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November 04, 2018
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Mitsui Aika-chan
has announced her retirement.


It feels very lonely but
seeing Aika living in New Zealand
it was a very convincing decision
I felt it, I want Aika’s dreams to come true for sure


I met Aika as my kouhai but
for me she is an irreplaceable precious friend!
Even right now
to see Aika
I want to go to New Zealand!


Of course I like Aika in Japan too but
Aika in New Zealand
I love her all the moーーre!!!!!


For Aika New Zealand is
it freely draws out the good in Aika
it’s that kind of fantastic place
She’s found that kin dof place
For Aika, it’s really amazing!
That’s how it feels




The picture is
when Abe-san and Aika met
a picture when we went to New Zealand!






We went along with her to
all kinds of fantastic places (^^)


This is at Aika’s homestay place
eggs born from the chickens they raise♡




Just born eggs are warm
I must be grateful
once again I realized it


And, at her home stay
Aika treated us to
to her homemade cooking too♡






It was supremely yummy yah (^^)


Some day in New Zealand
I want to bring up a shop!
Aika’s fantastic dream
I want to support that with all my power!!!




At that time
I’m going to go to New Zealand
to eat Aika’s cooking for sure!


Aika, I love you totally and completely!!!



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AnimateTimes Article: Sayumi Now Voice Actor!

Title: Greatly Popular Anime 『Henkei Shoujo』 Final Episode Voice Actor is Decided to be Former Morning Musume。 Michishige Sayumi! Comments After the Dubbing Too!


World-wide totally over 8,300,000 views, greatly popular series 『Henkei Shojo』 [tl aka: Transforming Girls] On 2017/10/24 (Tue) the final releasing episode, Arisa Edition’s voice actor has been decided to be former Morning Musume。 Michishige Sayumi! We’ve gotten the comments from Michishige-san after finishing her dubbing.


And, on the same day there seems to be a must-see important project announcement for fans of 『Henkei Shojo』 so, let’s hope there’s news here too!


[picture set 1: Arisa/Sayu]


Michishige Saymi-san’s comments are here


―― Please tell us your impressions when you got the offer.


Michishige Sayumi-san (Henceforth, Michishige): I’ve had interest in voice acting work so getting to talk about it, I was really happy!  I saw the first 1 episode clip, from the beginning I was impressed watching it, 「it’s really pretty video huh.」 But from that there was that “Unbelievable development!” as the title says……(lol). My older sister and friends knew abobut it too, 「It’s the talk of the net」.


―― Acting as a character, how did it go?


Michishige: I admire girls like Arisa, girls who are always cheery but, I myself, actually I’m indecisive and pretty negative in places so, I was nervous like, 「Could I do this well?」 I was nervous (During my time as Morning Musume。 leader, I did my best thinking I need to pull the group together!).


And, Arisa’s fashion is cute yah. For me personally I had a sailor-fuku so I have an admiration for blazers, I hadn’t worn loose socks either so, this look, I wanted to try it.


―― In 『Henkei Shoujo』, who do you think matches you?


Michishige: The pampered character 「Rin-chan」 yah. I myself am the youngest too, and I like pink. Her drinking gasoline looking like it’s yummy is cute too.


―― What do you think of 『Hankei Shoujo』 from here?


Michishige: 5 people suddenly transforming has the whole town in uproar! it’s that kind of panic movie isn’t that right?


―― Please give a message to the fans.


Michishige: I acted to my best while I was nervous but, it was different from things up to now, I felt like I got to feel a little bit of a stronger me so please look forward to that. I’m saying things like, 「Urya~!!」 (lol).


For lines like 「Ha!」 and 「Uu!」 there’s expressions you can understand even if you don’t understand Japanese so, I want people all over the world to see it too you know. When you’re worn out during breaks at work and such, by all means please watch it!


●Scenes from the day of dubbing


[3 pictures of Sayu working]


●Michishige Sayumi Profile
Date of Birth: 1989/7/13 (28 years old)
Bloodtype: A-type
Place of birth: Yamaguchi prefecture


>> Official Blog: Sayuminlandoll
>>Character Introduction & Michishige Sayumi-san’s Comments Here


●Arisa’s Profile


[pics of Arisa]


Age: 17 Years Old
Height: 155cm
Three sizes:81・59・80
Birthday: 8/10
Zodiac: Leo


About 『Henkei Shoujo』


It’s the concept 「What would you do if girls you were familiar with suddenly transformed?」 and beautiful girl characters that up to now you’ve never seen perfectly transform. The currently revealed ones are, the girl looking good in a sailor-fuku 「羽瑠(Haru)」 and girl with the trademark backpack 「Rin」, the shy girl 「Itsuki」, and cool beauty 「Nana」. What kind of girl will appear next?, and what kind of transformation will be shown? For the details for those interested it could happen any time on their official site and Twitter!


>>Official Site
>>Official Twitter (@henkeigirls)



(C)2017 Henkei Shoujo Production Committee


Original Article in Japanese

[Takahashi Ai Blog] I Want To Make A Book

January 06, 2017




Continuing with pictures of a power spot park♡






Abe-san took this for us
















Abe-san, so… gross heh














I’m already filled up on good pictures!


So much I want to put out a book about New Zealand!!!


I wonder if I could make it myself〜





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[Takahashi Ai Blog] Power Spots

January 06, 2017




Going to the waterfalls,
we went to
woods like
forest like
jungle like
places, getting to walk at this kind of place, we got brought here too♡








Here seems like a power spot












I don’t know if it’s a power spot but
I feel like you could feel power there












It was that kind of fantastic place!







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[Takahashi Ai Blog] HUKA FALLS

January 06, 2017









Even to a very fantastic waterfall
we got taken along♡




The water color
like it’s produced
has that kind of mysterioius pretty blue
we were constantly gazing at it
that’s the kind of place it was










New Zealand’s nature is
very grand!!!














It was really reallーy soothing♡




Aika’s thought up
plan was so awesome…
in any case there’s still much much more so
I’ll put it upー!!!


All the Aika fans!
Aika is doing very well
and she’s KiraKira sparkling♡
I still have pictures left so
look forward to itーо(ж>▽<)y ☆






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[Takahashi Ai Blog] Beaーchー

January 06, 2017




We’re going on Abe Travels even moreー.



When went went driving
We got taken to the beach




The wind was strongーーー!!!




In the beach around here
that’s not gold dust
that’s shells spread all over
it was a mysterious feeling!!!


We had taken shots with film so
when it’s developed
I’ll put them up kayー








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[Takahashi Ai Blog] On Hill 2

January 05, 2017





Picture on the hill
I still have more!






Copying Abe-san
I jumped but
I failed heh






There were lots of clouds but
the blue sky came out too
the view was the best too!










From thatー
Abe-san’s jumpー!




So Good!!!




With the 3 of us made 2017 with our shadows but




It’s totally hard to tell… heh




Even a panorama!








The places Aika had taken us too
no matter where these are
they’er really the best!


I’ll put up more laterー!!!





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[Takahashi Ai] Market

January 04, 2017




Only done on Saturday
we went to this market too♡








The weather was really good too so
we bought stuff and ate it outside, it felt like a picnic〜








The pizza being made with this family
was supremely yummy you know ( ´艸`)








Baking in the oven
SakkuSaku crispy
Just there lined up in a row
What you want gets sold out in a flash so
we waited♡




Aika filled up taking pictures for me so
it’s filled with pictures〜♡


Such a capable kouhaissu (ノ´▽`)ノ



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