Ginza Cozy Corner Haloli Cake Making

Strawberry Chiffon Cake
Until Completion

1.Rough Sketch
2013.5.8 15:00

For Haloli, her trademark ribbbon is a big motif, considering that she wanted to put a strawberry in the middle,、we started with a rough sketch.




2013.5.9 9:00

From the image of Haloli’s drawing we begin forming a three-dimensional illustration and it’s packed with lots of points of inspection and fixation.

<Fixated Points>
1.I want a strawberry placed in the center.
2.I want a pink ribbon as a big motif.
3.Cream frills as an image.
4.The three layers of sponge cake are designed to have opposite colors from the exterior film.
5.On the underside of the exterior film is a polkadot pattern.




2013.5.30 11:00

Completion of the base prototype from the illustration♪
Idea B being closer to the frill image for the cream was chosen.




2013.6.20 11:00

From the prototype one month had passed until it was finally complete♪
In order to fulfill Haloli’s points of fixation, Ginza Cozy Corner’s professionals were used, reproducing it successfully. Haloli was also greatly satisfied by it.

Ginza Cozy Corner Haloli Interview

God Idol! 「Haloli」
Q&A. Direct Hit Interview!!
Collabo Cake Development Secret Story♪


Q. This 「Haloli Strawberry Chiffon Cake」 design is very cute huh. Decisively! Please tell us the points you were fixated on♪
A. There were lots of fixations, all kinds it’s impossible to say, we got to do a cake that’s kind of a mass of fixations (lol) Among them all, of course is the polkadot white & pink ribbon!! It’s in the image of the ribbon that’s on the neck of Haloli-chan’s costume.
In the middle of the ribbon is a strawberry← that’s a point too.
The shape of the cream is like the costume’s fluffy feel, and picked Haloli-chan’s mic to be put there…
And the film that’s wrapped around the cake is also something I fixated over!
The film, together with the ribbon have a dot pattern, and there’s a point with the ribbon having opposite hues.

Q. In what siutation would you want someone to eat a 「Haloli Strawberry Chiffon Cake」?
A. I want people to do things like tasting it restfully alone, bringing it to a tea party or birthday party with friends, even eating it noisily with family…
Eating it as a reward for a day well done, even a spirit up cake on a day you need to do your best, it can be a delight to eat the cake on a day without anything special going on too…
Like that… getting to eat it in that kind of situations is great so, I leave that to everyone individually (lol)

Q. Do you have any memories or episodes related to sweets?
A. Since I was small times like Birthdays, Christmas, and events like that, I’d eat cake with my family.
I like cakes and sweets so much, I longed to live in a hour of candy.
This year is my 24th birthday and I got 9 whole cakes from Cozy Corner too, being surrounded by cakes, is a joy like a dream.

Q. Speaking of, what sweets do you like?
A. ・Cake.
Especially shortcake and chocolate cake.
・Raw chocolate

Q. And lastly, please give a message to the fans♪
A. As my beloved Haloli-chan, getting to do a collabo with Cozy Corner, which I love, really makes me happy.
Haloli’s Chiffon Cake, the look is cute, and the taste is really yummy so, by all means!!
Please eat a lot of it this summer, ne!!
Those of you who are coming to this summer’s Hello!Pro Concert in Nakano Sunplaza, eat the cake from the Nakano Sun Mall store Cozy Corner then please come to the concert
It’ll probably be okay if you bring some home after the concert is over too〜
Please continue to support us.

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