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November 04, 2018
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Mitsui Aika-chan
has announced her retirement.


It feels very lonely but
seeing Aika living in New Zealand
it was a very convincing decision
I felt it, I want Aika’s dreams to come true for sure


I met Aika as my kouhai but
for me she is an irreplaceable precious friend!
Even right now
to see Aika
I want to go to New Zealand!


Of course I like Aika in Japan too but
Aika in New Zealand
I love her all the moーーre!!!!!


For Aika New Zealand is
it freely draws out the good in Aika
it’s that kind of fantastic place
She’s found that kin dof place
For Aika, it’s really amazing!
That’s how it feels




The picture is
when Abe-san and Aika met
a picture when we went to New Zealand!






We went along with her to
all kinds of fantastic places (^^)


This is at Aika’s homestay place
eggs born from the chickens they raise♡




Just born eggs are warm
I must be grateful
once again I realized it


And, at her home stay
Aika treated us to
to her homemade cooking too♡






It was supremely yummy yah (^^)


Some day in New Zealand
I want to bring up a shop!
Aika’s fantastic dream
I want to support that with all my power!!!




At that time
I’m going to go to New Zealand
to eat Aika’s cooking for sure!


Aika, I love you totally and completely!!!



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