


the ring is so cute (≧∇≦)






Bear- ヽ(´▽`)/

By the way, I saw Reina’s blog,
and the chocolate from 『Salty Chocolate?!』
we got that from Eri, Reina and me,
she gave it to both of us but、、、
hmmm, SAyueRI gave it to Reina (*´∀`*)


I think she got it wrong φ(.. ;)


Wahaha 。。。well whatever (`∀´#)


Understood (^w^)



2010/9/30 14:58

100 yen…?

That’s me during the photoshoot。。。


Kinda feels like there’s a stalker (lol)


Oh yeah, I really slept a lot today,
and I had a dream.


There was a pretty sturdy-looking
Mickey Mouse stroller being sold for 100 yen.
『Oh so this is 100 yen? So cheap… But I
don’t have a baby so…』
that was my dream (lol)


In the future, if I do have a baby, maybe
I’ll be purchasing a 100 yen stroller (lol)


but, in reality, there’s not one that
would sell for exactly 100 yen (>Σ<)



2010/9/30 13:28


So these are the leftover pics from
『KERA』, that’s now on sale,
that I couldn’t put up on my blog、、、


but now I can totally show them off!!!!!!


From this outfit, Sayumi was really
liking the really cute white poncho (^_^)v♪♪♪


It’s soooooo win (*^o^*)


Up until yesterday, it was so freakin’
hot in Okinawa, and now Tokyo
is so freakin’ cold, I’m so confused (=゜-゜)(=。_。)


But, Sayumi likes the cold♪
Cold and romantic (≧∇≦)


I’ll can wear the poncho too o(^-^)o


but, I don’t have a poncho in my wardrobe o(`▽´)o! (lol)







2010/9/30 13:12

Okinawa souvenirs☆

Some souvenirs I got from Okinawa☆


All of these here, are for me (lol) V(^-^)V♪♪♪♪


The mozuku-zuku-zukun was given to me
from the person at the Okinawa market (´∀`)


So kind o(^-^)o


『Aa! Sayumi-chan!』


he said to Sayumi (who really hates that) (lol),
he was friendly and talked to me,
so I was really happy o(^-^)o


Then, I REALLY wanted some Ishigakijima red chile oil,
but wherever I went, they were sold out (;_;)(;_;)


Well, at least I put forth the effort 、、 I thought,
so I bought a different red chile oil but then
later, that same guy from the market gave me some (‘o‘)ノ


Thank you so much!!


So-ki soba and goya chanpuru stuff and sweets,
I bought soooo many different things that now,
the Michishige house feels more or less
like Okinawa (^_^)v


Don’t worry be happy~♪



2010/9/30 12:33


Once again!!!!!!


Good morning.


I slept so freakin’ much (lol)


Twice. Three times. Four times。。。


And now here I am\(^ー^)/


And then, because I slept so much,
I have to put off showing my face (ρ°∩°)!!


I was so surprised, it’s really cold in my room today (┳◇┳)


I ended up wearing my long-sleeves to sleep.


Well, September ends today.


Is sanma season coming?(・∀・)
(Sanma = pike)


I love sanma (*^□^*)


I get all excited about Fall~~~o(^∇^o)(o^∇^)o


Well, gotta get up now Sayumi (lol)


Sayumi’s hibernation, finished!
(toumin = hibernation –> Sayu’s playing off her Sayumin in the title)


The season of Sayumi is coming! (・∀・)!
I’ve got to move.



2010/9/30 12:16

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